The original Doodle Jump [99¢] hit the App Store in early 2009, and before the rise of Angry Birds was the undisputed king of casual gaming. The doodler has been spotted on stage at Lady Gaga concerts, and the game has even been mentioned on sitcoms as well as seen on late night talk shows. Doodle Jump was also amongst the first of the true indie success stories, created entirely by two brothers who went on to enjoy millions of downloads of the game.

The gameplay itself is ridiculously simple, and is controlled entirely by tilting, and jumping from platform to platform. Over time, and through various updates, all sorts of different power-ups, enemies, and graphical skins were also thrown into the mix. Doodle Jump was also one of the first game to feature online leader boards displayed in game by little hash marks along the side as you made your ascent, a feature that is now practically standard in any vertical jumper.

When the iPad was released, we continually quizzed developer Lima Sky for when we'd see a Doodle Jump on the big screen, and were met with responses regarding how they didn't want to just put Doodle Jump on the iPad, they wanted to do something special. Well, it turns out that all that special stuff is going to be part of an upcoming sequel, tentatively titled Doodle Jump 2.

So Doodle Jump for iPad [$2.99] is basically exactly what it sounds like: Doodle Jump on the iPad. Playing the game feels a little different since you can see so much more of the game world, and obviously playing a tilt-based game on the iPad is vastly different from the iPhone. The extra heft of the device makes playing feel a little clunky in comparison, but you quickly get used to it. Also, the directional shooting functionality is a little tricky because of the larger screen, but if you can't get a handle on that it's easy enough to turn off in the options.

If you love Doodle Jump, and want it on your iPad, now you can without needing to run the game with pixel doubling. Doodle Jump is still one of my favorite games, and is undoubtedly a true App Store classic, but after this kind of wait I was really hoping for more on the iPad than a (currently) exclusive race-centric theme for the multiplayer mode.

Regardless, the thought of Doodle Jump 2 has me really excited.

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  • Anonymous

    You've got to be kidding -- and to at $2.99, you've got to be high and kidding. 

  • DotComCTO

    I'm really surprised Lima Sky didn't just make this game universal. I mean, I get that they may need more revenue, but this is a crummy way to do it...especially when they're in the works on a DJ2. Boo.

    • Hampus

      I still have a hard time believing so many games at all aren't universal...
      There is no real reason for why the iPad version should be more expensive, sure I get the game on a bigger screen but I've already payed for the screen so I don't see why I have to pay app developers for it.
      Right now the resolution difference between the iPad and iPhone are so small that it can't be much extra work, and if any you will do the graphics for the iPad first as they are slightly larger and then save as smaller for the iPhone which means the extra work is actually done for the iPhone version.

      If any developer can give me a good reason why games for the iPad are more expensive I'll be glad to listen... But untill then I'll keep saying that it's stupid and hope that iClouds syncing that we all want in our game will push more games to become universal as syncing (for now at least) can't be done between multiple apps.

      • Ovogame

        You are obviously right, there isn't a lot of difference (but they are a bit of difference and extra work to make the ipad version: not the same ratio). The reason dev make their iPad game more expensive is because they can. Let's be honest, it isn't the iPad games that are expensive, it is the iphone games that are just way too cheap. You can't blame dev for getting a bit of extra cash on the iPad.


      • Laszlo Tuss

        that isnt true! how many times did u pay in a game for a bigger resolution? have u notice that not anyone have the 16:9 ratio monitor, but they still can play the latest games??? making a little bigger wallpaper for the game and re build some ViewTables with the images u already have is not a big deal.....

        they just GREEDY

      • Ovogame

        First of all, I am a dev, and I can tell you that selling games at $2.99 is NOT greedy. May be you guys shouldn't expect the world for 99 cents or for even free. As a dev, how do you make a living from that?

      • Hampus

        I know, and agree, $0.99 isnt much and often we get very good games considering their price.

