Developer Crystalised are throwing their hat into the Unreal Engine powered 3D shooter ring with their upcoming title Desert Zombie: Last Stand. They announced the title back in June via a teaser trailer, which was a cool cinematic but didn’t showcase any gameplay. Today, they have released a new gameplay trailer from an alpha version of Desert Zombie that showcases the game in action. So far, it’s looking pretty incredible:

Yeah, I’m pretty sick of zombies too, but that video looked awesome nonetheless. All we really know about the game at this point is that it will be a completely free-roaming third-person affair and include 6 levels to survive though, including an on-rails shooter sequence in a Blackhawk helicopter. No release date is given other than “coming soon”, but we do know the game will be $5.99 whenever it launches and will require 3rd generation hardware and up.

You can check out discussion of the game in our forums, and we’ll be sure to keep our eye out for more on Desert Zombie: Last Stand in the coming weeks.

  • Sidney Just

    Looks extremely horrible. The UV Maps are horrible, the shading is horrible and the animations are just utterly wrong. Not to mention the gameplay which doesn't seem to exist.

    • Sanuku

      It`s true that there is enough Room for improvements and while the Game is currently far away from an "Final Build" i can tell you that the Developer is well aware of all Points that you have mentioned. The UDK is an Engine that needs first to get used to it before you can actually create some "Magic" with it. 

      Currently most, if not all Developer are first at the tip of the iceberg to get used to the UDK and we will see in the upcoming months many, many Try & Errors till the UDK can release it`s full Power on the iDevices.

      Again thanks for your Input about the mentioned Topics.

      • Sidney Just

        I know that there is no "make a perfect game" button, but again, with a bit more effort most graphics glitches can be fixed. And they should be fixed for a public trailer, heck its the first impression I get as a potential customer and the first impression is "Hey, another team that just wants to publish their game as fast as possible to get money". If they aren't used to UDK yet, thats totally ok. Let them take their time to learn the UDK and the many small tricks and tweaks.

  • Dimitris Katsafouros

    Yeah it doesn't seem that exciting.
    I wouldn't go as far as Sidney that everything is horrible but it doesn't look like it's going to be a memorable gaming experience.

    • Sidney Just

      Well, its horrible from a developers perspective. I know that the devices are capable to so much more so either the team has no experience or they just didn't put much effort into the game. 

      • Sherpak

        Well you sure don't sound like a professional developer to me...You do, however, sound like a rude 15 year old jerk.
        The UV mapping is horrible ? Shading is horrible ? Animations are utterly wrong ?Thank you for your constructive and mature criticism...Note that the mapping is fine, it's the texture resolution that is a bit low, although reasonable considering the iPhone screen size (it will however look blurry on an iPad). This is an alpha though, and the textures are probably not final (or not higher res on purpose, for faster upload to testing devices)The shadow map is low resolution, but it seems to be a limitation of the iOS UDK ?Not sure, but once again, it looks fine if you consider the targeted screen size.Anyways, you're vomiting out undeserved comments, criticizing a team for its lack of effort, yet you don't know how many people are behind the project...I am personally not interested in the project, but please, show some respect.

      • Sidney Just

        The UV mapping IS horrible, lets take into account that the quality suffered from the encoding of the video, there are still some really horrible artifacts on the shoulder, the assault rifle like gun and his armor. They are clearly visible and not due to low resolution textures. The shading is also horrible, look at the character when he walks into the shadows. And don't tell me thats due the iPhones/iPads/iPads hardware, its not. This can be easily done with a shader and asking for three lines extra in an fragment shader isn't too much, is it? Then the animations, just look at them. There are some vertices overstretched resulting in extremely ugly UV artifacts.

        About the shadow map, thats alright I can't complain about that. But why couldn't they add at least a decal shadow for the player? Or just write an PSSM shader its not really that hard and works great even on low end devices. And why do the textures look so ugly? Just some more details and probably a dot3 bump mapping shader over it would make it sooo much better. But no, its just some low res blurred mud and too much specularity on almost every surface.

        And don't say its just an alpha version, if it was just a prototype, fine it would look okay for it, but a alpha version implies working gameplay and a constant graphic style, yet I can only see gameplay (which I personally don't really like but thats just me).

