Tribase Studios’ first-person running game, Requiem [$1.99], should be better. In a recent update, the studio added some graphical and optimization tweaks for users with third-gen devices, bug fixes, and has also re-worked tutorial for the iPad version. The cost? Free!

We gave the game a go after it generated a decent amount of buzz on our message board. It’s like a stripped down, more tightly constructed Mirror’s Edge. Taking place in a boy’s dream, you’re charged with running from a giant thug, all the while barreling through an environment filled with objects you need to jump, crouch, crawl, or spin away from. The perspective is a welcome touch in a market increasingly cluttered with uninspired hallway or military shooters. The visual direction is pretty radical, too, just like DICE’s first-person runner.

Man, all this really reminds me that Mirror's Edge 2 needs to actually happen.

  • Charles Albert

    I'm the only one who reads CROTCH on that button?

  • LordAzune

    Apparently you are. It clearly is short for crouch. A fairly common gamer term for ducking. Regardless, I've been having a blast playing it. I got stuck on level 3 trying to get that Pegasus. It is fairly addicting and enjoyable. If you have time to play and the money, you should defiantly get this game and try it out. I haven't had such a blast on my iPhone. The controls are tight and easy to use. I jumped right into it and had no problems until I started to play advanced. The game becomes much more difficult with you having to decide which way to go and how to traverse the landscape with a much angrier and quicker bull bearing down on you. I also saw a post from the devs that said they were gonna release more game modes, not entirely sure what that means but I'm excited to find out.

    • Mike

      Okay, Dr. Serious...

  • H Brandon84

    CROTCH? umm what? Definitely not... Cudos to the Dev for representing a button without making it a weird shape just to fit the word!

    Great review, for a great game! Requiem is really awesome, and these devs are seriously into listening to the community and being involved. They put this update out fast, and have already said they are working on another major update to add features from the players feedback. I can't wait to see more from these guys! I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone!