We’ve got some screens of Crescent Moon’s Siegecraft, a hot-looking fixed-weapon castle defense game set to hit the iPad and iPhone later this September.

Siegecraft is all about putting you in control of various kinds of turrets against several different types of hordes: catapults, ballistas, rams, siege towers, and trebuchets will be your weapons against boats, vikings, vikings in boats, knights, and other ‘races’ who wish to take the object or place you’re protecting in Siegecraft's instance-based levels. One of the most remarkable things about the title is its visual appeal, which is why we want to show it to you.

The camera perspective might be pretty tight, but know that this is a 3D rendered game and it leans on a robust physics engine, which should make for some additional fun if it proves to be solid in final release form.

Aside from the look and tech, though, the game does have another edge: race-based play. In its initial form, you’ll be able to play as Knights, Vikings and Samurai across their own unique campaigns. Down the line in updates, Crescent Moon is planning to expand on this with Orcs, legions of the Undead, Egyptians, Romans, and men from Sparta.

Looks cool enough and, surely, the race thing will give it the edge it needs to feel like a new thing amongst the throngs of other fixed-turret games out there. We’ll keep following it as it worms its way through Crescent's innards.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RE3DRM7EXO7LBC2CIGWY4FKBKQ David

    looks fun.

  • Blackharon

    I'll buy it!