It’s the season for savings as the US’ July 4 Independence Day celebration nears. Not to be left out of the chart-breaking action is Gameloft. As of this morning, the homage-specialists are offering a stable of some of its sharpest titles like NOVA 2 and Asphalt 6 at a mere 99 cents instead of their usual three-dollars-and-up price points. Good savings all around, though less titles that we expected.

To be frank, we’re not sure when these sales will end. Logic suggests, of course, around July 5, but it’d be wise to jump on these ASAP if any of the follow tickles you:

Out of all of these, I'd choose NOVA 2. As much as it pains me to enjoy a product that so shamelessly apes Bungie's Halo, NOVA 2 is a solid FPS title with a good sense of scale and pacing. It even controls pretty well for a genre game, which is more than what you can say about a lot of the FPS fodder on the App Store.

  • Theorioles33

    Amazing how you can get several quality games for just a few bucks! Love it!

  • Internet Red

    Would I be going wrong with buying Nova, Dungeon Hunter 2 HD, Sacred Odyssey and  Starfront HD?

    • Paulm12

      nope,  I'd recommend Sacred Odyssey HD tho, gorgeous.

  • Adams Immersive

    Ayden for iPad (free “demo" + IAP) is on sale too: the IAP is on sale for a buck.

    • Paulm12

      Yeah, noticed that too.  Picked it up.  

  • Hennyjesup

    Internet can't really go wrong for a buck.

  • J_knight91

    another holiday where gameloft puts one game worthy and shrek kart bullshit... they should of put backstab up... ugh seriously...

    • Macaroon

      Backstab only just came out. It`ll most likely be in the next 99 cent sale.

  • Anonymous

    I'll buy these for a dollar. Bought Dungeon Hunter 2 HD, N.O.V.A. 2 HD and Starfront HD, worth the three bucks if you ask me.

  • Anonymous

    sacred odyssey: rise of ayden hd seems to be free.  Is this an error or has it always been free?

    • Andy Raczynski

      the IAP for the full version is 0.99.  worth the buck for sure.

  • Nicholai Heijnen

    Seeing these sales almost makes me feel sick, knowing I waisted so much money just because I'm not a little more patient. I wish I had the ability to wait for these crazy sales...

  • Anonymous

    If I buy the iPad version would I be able to play against people with iPhone version?

    • Paulm12

      depends what game.  Sandstorm and Black Pegasus worked :D, (gameloft's always do I think).  COD Zombies didn't 🙁

  • Johnny

    It is frustrating when you buy some of these games for 6.99 and they go on sale for a buck, but seriously I can't wait 2 or 3 months for them to go on sale. I usually buy them right away. Especially games like Nova 2

  • Mehrzad Farnoosh

    Which is better: Sacred Odyssey or Dungeon Hunter 2?

    • Anonymous

      I like DH2 better - Sacred Odyssey starts of fun until you hit some badly designed puzzles which kill the flow of the game and not because they're so cleverly constructed either. I got to one point where it got so stupidly-tedious that I never went back. DH2 is deeper and just more fun, IMO.

      • Mehrzad Farnoosh

        Thanks for the advice, but I probably will only get Starfront 'cause I don't feel like getting into another RPG.

      • Paulm12

        Plus DH 2 has co-op I think...

  • The_LPT

    And still no Modern Combat 2.. 🙁

    • Jimmö

      Are you so cheap you cant pay full price for the best game in the AppStore? I would easily pay $10 for such an awesome game 🙂 

      • Paulm12

        Agreed 100%

  • Johnny

    I don`t know if Modern Combat 2 will ever go on sale. That is Gameloft's pride and joy.

    • Paulm12

      Worth asking price for sure tho.  Best game on App Store.

  • Anonymous

    Dungeon Hunter 2 is 540MB. This is why I am looking forward to iCloud and iTunes Match. I'll keep my music in the cloud to extract at will, and will have more room on my iPhone for games and other apps. C'mon Fall.

  • Matt

    Konami Games on sale too. Select Titles. Mgs, xmen, silent hill, Castlevania Puzzle.