One of my favorite recent releases has been Mos Speedrun [$1.99/Lite] from developer Physmo. This retro-styled platforming game puts the emphasis on completing each of its levels in as quick a time as possible. Each of your failed attempts lives on as a ghost of your previous run, and many failed attempts in a row can lead to a screen full of little Mos characters all running and bouncing along at the same time. Mos Speedrun also controls exceptionally well on the touch screen, and there are goals beyond just speed running through levels like collecting coins, finding hidden skulls, and earning Game Center achievements.

A new update has hit that adds an additional 5 levels into the game. These levels also seem to be a notch above the rest difficulty-wise, so you’ll be in for a challenge collect all items and beat them in a timely fashion. Another new addition is a total time leaderboard for every world in the game. There are 5 worlds in Mos Speedrun that each have 5 levels, and you can now compete for the best combined completion time of all 5 levels in each world.

Along with this new update is a free lite version of Mos Speedrun, which lets you play through all 5 levels of the first world in their entirety, though there is no Game Center integration. If you even remotely like platforming games, you shouldn’t hesitate to give Mos Speedrun Lite a try. It will give you a perfect taste of how the game controls and what the gameplay is like, and you can even transfer your lite version progress over to the full if you decide to upgrade.

I’ve been having a great time with Mos Speedrun ever since we reviewed it in April, and the players in our forums have really been digging this one as well, so grab this latest update to check out the new levels or give the lite version a spin if you’re on the fence.

  • Azreal42

     Nice !

  • Phil Baxter

    This is a fun little game but sadly not a pretty one. There seems to be a misconception that in order to make something look retro you just make it ugly and blocky, but a lot of 16-bit games actually had really great art behind the pixels.

    Still, I know it's an indie project and it's 60fps too, which is a deal breaker for any 2D game. 

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone else unable to get the Speedrunner achievement? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I'm under the par time on the first 10 levels (or 2 levels in the game-speak?) and still don't have it. Broken achievements are super annoying.

  • Anonymous

    Sweeet! I freakin' love this game! Soo responsive!