I’m nearing the point where it’s impossible to say something of significance about the Back to the Future series. The third episode, which just released in the US App Store for $6.99, is a definite follow-up to the previous two. It takes no sudden turns. This is still an adventure title with a stellar cast, solid production values, and a casual-leaning curve.

I felt some fatigue with the last release specifically, but I couldn’t attribute it to a specific design element. And while I didn’t rush to the App Store for Episode 3, I did actually get drawn into the experience this time around. I think the reason for this lies somewhere in the more exciting tone and setting in this one.

I won’t spoil the story details, but in Episode 3: “Citizen Brown,” you’ll be walking around a 1984-ish version of Hill Valley headed by Doc Brown. This far-flung utopian society, I suppose, just appeals to me more than 'classic' Hill Valley, but there’s also a lot of fun art and clever ideas being thrown around in this specific entry that weren’t present in the last.

I want note, too, that this serial runs a lot better than its brethren from the onset. For the first time ever for a Telltale joint, I didn’t need to restart my iPad just to run the game. I also haven’t caught a single audio or animation glitch. I’ve no idea if this is just a clean port or if Telltale did something different, but it runs better.

Like with Episode 2, if you’re a fan of the first, you should probably keep following the series. It retains what made the first game good and capitalizes on the fiction in a lot of cool, original ways.

  • http://twitter.com/touchgameplay TouchGamePlay

    Brad, did you played it on an iPad (1) or iPad (2) since othe first two Parts were a .... let`s better don`t talk about them since my HD Gameplay Trailer should already been Proof enough that Telltale didn`t put much Love into those Ports. I am wondering how good that third Part might actually be. Well, i guess it`s Time for another HD Gameplay Trailer to show the Game in all it`s Glory ^^

  • Mohammad haroon
  • http://www.facebook.com/nothru22 Thomas Moscato

    You didn't rush to the store to buy it but you're reviewing it the day after it came out?  Does not compute!!

  • Abbas Ali

    Brad, please stop calling evrything a "joint". I cringe every time you go "street" while writing. I'm sure you probably speak this way in conversation, but...it gets old real fast.