        But, I still say this, to all devs out there. You want me to give you $2.99 instead of $0.99? Release two version, one iPhone/iPod for $0.99 as usual and one $2.99 universal version.

        As an owner of both an iPhone and an iPad I'd gladly pay for a more expensive version if it gave me the choice to play on any of the device (and sync trough iCloud in the future). Doesn't that sound like a rather fair deal? I'd bet you this would give you far more sales of the $2.99 and in the end more money.

        Neither $0.99 nor $2.99 is very expensive (I have far more expensive apps on my devices) but every time I have to pay more just to have the game on my iPad rather than the iPhone I can't help but wonder why I have to pay two bucks more for a few extra pixels...

      • UmbraVir

        The comparison between free and 99c is completely uncalled for, seeing as you could make a huge profit from low prices games, say Angry Birds.

        Second, it seems more like you're being a bit too desperate to change people's perceptions to raise the price higher on iOS games. Sure, that's fine, but you're arguing a whole different case. The problem here is that Lima Sky made the same game for virtually same platform but put a price tag on it.

        It's like making people buy one version for retina graphics. What happens when people upgrade their wares? Yes, they have to dish out money the same game for the same platform. Honestly, I don't mind that doodle jump is 2.99, but adding the non-universal crap? It's a huge scam.

        I am likewise no longer supporting LimaSky(despite the fact that the non-universality doesn't affect me as I don't own an iPad).

      • Laszlo Tuss

        my problem is, that i buy an app, and i can use the high quality resolution that it already have!!! if i would have an option to just use my retina apps with retina resolution on the iPad, then no problem....  of corse i use RetinaPad to force my apps to that resolution, but why i need to jailbreak for this? its like paying for the game any time when i use it on different resolutions...

  • Zuiko

    I still believe Doodle Jump is over all the best iOS game still.

    • Guest

      ...and you'd still be wrong. It's probably the most boring game ever created.

    • Mike

      Still? It never was the best.

    • Anonymous

      lol that's a good one. 

  • Flag

    can't undertand why a so stupid and boring game is considered one the best iOs titles...

  • Nick

    Well that's that. I'm officially done with Lima sky. Their constant yammering about how they were redesigning DJ for the iPad, giving that as an excuse as to why they didn't create an iPad version soone... And they make..... Doodle jump for the iPad?

    What a pile of garbage. They added nothing else, did nothing else, and expect us to pay another $2?

    No. You won't be getting my money. Not now, not ever again. I had fun with DK when I first bought it. It's not a bad game, it was a decent way to waste some time, but when I see UNIVERSAL games like Jetpack Joyride, monster dash, solipskier, canabalt.. These games are how it's done. I'd happily pay all of them twice.

    Not Lima Sky. Especially not after the whole lawsuit brouhaha.

    • Macaroon

      You make it sound like Lima Sky burgled your house, stole the family jewels and took a dump on your front lawn. It's a $2 game!   

      • Nick

        You're right. He did. I was rampaged terribly.

        Oh, you're right. I wasnt. But I do feel strongly about this, and therefore felt the need to post about it. It's my opinion, and if you think it's too much, then move along, nothing to see here.

        And just to be picky, it's $2.99.

      • Macaroon

         Touché ; )

  • Guest McGuestofferson

    I see, hating Angry Birds isn't cool anymore, now it's Doodle Jump. LOL INTERNET.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, Doodle Jump already had haters in its iphone form a long before Angry Birds. This is just the sequel staring the iPad.

  • Frank Condello

    Wow folks. Just... wow. Some of you take this shit way too seriously.

    • Laszlo Tuss

      or someone just take it too lazy all the time....

      • Frank Condello

        Ya, that must be it.

  • LR

    why would I pay 2.99 to play a 99cent game on my ipad when there is a Doodle Jump 2 forthcoming?

    stupid, stupid devs

  • Akili

    After all the lawsuits threats on poor indie devs from these guys im not going to touch this goop.

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