Below is the first promotional teaser for Fast Five: The Movie: Official Game, the official tie-in to “Fast Five: The Movie,” a film that will surely earn a place amongst the two greatest films of all time: “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” and “Gigli.” High praise in advance of an actual viewing, I know, but look at its cast for a minute -- Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on-screen at the same time? Sounds like Oscar material to me.

Oh, wow, you’re still with me. Here’s the low-down: Fast Five: The Movie: Official Game is a racing game slated to the App Store on April 28, a day before the movie it's based on hits theaters. In the game, you’ll play as the film series’ returning protagonist, Brian O’Conner. O'Conner is a dude who, apparently, needs to race in exotic places in order to... well, er... whatever. Dude just needs to race, OK?  Oh, and blow things up. As you saw, there, this game has an interesting real-time destruction mechanic that you can trigger, presumably, by doing stunts and racing well.

In case you were wondering why Fast Five: The Movie: Official Game looks so much like the racing title Split Second [$4.99 / HD] (right down to its usage of buttons to activate real-time world devastation events), it’s because Gameloft is behind the wheel of the project. These are the same guys who have been "borrowing" core mechanics and concepts from other titles like, say, Zelda or Uncharted or Halo, etc., etc.

Come later this April, if you want a taste of Fast Five: The Game, it may just be wiser to have a friend blindfold you, re-assign all the buttons on a version of Split Second, and then hand you a controller just as a race starts. Am I being too negative here? Probably! We'll see!

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, what's with the hating on Ace Ventura? Or, possibly, the unabashed love of Gigli and Fast and Furious sequels?

    • Anonymous

      I'm with you on what you said except for the mention of Gigli. That truly did suck. I'm all for watching mentally unstable ballerinas but there's also a need for some slapstick comedy or fun action movies with fast cars and fast women.

      As for the game, meh...

  • Anonymous

    I really wish gameloft would come up with some of their own games, I am sure they could come up with some great ideas.

  • Sharpbrothers

    Backstab looks pretty fresh - I am guessing it is an Assassin's Creed riff but still is fresher than usual.

    Also come on Fast 5 will be more Expendables, Transporter, etc style fun than an atrocity like Gigli.

  • TigerXtreme69

    I wasn't even really planning on pressing play on that video up there but I actually think the game looks pretty good. Nice sense of speed and I like the inclusion of the jumps. I only hope that they have a lot of what looks like interactive environmental things (like the explosions and that thing falling--I hope you have to dodge that stuff) Looks pretty good to me.

  • HisDivineOrder

    Gameloft has only one great idea in their entire time as a company making games for iOS.

    That was when they went, "Dude, I can't think up any ideas for games because I'm too busy playing Call of Duty. Man, modern combat is fun!" "No, man, it's Modern Warfare." "Modern Combat." "Look. On the box, here. It says Modern Warfare." "No. Dude, I just had an idea. We make Modern Combat!" "OMG! That's a GREAT idea. Then we can make Halo and Legend of Zelda and Resident Evil and Need for Speed and Starcraft!" "Dude, we don't have the licenses though." "Haha, we don't need them. We'll just make names that sound like the real ones!"

    And on that day, a day called the Epiphany Day at Gameloft by the few employees that worked there then, one single great new idea came to a worker there. Those who remain often whisper that single thought grew so large, so all-consuming, so powerful that no other thought dare show its head and all other thoughts hid from that thought as it greedily spread through dozens of programmers and money men and even then to gamers everywhere.

    And the sad thing was that not even the developers and/or publishers of these games could match what Gameloft and their one single idea were capable of through copying. It turns out one single great idea years ago combined with a whole lot of copying off your neighbor's test paper is really all that you need in this world to get ahead. Or at least keep up.

  • Matthew Imes

    Gamloft is making this? That means it'll be priced around $5 at least. And, if it plays anything like the Asphalt series, then I'm steering clear of this. (pun intended)

  • Camdunnings5

    So this must be Gameloft's 3rd game with unreal engine, with N.O.V.A. Elite and Backstab. Looks pretty good, and it seems you get to be the cop.

    • Mark

      Backstab and this don't use the unreal engine and with NOVA Elite we just don't know.

      • Lucas

        It's either unreal or a very new version of their engine with improved graphics, since nothing has ever looked so good from gameloft... however, it comes to my head that it's more probable that it's an actual new engine of theirs (which is great) because it'd be a waste that this is one of their 4 titles using UE

  • Deamon34

    Ace Ventura 1 & 2 are both in my top 10 Comedies of all time. You sir have no sense of humor.

  • Dwsjvbne

    backstab isnt unreal its using gameloft engine. n.o.v.a elite may be unreal gameloft never announced it if you pause the vid at 0:13 you can see the car's shadow in

  • Extol4000

    Looks like Asphalt 6 with some face paint. It seems like it may play like Asphalt 6 with a few minor or major tweaks. I saw some new camera angles that could make the game stand on it's own. I can't tell what's real gameplay & what's trailer.

  • Truth

    I'm not really a huge fan of the graphics style (glossy, overly bright, etc.) of Gameloft, but from the trailer, the game may be fun. And yeah LOL at that floating shadow at mid-air. Why didn't they pick that up?

  • oogga booga

    split second copy for sure. lol
    obviously there is a split second game for the iOS devices on the app store this is prob going to be tanker.

    • Mark

      The split/second game on the AppStore is hardly worth mentioning, it's pretty much the description of awful

    • LBG

      This isn't a clone of slit second. It's a game based on the movie Fast Five.

      And Split Second on iOS was terrible. I'm sure this will be MUCH better.

  • Mashhood Ahmad

    i sw the trailor of the movie that was amazing....

  • Andyng

    0:13 ---> The car's shadow is in the air !!! Gameloft tricks us by placing an invisible plane under the car and let the shadows on that plane instead of the actual terrain !!!!!

    Catch ya' !!! Gameloft !

    • Jmslovatt

      Either that or shadows are just a flat alpha image stuck to the underside of the car. Doubt it will be in the final version, but in the trailer??? weak. Game looks fun though

  • Anon

    I don't know why there are so many people slating Gameloft for copying game ideas. Thats a GOOD thing because we don't get official versions on iDevices (like the console variants). That's probably the main reason why they do it. Take the good games and bring them to the iDevice (they obviously have to change the name and slight details for copyright reasons).

    Yes there is an official version of Split Second in the appstore but it is absolute rubbish !! This looks 10 times better.

  • Jmslovatt

    Anyone else notice the reflections are of the environment as opposed to basic cube maps? Good going for a mobile device!

  • Thomas20035

    As fun as this game looks, and as nice as the graphics are, I can't bring myself to give any more money to this horrendous franchise!


    tbh i think it will be a gd game. even tho gamelofts customer service is horrendous (like ea's as well). I think this is what you have to get used to with such big companies. Howevr i think i'll get the game as long its better than split second velocity with its awful graphics!

  • Charles Albert

    WOW, a writer in PMS! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

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