Soccer simulation games are a huge deal on mobile devices. You can’t give baseball sims the same kind of pat on the back, but perhaps we’ll be able proclaim something similar in the near future: Out of the Park Baseball is poised to make its debut on the smaller Apple handhelds later this month, bringing with it it’s own brand of MLB management.

For a little context here, Out of the Park Baseball is a text-heavy baseball manager. It made its first appearance on PC back in 1999. Since then, it’s seen a handful of iterations, each increasingly gaining more popularity and critical awareness. The games are good, so of course there's going to be a mobile port.

This specific version somewhat obviously drops the cursor interface in favor of touch. In the build I’ve checked out, the response and integration is great, but do keep in mind that OOTP 2011 is not a game where you actually play baseball: it’s a straight-up simulation, so the extent to which you can utilize touch is limited to just menus. In fact, the entire game is really just a series of dynamic menus, perfect for any stat-hungry sports fan.

But, hey, the touch works. And even better, the game scales well to touch devices.

OOTP 2011 lets you take any MLB team with its current roster and take it through a career mode. As the GM, you’ll be allowed to trade players, set up line-ups and rotations, and all the rest that comes with the territory, including developing minor league players.

The game also has a fictional league and a historical league career option. What is has to offer on the latter is neutered at the moment, but from what we understand, in-app purchase will be a key driver in bringing new historical teams and rosters to the game.

Earlier this afternoon, I started a career with my beloved Boston Red Sox. And in an effort to rekindle some of yesteryear’s magic, I traded Tampa Bay for Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez (still on the list in our build). Things aren’t going so well, but you know what? That’s cool. Damon is back in Beantown; and that’s all that matters.

I’ll be excited to see a full build of the game, though I’d imagine what I’m seeing now is about as polished as the game will get. If that’s indeed the case, simulation fans that dig the MLB really shouldn’t miss out on OOTP -- it’s a sharp game with a snappy and native-feeling interface, full of the kind of complexity you’d expect.

As an aside here, please add Nomar to the FA list? I know he’s retired and stuff, but ...

  • Marc Vaughan

    Fantastic stuff - really looking forward to this game 😀

  • Sebastian Palkowski

    Sorry, double post.

    • Snotfist

      Any chance this will be universal? I would love to be able to play manager style games in the full screen.

      • Sebastian Palkowski

        Not with version 1 but we will add universal support later!

  • Anonymous

    In the words of Bart Scott, "Can't wait!"

  • Martin

    Perfect! I'll get this 🙂

  • jd

    Go Sox!!! And put in Lowrie for Scutaro. That is all.

    • Sebastian Palkowski

      Take over the Sox, then it is in your hands! 🙂

  • Sebastian Palkowski

    We just got an update from Apple: "Your Application is Ready for Sale"!

    The official release is now: Thursday, 5/5/2011 (Worldwide)

  • Sebastian Palkowski

    We just got an update from Apple: "Your Application is Ready for Sale"!

    The official release is now: Thursday, 5/5/2011 (Worldwide)

  • Tom Tjarks

    Any hopes for using our managed teams for some multiplayer, or having multiplayer seasons in some form?

    (Don't get me wrong, I *love* a good single player game, but I also have friends who like playing Fantasy Sports games and the challenges there.)

  • new_here

    no minor leagues plus i am not sure how much depth this game would have especially if you are the type who likes dumping aging stars for prospects. with no minor leagues, how do the prospects develop? and how realistic would the development be?

  • Markus Heinsohn

    @new_here: The player development without minors works just as well as with minors, prospects develop realistically. This has been tested & verified in the PC/Mac Version for several years now. In the future we may add minor league games/stats, but right now in order to support earlier devices this was not possible. Hope this helps! 🙂 Markus (OOTP Developments)