An open-source tool is making some waves on the Internet this afternoon, specifically on various iOS-centric blogs. It’s called ExEn and it’s noteworthiness is tied to its supposed ability to port XNA development code -- most popularly used for the Xbox Live Indie Games channel and Windows 7 games -- to the iOS, Silverlight, and at some point, even Android devices. A new build that does the former two things is available right now.

The technical details of how this all works is beyond the scope of this "Hey this is cool!" post, but you can read the developer’s blog here to get a greater sense of what he’s done, how he’s done it, and what he’s shooting for in the future. I’m also not so certain if using this program can somehow breach a license agreement, as even though there's a lot of great games on Xbox Live Arcade that could be ported, there could be tons of legal paperwork preventing it.

Provided it works as well as one would hope, ExEn is offering a cost-free opportunity for Xbox Live Indie Game developers to port their games onto the App Store. That’s kind of a big deal for that small, but vibrant community. Will we see a flight of games? I hope so.

[Via TUAW]

  • Dude

    you got it wrong, it's ExEn, not ExEx

  • Antihero

    Platformance on IOS, one can dream.

  • Michael A. Robson

    There are XNA games?

  • Filterfun

    castle crashers!

  • Anonymous

    Please, Chair Entertainment, as a follow-up to your excellent first effort on iOS, Infinity Blade, bring us an iOS port of Shadow Complex, an Unreal Engine-based game published on XBLA.

  • ActiveX

    Does this mean XNA games (like Terraria) could be ported to Mac OS as well?

  • Markcus D

    There is another xna porting lib that's "free" (you still need to buy monotouch $400 for both of these):