Cashing in on the success of an IP like Gameloft does with its regurgitated, oftentimes hobbled re-imaginings is a double-edged sword; the studio profits based on established interest, but there are expectations and legacies that it has to keep in check in order to continue to make dough. For example, with its follow-up to its Halo homage, NOVA 2 [$6.99 / HD], Gameloft has to fulfill the promise of post-release content much like Bungie did with the actual series.

Good thing Gameloft has. In the game’s latest update that just hit this afternoon, three new competitive maps have been added -- Floating Rocks, Aquarius Beach, and Icy Bridge are the names and, well, you don’t need much more description than that. I suppose I should note that Gameloft notes that each of these maps has a confrontation focus. Floating Rocks is for close-range, Aquarius is mid-range, and Icy Bridge is for massive battles.

Version 1.1.7 also brings about a bug fix. Now, you’ll be offered “better protection” against hacking. And if that wasn't enough, you’ll also get ten additional levels in multiplayer as soon as you grab the update from the App Store, which is available now for both versions of the game. Happy, er, killing dudes!

  • Joecarr

    very happy they fixed the single player bug, not sure if it was ipad 2 exclusive but several other people found it as well and now it seems to be working so kudos to gameloft. The maps are pretty sweet as well, particularly aquarius beach.


  • Anonymous

    I was excited until I realized the maps were IAP 🙁

  • Vova_1989

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