Last month, developers Polarbit and Pixelbite Games delivered Reckless Getaway [$2.99] into the App Store, a game we liked a lot in our review. In Reckless Getaway, you play as a bank robber who is desperately trying to evade a police pursuit immediately following a bank heist. The goal is to make it past the police barricade that marks the end of each level while racking up as many points as possible along the way, and avoiding taking too much damage in the process.

Despite being a fun, arcadey, and explodey experience, one of our chief complaints with Reckless Getaway was that it was a rather short game, containing just 16 levels. With a new update that was released last week, the developers have done a good job of addressing this issue, and have effectively doubled the amount of content in the game.

This update brings a new “Wreckless” mode in addition to the normal Getaway mode. In Wreckless mode you’ll take the driver’s seat of a big, green semi-truck; and rather than worry about collecting coins for points, your only task is to run into as many cars and cause as much damage as possible before the finish line. You’ll play through all the same levels that are in Getaway mode, but with their own separate 4 star grading systems for Wreckless mode, giving you twice the amount of goals to shoot for as before.

Reckless Getaway was a fun game to begin with, and with the new Wreckless mode there’s now even more to like about it. Pixelbite has also said on their website that more updates are already in the works, with another brand new mode and new levels planned for the future. I can’t wait to hear more about that, but for now the Wreckless mode update is more than satisfying, and players in our forums are enjoying it as well.

  • Me

    They still haven't fixed the tilt controls in 1.0.3 that broke in 1.0.2, this is getting a little ridiculous. 

    • Anonymous

      The tilt has been fixed. A new update has just been approved by Apple, so it should be available for download now.

  • Who

    Yup, same here. Tilt controls don't function at all; had to switch to buttons to try the new update. 

  • Caanerud

    Waiting for the 99 cent sale....Labor Day, EA?

  • Anonymous

    I actually like this version less than the other one as it has very little of a challenge feel to it

    You can pretty much go straight and get 2 stars, which would get you through most chapters and give you access to most episodes (you will eventually need two more stars - which are also easily obtainable)

    Also the powerups are limited, just that shove everyone aside which isn't much fun for me, I like the speed boost a lot more.

    If you thinking of getting the game because of the upgrade, I believe it is good enough without 🙂

  • Aagold3

    Enjoy this game, didn't even know about the tilt controls. My problem was that I spent too much time trying to wreck cars rather than get stars, and this update should be right up my alley.

    P.S. at poster above concerning low star totals required: you generally need 3 stars on average to unlock the later levels.

  • Scott

    Double the content?

    I wouldn't call a new mode with the same exact levels (no new maps, levels, tracks,etc) "double the content".

  • Anonymous

    I am so close to loving this game and then the missing 10% really makes the game too frustrating to really dig. Basically, it's too easy to go off the track and be forced back to center. It really takes away from the cleverness of the game without a more sandbox feel. why not a break pedal? A staple of getaway driving is letting things whizz past...!

    I was really hoping for something in between this and reckless racing... Needs more of that DNA...