Normal people would call Healbot [Free], an app that aims to help people “practice the World of Warcraft healing mechanic anywhere you have your iPhone or iPad,” stupid, but I think those same normal, mildly unaware people would be surprised by how much traction World of Warcraft-anything gains. It’s a big MMO with a huge player base that seems to love absolutely anything that even vaguely relates to it.

Also, what World of Warcraft player wouldn’t like to get better? Raids are fun and all, but if you or your pals are causing boss wipe after boss wipe because of poor or unenlightened play or performances, you’re going to be looking for help.

At its core, that’s what Healbot tries to do. Kotaku breaks down the mechanics like this: the game features six health bars, five of which represent your and allies. The top bar is a boss character’s pretend bar. As you play, all of these bars lose health at different intervals, and since you’re a healing wizard as the game’s namesake implies, it’s your job to cast different healing spells to bring up the allied bars as the boss is drained of life.

And, yeah, that’s all there is to it. It’s impossible for me to evaluate if it can actually make you a better healer since I don’t want to give my life away to Blizzard, but I imagine that it can, at the least, give relative newbies a sense of what to do and when in a hectic boss fight.

I wonder if future updates will attempt to add in specific bosses and their attacks? Now that, I think, would probably make this invaluable.

[@lpollet via Kotaku]

  • Blah

    No HoT's? Druid haters! 😉

  • Aaron Sullivan

    I don't want to disparage WoW because there are some great things about it as a game, but the fact that this is an app with some bars and 3 buttons... it sort of lays bare how thin the combat can boil down to in a raid. Just sayin'. 🙂

    That being said, this is a great idea for an app.

    • Martin Clifford

      I don't think any WoW healers think it's anything more than glorified Wack-a-Mole, but when you have to deal with the many, many other things going on in an encounter as well as keep people up, it's a lot less thin than you make it out to be.

      • Aaron Sullivan

        And don't get me wrong. I have respect for those who have handled the big raids. It takes a tremendous amount of organization and patience.

    • jrb

      having healed at a very basic raiding level in the last expansion, i can tell you this doesn't represent raid healing, other than there are some bars that deplete, and you have abilities that re-fill them. 🙂

      Cataclysm has really mixed things up now as well, with, as far as i'm aware, all healing classes having dynamic abilities that all but require you to get inventive with your play style. e.g. having to move, or do damage to increase effectiveness. 

  • Martin Clifford

    What a fantastic idea.  I might actually try to make a webapp version, which I think would translate a bit better as you can use the mouse+modifier keys a-la Clique or the actual Healbot.

    Good stuff though.

  • spunox
  • Village Idiot

    Will it also correctly simulate the raging when you screw up?

  • Kefiox

    I am lol'ing so hard irl right now at this app. I have been having a
    really shitty day and this app makes me smile. I love my 4 healers, I
    would really love to see an app that can simulate healing a little more
    effectively. As it is I already play Infinity Blade pretending I'm one
    of my 4 tanks lol.

  • SBC Pastor

    I downloaded this app, and while I makes a fun little time filler, it does NOT make you a better healer. For one thing, there are 4 different types of healing classes and each one of them heal in different ways, and none of them heal in the same manner that this app does. For another, a healer in Wow has to worry about mana and cleansing/decursing, two elements that this apps excludes all together.

    • Rk

      Mana, cleansing decursing AND moving out of stuff on the floor.