      • BruteOutlawz

        So whens your game coming out then?  yeah thought so lol
        Its amazing how complacent ios gamers are getting, looks impressive to me. it is what it is... a handheld game
        People like you think there ganna get xbox360/ps3 quality games with all the bells and whistles.

      • Turkeydipking

        Erm... we DO get some console like quality games... Aralon. Dead Space. MC2BP. Say what you want, but those stand up to be console like games in your pocket. This doesnt look amazing. It looks like a dual stick shooter but made 3D. Well have to see how it progresses though

      • Axel Hernandez

        Dude is an "ALPHA" version....there is a huge window of opportunities to improve it. Sor far it look awesome..

      • BruteOutlawz

        I didnt say we dont get console quality games on ios, i said people expect to get console quality games with all the "BELLS AND WHISTLES"

      • Sidney Just

        I don't think that I get xbox360 like quality games, I just said that it can be done better. I don't need next gen super duper graphics, but I want that the developers at least put some effort in their work. This game is full of easily fixable graphic glitches yet I don't think that its gonna get changed. And thats what I just can't stand; games that look like they just fish for the fast money. And this game just looks like it is one of them.

  • Berky

    Instabuy for me. The haters can hate but this game will make some great dollars. Don't be discouraged developers...Instabuy!!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    looks alright to me, will check it out in more final form. 

    looking for game similar in style/play like dead nation for ps3. obviously, there won't be an equivalent. not looking for console quality on phone but does anyone have any suggests for something that plays somewhat like it?

  • Huy Ngo

    "I'm pretty sick of zombies"?  I don't know man, I'm of the zombie fetish sort.  I love zombies in GOOD movies, stories, and games.  Being that this game is currently in alpha, the trailer shows some decent action but honestly it's lacking the substance to excite me in zombie realm of game play.  

    They would definitely have to spice it up with some additional gameplay shots rather than blasting away at zombie after zombie.  But hey, they're still in alpha and it was basically a teaser game play trailer.  

    Not enough to whet my appetite but I may keep an eye on it as I hear more.

    • Berky

      Zombies aren't going anywhere for a while. One man's opinion on zombies doesn't speak for the crowd. Sorry Jared, take an Aleve and look the other way. There's tons of us zombie fans to go around. 

      • Jared Nelson

        Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike zombies themselves. In fact I'll be the first to welcome them in the coming zombie apocalypse. I just think the zombie theme in video games has gotten pretty old. If done right though, it can still be awesome.

  • Anonymous

    How very 360 forum with all this graphic whore talk. FPS games bring out the best in people, don't back to BattleHeart..... 

  • Skye629

    Add online multiplayer survival mode and im all in

  • gestapo_crap

    From a normal gamer's (not developer) perspective it looks pretty good to me for an iOS device.

  • Anonymous

    Was that a duke nukem line at the end? O' lordie.

    Oh and to the guy talking about targeted screen size, look at the bottom of the video as it says it was captured on an IPad 2.

    Still looks interesting if they improve upon what they have. Please remove the cheesy music though (this coming from a metal fan).

  • Kevin Hanson

    Am I the only one who thinks this game looks awful? The author of the post mentioned how great it looked, and I felt that downloading the video was a waste of bandwidth
    - this game doesn't look as good as all the unreal engine based games
    - apparently there is only one level... as we all we saw was an ugly desert
    - apparently there is only one bad guy
    - there are plenty of polygon glitches in the trailer - i wonder how many are in the actual game
    - seems to be a pretty static and boring experience

    • DDice

      Dude, did you even read the article? The post says there's 6 levels (including an on rails attack chopper sequence) and the website for the game lists some 5 enemy types.

      I think it looks awesome, especially for something that's still in development.

  • Johnny101

    I don't think this game looks awful at all. Looks great for a trailer. There were people saying the same thing about the Dead space trailer a while back, " Graphics look horrible, shading horrible"

    We all know how that turned out when released. An iOS Masterpiece!

    I'll bet once this is released people willl be raving about it!!!

  • Maple9988

    stop hating on this video people... game could be much better than this video when they finish it
    and also at least its not like rail-shooter

  • Guillermo Zafra

    I personally hate "the crysis player"... Those that care more about graphics than about other aspects of a game. 

    For a game that is not made by a big firm, using the newly Unreal engine which probably has a lot of limitations, it looks awesome.

    Also take into account that it must work on as many devices as possible, not only on 4S, and for me, this is FAR more important than awesome graphics.