A new fruit is appearing in Fruit Ninja [$.99] and Fruit Ninja HD [$2.99] this afternoon as a free update to the delectable App Store darling. The fruit? It’s the pomegranate, a pink-ish fruit best used in kollivozoumi and as a reward for impish phoenixes who act like parrots in public and perch on large, grizzled, and muscled men.

The new fruit isn’t just fodder -- Halfbrick tells us that it’s a multi-slice bullet time fruit that offers an opportunities to score huge at the end of Arcade and Classic mode games. It won’t be appearing in Zen Mode, though, as it’s a little too raucous.

In addition to a new fruit, this free update will also give owners a new track in the Dojo and also the ability to see friends high-score results. We’re pretty stoked about the latter -- it’s a fantastic way to competitive play. Lord knows how long I’ve spent attempting to beat some of my buds’ Pac-Man DX scores, for example.

Fruit Ninja has been making a lot of noise of late. A Kinect version of the game was shown during E3 and met with some rave previews. I’ve been told that this version is also an awesome shoulder workout, but I suppose that’s neither here nor there.

  • http://profiles.google.com/3rdxlucky Don Hues

    enjoying the new fruit alot.  I havne't been able to beat my pb in arcade mode yet, but I can see the bonus 30 or 40 pts maybe getting me over 1200...

  • E_Domina

    One mention of the kinect and can't help but crack up remembering the Microsoft E3

  • eev

    wow, every minor update of hb's game gets ta's coverage.

  • Anim8rjb

    This update is a pretty big nerf. Not to say it's bad, but it's definitely a lot easier now. There are more bonus bananas in arcade mode (I got 3 frenzy/freeze strings in a row) and I beat my PB in arcade mode by almost 300 points on my first game. The game is still a steal at any price, though.