Breaking news: Chillingo and Zepto Lab will capitalize on the astounding success of their physics-based puzzle game, Cut The Rope, with a sequel to Cut The Rope. I hope this sends the same chills down your spine as it does mine.

Sarcasm aside for a moment, IGN mobile got its hands on the first few bits of Cut The Rope 2 media, thus confirming that a follow-up to the original game is indeed in the works. IGN is being oddly coy about the whole situation; in the article, the site seems to be suggesting to its readers that someone other than Chillingo or Zepto put the concept art into its hands, while the effort clearly appears to be the fruits from an initial step in a marketing effort.

The images say a lot, but I suppose they also say nothing. In the logo in particular, take note that the scissors are over two pairs of strings. Also, there’s a hint that a new dude dubbed The Professor will join the existing cast of one (pic to the right). Two mascots, I’ve learned, are always better than one.

When will you see Cut The Rope 2? Since Chillingo hasn’t made the follow-up officially official just yet, we don’t know. The IGN article, however, says it’ll hit the App Store in the near future. Neat!

[Via IGN]

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  • Dimitris Katsafouros

    nice but I would like to see more updates for the original before the new version gets out.

  • Brian Hobbs

    The two ropes might just signify that it's Cut the Rope 2, as it's somewhat commonplace to visually signify the sequel number within the artwork.

  • Brian Hobbs

    The two ropes might just signify that it's Cut the Rope 2, as it's somewhat commonplace to visually signify the sequel number within the artwork.

  • Tikicobra

    Cool. But what will they add that they can't just add in an update to the original?

    • Mathias

      A bunch of money to their pockets.

  • Brian Hobbs

    Allow me to break the mold here, but it makes sense to me that they would want to release a sequel as opposed to an update for a number of reasons:

    1. The game is currently at 200 levels.  How many more levels do they need to stuff in one game?  At some point, I could definitely see them wanting to start afresh.  And at the current rate of 1/2 of a penny per level, I feel silly complaining that there's not enough value put into the original.

    2. They may be wanting to add some more innovative ideas or changes to the experience.  To tack those on to the far end of the current game might cheapen some of those ideas and not provide as cohesive of an experience as if they started a whole new game with them.

    3. Even though they're still hanging out at the top of the charts, there's only so many copies of one game you can sell before there's too much saturation.  For the continuation of the Cut the Rope game concept to be viable, they will eventually need to ask for another dollar.  I for one will be happy to chuck another buck towards the fantastic gaming that is Cut the Rope.

    • ClassicUser

      Very well said.  Cut the Rope is one of the most polished, entertaining, and simply well-supported games on the store (TONS of updates have been added since I purchased it, not to mention the separate freebie "Holiday Gift" release).

      As such, Cut the Rope 2 will certainly be an insta-buy for me, as soon as it comes out.

  • Rishikanth Risky Somayaji

    so here's a trailer i came across this morning in says aug 4th