If Jeopardy [$4.99 / HD] and Trivial Pursuit [$.99] got together after a drunken night spent staring at YouTube football-in-the-crotch videos, popular culture rags, and irreverent comedy routines, the fruits of that night of passion and drunken perusing of media would be You Don’t Know Jack, one of the most irreverent and entertaining quiz show games ever. And for the first time, it’s poised to grace iOS devices -- though, the question of “when” still remains.

Date and actual hands-on time with it aside, YDKJ iOS has the appearance of being a faithful port of the latest rash of games. In the press release announcing this momentous occasion, the PR firm notes that these particular versions will launch with 20 full episodes (10 questions each) and all those interesting bits and pieces of side content, like the “DisOrDat,” the “Jack Attack,” and even “Who’s the Dummy?” Neat!

We're hoping to get our hands on a preview build of the game in the not too distant future, at which point we also hope to report back on You Don't Know Jack for iOS being as awesome as we hope it will be. Yeah, that's an awful lot of hoping, but I have faith in Jack.

  • remister

    YDKJ! Gibberish Questions please!

    • Dsdoaiu

      Everybody loves Kevorkian.

  • senorian

    can't wait for this one. Used to play this for hours at my friend's parents house as I didnt have a computer. Anyone else think the guy's voice was David Spade like me???

  • Jonah

    Nice! The screenshots don't look familiar, but is there any word on whether the questions overlap with the console versions that came out a few months ago?

  • bones boy

    Such good news! I had been posting on their blog like an idiot about how they are missing the boat with no port to iOS. Glad I wasn't the only one.

  • foobar

    YES! I've been hoping for this a while... Loved the game back in the day.

  • http://twitter.com/RustySabre Eric Pankoke

    I certainly hope they do this game justice. This has always been one of my favorite trivia games.

  • Richy923

    Liz Taylor reference too soon?

  • brtt

    please bring back Paul Ruebens!

    • remister


  • http://www.smashd.de SmashD

    I really, really hope they don't forget the german market like they did with the recently released Wii version! I was so excited seeing this series revived and then: no publishing other than in English language. Gnaaah.... 🙁

  • Grepochris

    I hope they keep the Paul Kaye voiceovers ^_^

    • Swingingwake

      It will probably be Tom Gottlieb (aka "Cookie Masterson") as it was with the recent console versions.

  • rob

    great, I love this game. I hope there will be also a german version 🙂