If you've got an iPad you've likely at least dabbled in the various magazines available on the App Store. The Daily [Free] made the biggest splash with its launch, but there are a number of other iPad-formatted magazines ranging all the way from Popular Science [Free] to Elle [Free]. But, what if you don't particularly care about world events, science, or fashion and you're looking for something that focuses entirely on video games? Well, Area 5 has answered the call with the just-launched Atomix Mag [Free].

Issues are attractively priced at 99¢ each, with subscription options coming in the future. I've been enjoying the first issue, as it really feels like consuming this kind of content in this fashion is one of the things the iPad is amazing for. It really feels like the future too. If I showed this to my 1988 self sitting on the toilet reading Nintendo Power, to say my mind would be blown would be an understatement.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/HR3TJBH4DKDZ247EQXTF3YG4NQ Montgomery

    How's the writing? Is it just 5.4 gamescores and 12th grade bullshit writing or at least something comparable to this place?

    • http://rickcurnutte.tumblr.com/ Rick Curnutte

      We don't use scoring at all. It doesn't mesh with our philosophy toward quality gaming discourse. Judging the quality of the writing is best left to you and your peers...

      • http://twitter.com/Thomas_Heger Thomas Heger

        This might sound a bit harsh, but I think the writing is a bit uneven. Of course, the things you yourself participated with is great (loved, loved, loved the iOS narrative article - bought both Ruben+Lullaby and Strange Rain via the great App Store integrated button). And Area 5 is doing their thing. But it seems like a lot of the other writers don't have english as their native language, and both content and writing suffers a bit for it (the Limbo article is exempt). A fair bit of typos too.

        I dunno. Maybe I've been spoiled by the sorts of like Killscreen Magazine. It's just, if Atomix isn't going to write about “in the now!” current games, you might have to choose a different angle for some of the articles. The Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Killzone 3 stuff didn't sit right with me as it just seemed to list the game's features, and the N3DS Most Wanted article was way underdeveloped. The interview of Jenova Chen was OK, but only because the inventive answers Chen gave saved it. Every other question was a passive-demanding “tell us about this and that,” which sort of ruins it.

        Though apart from that, great start, as I've told Jay and Cesar on twitter. The video segments are more than up to scratch (so good having the team together again). I wish you a great future! And I whole heartedly agree with you about Dead Rising 2. It's a very japanese game, it's not broken, it's just...different.

      • uncleguito

        Yeah I agree about the other writers. The Area5 stuff was clearly the main attraction here and the other guys are more of the average, forgettable gaming writers.

    • uncleguito

      It's better than most gaming publications. It seems like they're going for analysis and discussion of each topic rather than the typical crap. $1 an issue is worth it for the video content alone, which makes the app in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      these guys are 1up alumni and some of the top writers in the business.

  • http://twitter.com/alienmeatsack alienmeatsack

    I think they are really onto something with this and I hope it does well for them. The writing is good, the presentation is top notch, and the price is right.

    So many other magazines out there overcharge, these guys saw the need and filled it without the extra cost.

    Visually it's top notch, well designed, interactive and just feels nice as you flip thru.

    Will be fun to see it grow and get love from subscribers and fans.

    • http://twitter.com/Thomas_Heger Thomas Heger

      The scrolling thing is neat, if maybe used a little bit too idiosyncratic. Agree with you about the visual presentation though. It's fresh and distinctly different from similar gaming magazine projects. It's so easy going for a 8-bit/Cory Schmitz/Olly Moss/ScreenMag/retro nostalgia/minimalist sort of style, but it's being done so much everywhere else that I was thoroughly happy to see Atomix doing their own thing. Does anyone know who their graphic designer is?

      • Artemio

        The designer is @aftasher

      • http://twitter.com/Thomas_Heger Thomas Heger

        Thanks! Loving his Flickr-account right as we speak!

  • Facebook User

    Someone from the mag showed me this at GDC--it was super impressive. Are you going to offer subscriptions?

    • http://twitter.com/talkingorange Matt Chandronait

      Eventually. Apple announced their subscription-pricing strategy too close to the end of the app development for it to be included immediately.

    • http://twitter.com/talkingorange Matt Chandronait

      Eventually. Apple announced their subscription-pricing strategy too close to the end of the app development for it to be included immediately.

  • john doe

    Who are the writers? I love the Area5, but I'd consider them more as video / producers than journalists.

    • http://twitter.com/talkingorange Matt Chandronait

      Hopefully this will change your mind 🙂

  • john doe

    Who are the writers? I love the Area5, but I'd consider them more as video / producers than journalists.

  • nizy

    Thanks for posting about this Eli. I've just purchased the 1st issue - which is my 1st iPad mag too (only got it today)! Looks pretty good so far. They cover iOS games too, not just consoles.

    • http://rickcurnutte.tumblr.com/ Rick Curnutte

      And we will continue to do so. Just wait until Issue 2, iOS fans...

  • Joe

    I think area 5 is doing an amazing job, however, the other guys are kind of lame, I think Area 5 guys should team up with experienced videogames journalists at least for the next issue, that would make this a really interesting and richer experience. I mean this issue was cool, but only because of the area 5 guys.

