Big Blue Bubble’s Burn the Rope [$.99 / HD] made a big splash last December when it debuted on the App Store. Droves of consumers and critics ate up its simple, yet distressingly engaging fire mechanic and over-the-top puzzle design. And while I’d imagine a healthy population of its base is still trying to burn all the way though the title, it’s time to look to the future of the franchise and its forthcoming sequel, Burn the Rope: Worlds.

On our message board the other afternoon, Big Blue Bubble announced the new game iteration alongside a few images, stating that it will bring “totally new and unique” mechanics to the series without sacrificing the original vision. Naturally, Worlds will continue to use the ever-upwards burning and tilt mechanic and wrap that around some neat-looking puzzles.

Our information on Worlds is slim and I’m guessing that’s by choice. The creator says a video is coming soon while the launch is slated for the second week of September. We’re in process of reaching out to Big Blue now and hope to bring you so more information in the near-ish future.

  • Noah

    I couldn't bare to finish the first game. Think I'll pass on this one...