The latest game coming from Hothead Games, who most recently released Kard Kombat [Free] to the App Store, is called Kickin Momma. As far as absurd game premises go, Kickin Momma is right up there with the best of them. You play as a mother who spies a beautiful necklace one day, but realizes she can’t afford to buy it. So she does what any good mother would do, which is kick her children into a pit full of objects so that they can bounce around collecting jewels for her, eventually culminating in enough to have her fancied necklace.

I don’t even know where to begin talking about how wrong this all is on several different levels, but Kickin Momma pulls it off with a lighthearted approach, and as long as they aren’t actually advocating kicking real life babies then I think it’s something I can get behind. Plus, it looks quite similar to one of my all time favorites, Peggle [$2.99], except with some new ideas and twists that could make things interesting. Kickin Momma will come loaded with 36 levels across 3 worlds, each with bronze, silver, and gold medals to earn, and players will be able to unlock an assortment of items to adorn Momma with, including clothing, accessories, and even facial hair.

Kickin Momma is set to launch on August 4th for $1.99 with an HD version available for $3.99. We’ll be sure to kick this one around and let you know what we think when it comes out, and don’t forget to stop by our forums to talk about how weird this game looks.

  • John Usher

    Eh? What a crazy idea. your not allowed to smuggle immigrants but it's fine to kick a baby? Looks cool but I'm sure it could have been done without the baby kicking.

    • Adams Immersive

      Babykicking could add to a lot of games, I think—as long as it’s babykicking for the sake of jewels. Not senseless, purposeless babykicking, though; that kind of babykicking I would find abhorrent.


  • Anonymous

    I think the baby kicking is somewhat excused by the fact it's an alien. Birds kick their young out of the nest, so maybe this is the alien equivalent? Who knows how they operate.

    As for the actual game though... 36 levels doesn't sound enough. Peggle has something like 50, with another 60 on top if you include Nights... there's a standard being set here. The game seems fairly simple, so it shouldn't take too much effort just to code a ton of different patterns, should it?

  • JanB

    Arent these the guys that made Swarm?