Late last year when TurboGrafx-16 GameBox [Free] first hit the App Store, I was beyond excited our review. I'd still list the TurboGrafx-16 as one of my favorite game systems of all time, and the potential that an officially sanctioned emulator has is still something I'm still glad to have, I just wish it had more games. Hudson has slowly been leaking out updates to the emulator with new packs of games included, but like most other official emulators, it's sorely lacking in the classics department. Not to say that Bonk isn't a classic, but come on, where is Blazing Lazers, Keith Courage, and other phenomenal TG16 games?!

Anyway, the newly included games are Bonk's Big Adventure, Image Fight, Break In, Devil's Crush and Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball-bu PC Bangaihen (say that one three times fast). Payment still works the same way in that there's a daily rotating free game, or individual titles can be permanently unlocked for $2.99 a piece. Devil's Crush is worth checking out, I'm not so sure about the other four.

  • Vinny

    Totally with you on Keith Courage. I'm not even considering any of the others until that's added because that's the game I want most. In fact, when I had an actual TG16 way back in the day, that was my most played game by ten miles.

  • Mike

    The headline should have read: A lackster and louse compilation by Hudson gets another five louse games

    • Alex

      I wouldn't exactly call "Bonk's big adventure" and "devil's crush" lackster or louse but the other 3 games are definite crap.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly my thoughts - Devils Crush was one of the top 5 games on TG. Never saw B.A. but the Bonks series was always a safe bet and Image Fight was just a run of the mill shooter. TG was known for its excellent schumps and platform games, not Sports.. so they release the worse of the genre.. Dodgeball. Don't know what Break In is, but if if there was no buzz about it back then, I imagine it's not necessary to find out.

  • Anonymous

    I'd just like to know who in the hell is in charge of picking the titles that get to be emulated. I mean both TG16 and Sega have TONS of awesome titles, but both companies just keep releasing the games that were (largely) just "ok" when these systems were in their hay day. Frankly, I was shocked that Dungeon Explorer was one one of the first titles released on the TG16 emulator, and Sega also surprised me when they FINALLY released Shining Force. Ok, that's great and all, but bring on the rest of the classics!!

    • Phil Baxter

      It may be down to licensing. I'm sure NEC would love to release the likes of Dracula X Chi no Rondo and the other huge PCE titles, but as they didn't write them themselves they would have to negotiate with various third party developers.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, you do have a point. Either way, though, PC games eventually become abandonware, so I'm really surprised console games haven't see a similar trend. Once a game is old enough, even those holding the original l licenses tend to stop really caring because that game has already made them all the money it ever will. To that I simply say "look the other way" and let the good titles come to the emulators!!! 🙂

      • Angel L.

        Actually, now that you mention it, they have two games by Konami available in the app (Gradius and Salamander), so since they are already "in talks" with Konami, it shouldn't be that hard for them to strike a deal for Dracula X.

  • Seth Diamond

    wow this needs to be iCade enabled and I'll buy Devil's Crush the day the iCade ships to me. I loved that game. So weird.

  • Brandon

    I like how even emulator apps are now requiring the higher generation iDevices. Makes no sense when larger games like Final Fantasy III and GTA: Chinatown Wars work fine on it.

  • pup

    Devil's Crush. Best console pinball game of all time.

  • Vinnk

    Hey! That dodgeball game is one of the best video sports games ever. An inferior port of it came to the NES as "Super Dodgeball". I like devils crush a lot, but that is the best of the 5.

  • DKainer

    Devil's Crush, I can't believe it. Awesome!!
    I used to play Dragon's Fury aka Devil's Crush on the Sega Megadrive for hours and hours back in the day. If this version has the same soundtrack as the Megadrive version, then it's worth the entry price alone. Excellent 🙂

  • Yoob

    Give me Parasol Stars, and it's a done deal.

  • rushmore

    If they get the following I am in:

    Blazing Lazers
    Galaga 90

  • Issac

    Hey, everyone... I get a message that simply says: "Error Message" when I try to purchase a game. I am using a 32 gig, 3rg gen iPod Touch with iOS 4.1 - any suggestions/help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!