I remember when I first heard about Elite Beat Agents, and how completely ridiculous the whole concept sounded of me tapping on the screen of my Nintendo DS in time with a song to make my three agents assist people in need via a masterfully choreographed dance. But, if you've played it, you know full well that the game is incredible, and still worth dusting off the ol' DS to play once in a while. I'm hopeful for similar things from Pixel Punch's Rice&Shine.

Rhythm games work well on iOS devices, but I've always found myself quickly getting bored of games that just have you tapping on colored dots without any over-arching goal beyond your high score or any potential unlockables. Rice&Shine adds an additional layer to this in that your rhythmic taps are actually translated to ninja-centric sword fighting. It remains to be seen how much of an effect all this ninja business has on gameplay, but I'm really hoping there's some depth to it beyond eye candy.

Anyway, check out the trailer:

Details are rather vague right now, limited to little more than this trailer and an ambiguous "coming soon." Needless to say, we're going to keep a close eye on this one.

  • bigrand1

    This Rice and Shine looks pretty good! Would like to see blood and guts when the bad guys are killed, though.

  • http://www.smashd.de SmashD

    This is some nice control scheme imho, 3 rows per thumb, slow-mo awesomeness, RHYTHM-BASED, NINJA, hopefully the tunes rock enough. Looks promising.

  • Anon

    ninja? i think it's more samurai.. (ignore this comment)

  • Anonymous

    Those animations could do a bit more work. No slashing or blood did i see. It almost looks as if that samurai just slashes the air and an enemy falls

  • Valid

    Screw this! I'm waiting for the US/Mexico border patrol game called Bean Counter! :-/

  • Grecsi91

    Rice and shine Mr. Freeman.

  • Rom1

    Beurk ugly game...