Looking for something to do during the commercials commercials while you watch The 2011 Masters Tournament? Why not also play a game of golf yourself? In honor of the Masters, EA has dropped the price of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 [$4.99 / Lite]. Sure, it's only two bucks off but Tiger 12 only came out a few weeks ago.

We liked Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 a lot in our review, and it's even easier to recommend now that it's priced on par with a Subway $5 foot long. Also, the closest to the pin challenges have turned out to be really cool. If that's all you're interested, you only need to download the lite version.

  • Fredrik Jackson

    Naah, I'll wait til it's 0.99$

    • dude

      I hope you're a patient man. 😉

  • DotComCTO

    It seriously annoys me that EA reduces the price on the iPhone version, but not the iPad version. If they're reducing the price in honor of The Masters tournament, then shouldn't they reduce the price on both versions?! Grrr....

    • http://www.facebook.com/garymofojones Gary Jones

      It would be worth the $10. I paid the full $6.99 for it on iPhone and it was well worth it. Although after getting this I had to really scratch that virtual golf itch by getting TW 12' for Xbox. Haha.

    • whata guy

      More to the point - why not a universal app? It is SO nice being able to buy one game and play it on either device (like Perfect Cell for example). Not that I have both an iPad and iPhone, I tend to avoid non-universal apps unless they are very cheap. Would pay $5 for this app if and only if it was universal.

  • Anonymous

    I want the South Park version of the Tiger Woods golf game.

  • http://twitter.com/The_Unflattered Gee Lampa

    No sale.

  • Dirkshneider

    Game has less options as the first, bland graphics compared to Real Golf but better gameplay. Putting sucks though unless you like putting on greens that play like ultra shag carpet. Im a bit bummed about my $10 dollar hd purchase. If they lower the price already i'll be a pit pissed off.

  • Anonymous

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