Forever Drive, Supermono Studio’s insane-ambitious racing game where you, pals, and total e-strangers will compose and create the game’s uber-highway, is still coming “soon.” No hard date has been set, in other words, but while the studio crunches, it’s been churning out a beauty of a teaser trailer that I think does an awesome job in expressing the game’s core mechanics and fleshes out what sets it apart from other top-down racers.

In brief, this is Supermono’s attempt to shake-up the racing model. Most racing games give you an assortment of well-designed, though never-changing tracks to compete on. Forever Drive will attempt to always provide something new via the sorcery of user creation. Basically, you'll be charged with constructing pieces of tracks with others that'll be combined into one huge highway. It's a cool idea.

Will this work out? I dunno, man! But I guess that's what makes following this game so fun. It looks great and has a ton of promise. Definitely stay tuned to us as we follow it.