Combine two cups of freemium with a scoop of time management. Then add a dash of social, mix it together, and you'll get MobCrete's Pucca's Restaurant [Free], the freemium game that's currently devouring my spare time.

Pucca is a massive media franchise that spans animation, console games, fashion lines, and a lot more. If you know absolutely nothing about it (like me!), you'll still find Pucca's Restaurant to be an adorable restaurant sim. If you're a fan, you'll see all your favorite characters come together to help take your restaurant from a tiny diner to an opulent five-star affair.

There are likely hundreds of freemium sim games on iOS, so I'm not going to claim that Pucca's Restaurant is the best or most unique. I can, however, tell you that it's a lot of fun, and I can't stop playing. There are a few things I look for in a freemium game, and this one stacks up well. I never feel like I absolutely need to pay for currency, I'm not missing out by choosing not to harass my friends, and there's always lots to do.

To take your restaurant to a five-star destination, you'll need to manage meals, staff and decor. Cooking meals earns you money and experience, so you can unlock new recipes and items as you level up. You can use those items to decorate, drawing in more customers and earning more stars. As your restaurant gets more popular, you'll need more staff to cook and serve the food.

There's a slight time management flavor to Pucca's Restaurant, as you'll need to plan your dishes carefully to make sure there's always something ready to serve. You also have to make sure your meals don't go bad before you serve them. Decorating feels a bit like Animal Crossing, which is a game that desperately needs more iOS imitation. And hey, if you want some educational content, each dish you can cook in the game includes a full recipe.

I'm really loving the social content. I'm usually wary of letting games use my location data, but I'm glad I threw caution to the wind for this one. Not only is there a Yelp-style list of restaurant ratings, you can also check out a local map and rate your shop against everyone nearby. Or you can travel around the world and check out the top rated international restaurants. Pucca's Restaurant has only been out for a couple weeks here, but it's been around since March in parts of Asia, so you can see lots of crazy-awesome high level restaurant layouts - and they're all different. You can also check out the restaurants of your Game Center friends.

There are a few items you can't get for your restaurant without using Garu points, the premium currency of the game. You earn Garu points for hitting milestones and unlocking secret rewards, but they don't show up often enough to cover every possible purchase. I haven't had any problem going without, though, and my little restaurant is certainly remaining competitive. I am, however, completely mystified about why saving progress to the cloud costs Garu points. You'd think making sure players never lose progress would be valuable enough on its own.

My biggest gripe is that Pucca's Restaurant badly needs a tutorial. I muddled my way though the first few levels, and eventually figured out how to store decor, how to move things around, why I want new staff, but it was a struggle early on. Apparently a tutorial is on the way in the next update, and so far MobCrete has been quick to bring out bug fixes and new content. You can also hit them up in our forums.

If you've got room in your heart for a new freemium game, give Pucca's Restaurant a try. It's super cute, it's fun, and it's free. Is there a better recipe for success?

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  • Eastside Stompers

    I cringe in NOVA 2 every time one of
    the bad guys shouts out 'kill that b*stard*'. It adds nothing. 

    • Anonymous

      How does this have anything to do with Pucca's Resturant..?

      Not that I disagree with you, it is annoying and pointless.

  • Plasmakirby3

    Finally! I was surprised that this game didn't get any coverage considering how excellent it is. I've been addicted to this for a while and it's definitely the best freemium simulation game on the iOS in my opinion. Love the music too!

    • Tztronic

       Absolutely agree with you.
      It's one of the best restaurant themed social games on iOS.

    • Anonymous

      I just wish it was universal...

  • kel

    Woah. I will give it a try. Btw, without saving to cloud, can i save the game on my device?  Is there any other game that is the same genre as this? I wanna try more games and top rated ones.

  • Icy Ice

    I only google for one answer: wuts the cats for?????

    • Plasmakirby3

      I'm not completely sure, but I think they raise the popularity of your restaurant so more people will come in. Also, similar to the chefs, they get an icon above their head every once in a while that you can tap for coins. The first cat gives you 40 coins for each tap which is pretty good, and I'd imagine that the later cats give you more. It doesn't take long to break even if you cook small stuff often or spend a lot of time rearranging your restaurant. 

  • Melissa

     I have been playing and enjoying this game a lot;  however today it stopped working properly..the customers weren't getting the food and every time I left and came back, there was spoiled food on the stoves that I didn't even start.  So, I thought I would uninstall and reinstall the game, this works in other games sometimes. Bad idea here!  I am back to square one. 🙁  (I am logged into plus, yes..) I was around level 10, had expanded a couple times had the gas stoves and had the chef. I also had replaced the floor and had a few decorations and several new tables and chairs.    I am pretty upset...any other game I play, you can delete and come back right where you were, even if its weeks later.  :((  

    I will keep playing because I do like it. But I really hope this won't happen again. I am nervous that it might malfunction again..then what???  

    • Plasmakirby3

      I've deleted and reinstalled the game before (although for a different reason than yours) and the same thing happened to me. It's pretty painful, but I comforted myself by thinking that I could avoid all the stupid decisions I made on my first run 😛 

  • Washingthekids5

    how do you get rid of the letter tiles

    • Uporkbun

      The only way u can get rid of it is by placing another tile over it. So be careful which tile u want to buy to place on there

  • Melissa

    I have recovered pretty back to level 6.  I have been playing pretty obsessively making moon cakes over and over and over...:)) 

    I bet to get rid of letter tiles you have to cover them up with new flooring..but not sure haven't used them yet. 

