Surely at some point in your life you've (either purposefully or accidentally) let a helium filled balloon loose into the air which then potentially went on to travel hundreds of miles before finally deflating enough to come back to Earth. There's no shortage of sites detailing the dangers to wildlife of actually doing this, but what if you still want to release some balloons but without littering or causing other potential problems? Well, that's where Floonr [Free] comes in.

Using this app (Calling it a "game" is likely a bit of a stretch.) you're able to scroll around Google Maps to see other balloons that have been launched, as well as launch your own. These balloons float about as they would in the real world, until they eventually crash land in 150 miles or so. You can attach messages to your balloons and other people can comment on your balloons. Also, unlike a lot of real-world GPS-based games, there seems to be a surprising amount of activity in the app.

There's a hefty amount of completely optional IAP such as stickers to add to your balloons as well as "power-ups" of sorts that do things like let your balloons float either longer or faster. I'm not entirely sure what the point of buying these is, but at least the option is there I suppose. Floonr isn't a killer must-have app by any means, but it's really cool how they've applied the activity of releasing balloons to a smartphone app and I've had a lot of fun reading what (often silly) messages there are attached to balloons virtually soaring overhead.

  • Adams Immersive

    I’ve never released a balloon.... but my friend and I did blow one up, attach a string with a laminated note, pop it, rip it, crumple the note and soak it in water, put the whole thing in the dryer, rub it in mud, and set it to fade by a sunny window. We hung our masterpiece in a tree on our college campus (in the US). The fake note, of course, purported to be from Sharan T. Agarwal, a fictional student in the 3rd Standard at a school in India.

    A few days later the balloon was gone. I still wonder what happened to it.

  • Sidney Just

    Haha, awesome idea 😀

  • Brandon

    don't you mean 150 DAYS? they can go for thousands of miles in the app. I've seen ones that have traveled around 44,000 miles.

  • Brandon

    don't you mean 150 DAYS? they can go for thousands of miles in the app. I've seen ones that have traveled around 44,000 miles.

  • Jay Jennings

    Letting a balloon go is irresponsible? Sorry, that's a load of bull. It's no more irresponsible than driving (or walking) down the road where you might kill some bugs.

    While the app is kind of neat from a nerd level, the *adventure* of making a balloon message with your kid and launching it is completely lost with something like this.

    Maybe soon instead of going for a walk with your kid you can both just sit on the couch and tap "Walk Around the Lake" and see all the (digital) flowers and (digital) wildlife peeking out at you.

    Like I said, the app seems cool on a geek level -- but NOT as a replacement for the actual activity.

  • Johnyboy

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