It’s a shame that we received this announcement of Puzzle Family after our podcast was recorded for the week. Instead of the Bungie Aerospace news, this game and it’s insane trailer would have been the leading story of the bunch. Before I delve into the specifics, take a gander at the trailer. It's better to go into this blind. Trust me.

That's hot stuff, right? Puzzle Family has one of the weirdest trailers we’ve seen in a long, long time. Vivid, flashing, and possibly seizure-inducing lights? Check. Horrible animation, but adorable art? Check. Promise of insane antics in convoluted games? Check.

If the trailer didn't clue you in, Puzzle Family is a mini-game collection that puts you in the shoes of Akoo or one of his 20 fascinatingly eccentric family members through three initial mini-game experiences: block matching, Guitar Hero-style rhythm tapping, and a puzzle memory exercise. There are a total of eight mini-games in all, five of which can be unlocked through an in-game currency (of sorts).

Puzzle Family will launch as a ad-based "free" download this July 7, but you'll be able to support the title and get a leg-up on unlocking the extra five modes and other in-game items by purchasing the premium ad-free version, Puzzle Family Starpack for $1.99.

  • Anonymous

    Incredible. I'm glad to finally see something along the weird vein of warioware or say, vib ribbon. More weird, fun, experimental games please!

    Sadly, I have been unable to play *any games* because I got TNR-i yesterday and it occupies my every waking thought. It's sticky like honey and twice as sweet!

  • Joyous Games

    Finally, I've been waiting for this title, it's a nice mix of puzzle and arcade.
    (fan of the original game in Korea for mobile).

  • shejz

    " oh yeah this is great! this was the most ridiculous game that i ever played! "

  • Bluesky_light

    wow!! very goooooooooooooooooooood!!!

  • bugQ

    The rhythm game is nothing like guitar hero ! ! !  Haven't you heard of Jubeat ?

    Anyway, this looks like the best $2 I could spend anywhere !  I'm pretty impressed.