  • Mister Ed

    It would be really cool if the magazine had exclusive playable demoes of featured or advertised games built into to pages. Like reading an old Game Pro or EGM and having the articles come alive.

  • Johnny6ix

    Wish I had an ipad just for this. Big fan of Area5 and wish them all the best in anything they do.

  • SMP

    Well, I do like the Area 5 guys, the ones I can think of. Damn, everyones promoting them, but I don't have an iPad, though co founder Ryan O'Donnell posted on their blog that they intend to make it accessible to every device that's practical to them. I'm assuming that means android tablets, but hopefully that means iPod touch as well.

  • http://twitter.com/Caipa Leonardo Kamiya

    Why is this not available on the Argentine App Store?

  • http://demonskunk.tumblr.com Demonskunk

    what the hell? why are there so many magazine apps exclusive to ipad? I'd be interested in something like this for my ipod!

  • Anonymous

    I really wish I could either get the first issue free or get a "sample"... Just so I know a bit about what I'm buying. Other than that, looks pretty good! 🙂

  • Joernjensen

    I cant´t install this app! I Bought it via ipad but then recived a warning "You have to conncet your computer to the itunes store to continue" - My Computer IS Connetcted to the itunes Store! I Was just buying some songs... all other apps worked just fine - whats wrong with this one?

  • nyana

    I must say right now this were 0,79€ down the toilet sadly. I just cant download the issue. After 1 to 20 minutes the download of the issue always cancels with an error and i have to redownload from the beginning, no resume. Trying to download it a fifth time now, but it seems like theres no chance for me to get it on my device.
    Whats so hard on implementing an resume-download-feature? Come on...

    Despite that i really think you should put some more information about the issue on the app. I mean, everything you see is a cover, no contents, no pagecount, no filesize. There was nothing that would want to make me buy the issue despite this article here.

    • http://rickcurnutte.tumblr.com/ Rick Curnutte

      We're adding a resume feature in an update very soon...

      • nyana

        I got it to work in the meantime, had to disable the auto-lock and let it download without doing anything else or letting the screen turn off.
        Its quite nice but still got a lot of potential to improve. Videos in full-widescreen when there's also a gallery for example lets the app crash, or the black screen when changing to a page with an animation, or the somtimes quite strange scroll-mechanism.
        But when these things get improved i can quite see me buying another issue.

  • http://profiles.google.com/jacob.noergaard Jacob Nørgaard

    Fails here too. Found the (free) app on AppStore, clicked install. It starts to download, then installs, or rather attempts to and tells me to install from iTunes. And that does it. I am NOT installing ANYTHING via iTunes. No way in hell. I like to retain control of my device.

    A shame, since your mag looked promising.

    • http://rickcurnutte.tumblr.com/ Rick Curnutte

      You can do it all from the device you don't need to install through iTunes.

      • Philphy42

        I have the same problem as the original poster. The download fails after a few minutes and I get a message telling me to install through ITunes. I have tried several times with the same result. Unfortunately I can't install through ITunes, my iPad is overseas with me and my computer is at home.

  • Jwl

    My first impression was that it took quite a while to download. Even on a decent fast connection. And a resume and/or download in background option is really needed! How big is the file anyway?

    However, finally getting to the mag, at first it was a bit confusing to navigate, but that is just because I am so used to just reading regular flip pages magazines on the iPad. This is something completely new, and I think it has potential.

    Haven't read everything yet, but I like the variety. Some general features (really loved the article about connecting old consoles to your TV), some reviews and opinions.

    Still, I wouldn't mind reading longer articles. Some felt a bit short.

    I would be looking for the next months issue, but please, do something about that horrible download.

  • Ben

    It's ok. Good writing (but not great), but the page switching really sucks. Flickers, sudden black screens, backgrounds only scroll after the rest. Really ugly and impractical.

  • John

    No worky at all. Just a screen that says Atomix.

  • http://twitter.com/Mngavis Michael Negron

    Bought the first issue but so far have not been able to download it.

  • Comercial9

    Was going to post yet another comment about not being able to download it. Then I looked at the reqirements. Needs 4.3, and I don't have that yet. Oh well, looks promising. I'll pick it up once I have the chance to update.

  • emek

    Nop, cant be a 4.3 issue. I have the actual ios on my iPad 1 and was not able to download the magazine. I will now try the hint of nyana.
    A Filesize indicator and a download speed information would be nice.

  • http://twitter.com/digital_idiot Digital Idiot

    Downloaded on my 4.3.1 JB iPad1, crashes almost every time I go to the LA Noire article. Atomix blog says "Jailbroken iPad? Don't do that. Not supported."

    I have over 300 apps on my iPad, every single one of them works flawlessly, except this buggy piece of trash. The fact that they will not address an issue on thousands of potential customer's iPads ensures that I will not be doing further business with them.

    Great idea and I was super stoked for it, but their lack of customer service leaves me cold. (Nevermind that I can get everything I need and more that their magazine offers using Safari... :rolleyes: )