Remember earlier this week when PopCap revealed they were starting a spinoff studio called 4th & Battery, and that their first game Unpleasant Horse was on the verge of release? Well, according to a Twitter outburst by the new studio, the game has been rejected by Apple. Joystiq was lucky enough to snag some screenshots of the ordeal before the tweets vanished:

Weird, right? Either way, 4th & Battery has attempted to smooth things over with a followup tweet. No official statements (aside from these tweets, which I guess are sort of official) have been made by either PopCap or 4th & Battery.

What will come of Unpleasant Horse? Who knows, but you've got to admit watching drama on twitter is always fun.

  • Gary Dorman

    lol..and yet "5 Minutes to Kill Yourself" is clearly much more appropriate!

    • Anonymous

      love that game.

    • Gord Lacey

      You must be 17 years old or older to buy "5 Minutes to Kill Yourself." Sounds as though "Unpleasant Horse" will be approved if it's rated the same way.

  • E.

    They just need to throw the 17+ rating on it and all is well.

  • Adams Immersive

    17 years for a human is equivalent to 3 years for a horse.

    • EastsideStompers

      Does that mean that if a horse went to prison it would have to do less time?

      • Anonymous

        Either that or it'd seem like 3 times as long to the horse, which isn't really fair, but he should be glad he's not a dog.

      • EastsideStompers

        Yeah, they really should consider themselves lucky, instead of moping around with those long faces...

      • Vimy

        unfair isn't it.
        Thats why so many inner city gangs use pour innocent baby horses to sell drugs on the street.
        ts a shame really, when your trying to drive down a street and some stonned horse trotss over to your car and gets all in your face with bags of shit.
        I dont think it would be like that if they did the same time as people.
        after all
        "do the crime, pay the time."

      • EastsideStompers

        Yes, I teach my children that if they are ever approached by a suspicious looking horse in the street (possibly in disguise with dark glasses), they should just say 'neigh' and walk the other way...

  • Ian

    Is there any trailer movie for this game? like to see how cruel it is

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  • Anonymous

    Yuk! Good riddance. I don't understand why people think these kinds of games are so cool.

    • Rad


    • Christiseattle

      And what kind of game is it? Have you played it or just posting your opinion based on ignorance?

      • dude

        What does "horses dying in meat grinders" sound like to you?

      • Chris Mader

        Sounds like a hilariously good time to me.

  • Mzeb75

    There's a thirty second trailer on YouTube but it doesn't really explain much.

  • Tanin

    Have you heard of hype. It may not be true.

  • Anonymous

    this is all just part of their media hype strategy. Kinda shady that the first thing they do is announce to the world that their app rating was set incorrectly and blame it on Apple. BOOOO HOOO

  • MiKandi Adult App Market

    Let's hope they port it, uncensored, to Android

  • Steve

    I hope someday Apple will overcome their paternalism. Let parents restrict their children's access using a rating system and give everyone else the freedom to choose what apps they want.

    • gamer gamer

      Thing is, Apple is a restrictive company. Apple only lets you use Apple-approved products with their products. (I.E. Current App situation, Mac software, Ipod Management software, etc.)
      If only...

      • Boo

        That's why their products are not a horrible mess.

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