If you happen to be one of those people that has yet to check out the phenomenal Real Racing series on iOS, Firemint is going to temporarily make it a lot cheaper for you to do so. From now through the weekend, every Real Racing title is now on sale in some capacity. Here’s a quick breakdown of the price drops for each one:

If you maybe aren’t a big racing fan but have always been intrigued by the Real Racing series because of its technical merits, then picking up the first Real Racing for just 99¢ or the iPad version for $1.99 is basically a no brainer. Neither of these games have ever been this cheap before. While the sequel Real Racing 2 is definitely a step forward over the first game, Real Racing still has plenty of legs with a ton of races to play through and online multiplayer.

If you are a racing fan then chances are you have already picked up at least one of these titles, but if for some reason you have not then this weekend’s sale is a great time to check out the Real Racing series.

  • Anonymous

    had the first one for iPhone, I'm buying the second for iPad. Seems fair.

  • Anonymous

    Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is $5 for the iPad. Which is better, that or RR2 HD? Is RR2 HD worth the extra couple bucks? I definitely won't be buying both.

    • http://twitter.com/GeoSpyder Matthew Imes

      Depends on what style you like. Hot Pursuit is more arcade style. RR2 is about as close to a simulator for iOS as possible. Although you can have driving aids on RR2 to help you, which can make it easier. Having played both on an iPod Touch, I'd say RR2 is my favorite of the two. But I still like Hot Pursuit.

  • Anonymous

    How does the iPhone version scale to the iPad? Or is the HD actually universal?
    This is one of those games I've always been thinking of getting despite this issue, so might finally get the iPhone version as the best compromise.

    • Dave

      If you have an iPad 2 it is worth buying the HD version. If you have an iPad one I have been told the graphics are not that much better than running the iPhone version scaled 2x. 

      • Dave

        And no...it is not universal.

  • http://twitter.com/tarasis Robert McGovern

    Bought Real Racing 2 HD and it swept me away this evening, 2:30 of my life vanished which is a compliment for an iPad game 🙂

    Now debating picking up Real Racing HD as well, is it much different?

    • http://www.firemint.com firemint

      Great to hear 🙂

      We recommend checking out the first Real Racing game, but we're quite biased...

      • http://twitter.com/tarasis Robert McGovern

        Indeed you would say that 🙂

        Well I gave in and bought it as well, damn you for extracting more shekels from me. (and thankfully it works with iOS 5 beta 1)

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