  • lucienne

    hi, i def agree this game need a tutorial 😀 plz can someone tell me how to recruit my crew? thankz a lot.

  • Bunn

    hmmmm.. anyone know what item to buy,, to prevent food spoilage?

  • John Usher

    I'd also like to know what item prevents spoiling?

  • Uporkbun

    What is the aquired item to prevent from food spoilage?

  • Lewis

    @303ea2e77a55859df12ac587234846f6:disqus @facebook-100000483770417:disqus @b4b154038a8fa65599b1dfac3564d4aa:disqus 

    I haven't got the achievement but I'd guess it'd be a fridge. They're in decorative items, you'll have to wait until level 44 to get even the basic fridge though.

    • Bunn

      i guess so.. haha~~

    • Bunn

      Hey Lewis.. I finally can BUY Basic Frigde!! BUT ITS NOT prevent SPOILAGE!! OMG!

  • tears

    Does anyone know what's the maximum number of Garu points one can get by unlocking everything without having to buy them? I've accidentally spent some Garu points because I didn't notice the price carefully, and there are some items I want to buy with Garu points.

    • Bunn

      I have already wasted more than 20++ Garu points!!
      Because accidentally press it, revive the food.. and flash cook!!

      and guess what,, i accidentally drag my Garu items to the SELL.. and wasted again..

      • tears

        sucks isn't it!! They should add an extra pop-up asking whether we are sure esp when it costs Garu points. I have accidentally trashed my dishes too, those that took 1 day to complete when I'm only left with an hour.

  • purpletwist

    how do i cook different recipes? i have mastered all the recipes from mooncakes to crab rangoon but i cannot seem to cook the  noodles and etc. There are lot of recipes when I click the Recipe button.. As I level up, i am seeing that Ive unlocked diff recipes but I cannot cook them. Help! 

    • littlezinha

      You''l need different cheffs and different stoves for it.

  • Crash-0416

    Hi! How do I add friends on this game? someone please give me very detailed answer. Is there a way to add a friend by a username? and not via facebook, text, email, and twitter?

  • Mae Soltez

    guys i need help... i play pucca restaurant in my says "travelling through a time machine is cool but risky. please set your time settings normal and restart the game. Before you restart the game, please double click the home button and kill the game in the...." my time is right, but it still doesnt work. I tried to restart the game but still doesnt work... I noticed that, this happens every after I connect my itouch to my pc to download songs w/ itunes. Any idea how to solve this? last time I re-downloaded it. But I don't want to do it again, because I'll lose my saved games, and i'm already in a higher level. So it'll be a waste. PLEASE HELP. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

    • Junior Bueno

      Did you already get the answer about this question? I need so much... Please

  • Nakmc

    I really like to try this fun-looking game but I couldn't figure out how to play at all. Where can I find a tutorial or playing instructions? Please help!

  • Heleng96

    Help plz, part of my tables. Are dark,and don't know how to fix it!. Any idea?,tks

    • cruella11

      It means that u mis place ur tables. make sure that it doesn't blocked near the wall or other things...

  • Heleng96

    Help plz, part of my tables. Are dark,and don't know how to fix it!. Any idea?,tks

  • Hnegreiros

    Anyone knows how can I pause the game? Cause if I just get out of the game, it continue working in background.

    • florence morris

      The game is meant to run in the background. If you're getting more customers than you can provide food for what I do is place my door in storage. But you don't make money so best to do this when you have quite a bit saved up to afford your dishes.

  • Jambabox

    Im sad... yesterday I came to visit my boyfriend and when I checked my food i got an error saying it's fun to time travel, but time traveling has some consequences and I have to restart the game. WHY? I was so close to five stars 🙁 I dont understand why this happened, does anyone have an idea? I've visited my boyfriend before and we both live in California, so I don't know what it means by "time travel". I haven't traveled out of CA since downloading the app.

  • ZuDoank

    does anymore know what is the item to prevent spoilage??

  • Fabi Santos

    Hello. This "time machine" advise pops us when you change your device hour. It's supose to prevent cheating, like, cook some 12 hours food and change the clock to 12 hours in advance. About the item to prevent spoilage, I've bougth the basic AND the simple refrigerator and guess what? They dont prevent anything. So, the special item must be the yellow one, which you cant buy with coins, only with garu points! 40, by the way!!!

  • ong gee choon

    Help please whr to get the cozy background recipe??

    • Michelly Farias

      It's near the "news" , dou you ll just catch that, when you level 40+

  • Juliana Muller Marum

    I´d like to know how can i get more garus. i don´t have anyone this moment, and i can´t buy what i need.....please

    • German Cortes Villalobos need patience q:)
      1. There are dishes with a little garu on the right.. if you master them.. you get garu points.2. Collect stamps on Pucc/Garu rest: when you get 5 stamps, you'll get 2 Garu points.
      3. Find golden eggs and get garu points..
      4. Purchase on-line ': (


  • Michelle Olivier

    How does the character rewards work? I got the first lot right, but as soon as you finish the first set of jobs and move on to the rest, the character has changed, and I don't understand where to get those rewards? thanks

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