This was posted on April Fool's day

We're back again turning the valve of the ol' rumour spigot to quench our undying thirst for all things secret. This week we've got an overflowing goblet of rumors straight from our most trusted industry insiders planted deep inside the world of iOS. Our first rumour comes courtesy of an unexpected agent we randomly found working the front lines of Apple retail at the Apple Store Friendly Center in Greensboro, NC. While casually wandering around the Apple Store looking to buy an iPod nano, we were approached and asked if we needed any help.

Naturally, we spotted our opening and went in for the kill, juicing the agent for every drop of rumour imaginable. When interrogated regarding the upcoming iPhone, we learned that Apple does in fact release new iPhones every year, confirming our suspicions that an iPhone 5 is in the works. Also, while we were unable to delve in to raw specifics, we confirmed that the device will likely be faster, potentially get better battery life, and even might have additional storage.

In other rumours, we've received direct confirmation from a Gameloft beta tester that the French mobile gaming giant plans to release additional iOS titles. Digging for more specifics we've learned that these future titles spread the gamut of first person shooters, third person action games, and even racing games. When pressed for further details we discovered that these games will not only include Gameloft Live, but also will be controlled using a variety of on-screen controls and even tilt.

Stay tuned for additional rumors.

  • Devin

    Wow, such good spoilers on what to expect! 😉

  • Anonymous

    OMG "on-screen controls"!!!

  • RPGGuy

    Controls are too hard. They should make games without controls.

  • Ryan Kelley

    All this is obvious...

    • Matthew L.


  • Baseley09

    Bwaha good April fools, gameloft to release a game, no way?!

    • Anonymous

      Damn it. I knew it was too good to be true :/

  • Murbs

    I like how April Fools has been replaced by 'state the bleedin' obvious' 🙂

  • aapl

    those apple employees get asked those questions a million times a day; they speculate based on past iphone releases, simply because they don't know any more than you do but don't want to say "I have no idea". only a select few higher-ups ever know anything for sure.

    • Briangarlan

      Your an idiot. Its a joke dude. A joke.

  • TokyoHam

    Was this supposed to be funny?

    • Anonymous

      Not for you. Skip it!

  • MarcoPolo

    Apple already sent out the June 6th invitations for it's WWDC event and it will focus on Software only. There will be no IPhone 5 released in June. Maybe Fall or 2012 but not June. Apple is mixing it up this year.

    • Braingarlan

      Again, you're an idiot. And if you don't know why, its even worse.

  • Jord092

    Wow! I can always depend on Touch Arcade for my hard-hitting journalism.

  • 10^12pugs

    "Gameloft Announces 'Contemporary Combat' FPS, Inadvertently Clones Gameloft Game"

  • EastsideStompers

    Thanks for the heads-up! Is it true you can make calls on it too? That would just be nuts!

  • Fan

    seriously toucharcade, you are not clever or funny at all

  • wohdin

    If the iPhone 5 gets upped storage, then the iPod touch 5 better get it as well. My 64GB ipt3 is almost completely full now lol.

  • Jimmie

    This was the best one today 🙂 keep up the good work!

  • antony46ONL

    Haha this guys are funny!!

  • PUP

    April Fools aside; that's actually a pretty sweet lookin' iPhone.

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