While I personally am more than a little tired of modern trends in first person shooters, there seems to be a pool of millions of people who can't get enough of 'em. If you're looking for another modern military themed first person shooter, you're going to be in for a treat on March 17th when Gameloft's Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard hits the App Store.

There have been a ton of games based on the Tom Clancy universe released in the past 13 years since the launch of the initial Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six. Rainbow Six games are typically squad based, and take place in tight urban environments. Shadow Vanguard seems to fit right in line with that per the above trailer, and boasts a few cool features. You'll be able to play the 11 included missions online in a co-op mode with 3 players, and there's even 10 player multiplayer.

Judging by the trailer, this isn't one of the upcoming Unreal Engine games we've heard about, but it's hard to not get excited about online co-op in a first person shooter running on a phone. That feels like the future.

  • http://twitter.com/sousuke_c Sousuke Chihara

    3Players online Co-op! Ican't wait!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/boydbme Andrew Boyd

    The Co-op angle should be fun but man oh man did the animations look terrible! Guess we'll have to wait for the review, but I hope the AI and movement are much more responsive than that video made them look.

    • Decoy Octopus

      I though the animations looked good. I hope the AI is good

    • http://twitter.com/BulkSlash BulkSlash

      Yeah the animations in most of Gameloft's games leave a lot to be desired, I find it makes all their games look choppy even if they're actually running at 30fps.

      I'm sure I saw a mission objective painted on the wall in the trailer like Splinter Cell Conviction. I guess that means they're re-using that engine.

  • LBG

    Looks great. Wasn't there a rumour a while ago that Gameloft would make a Ghost Recon game? It would make sense seeing as they've already done Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six. Hopefully Ghost Recon will be next.

  • Doppleganger

    Well I am sick and tired of killing for winning. I am more appealed by tiny wings than by call of modern rainbow warfare six. These kind of games should be banished. Oh, sorry for being a nazi, here.

    • Dingo

      Have fun playing those kiddy games.

      • Anonymous

        Surprisingly enough - it's the other way around.

      • Gwet17

        Why can you only "like" a comment once?

    • Anonymous

      These games should be banished because you don't find them appealing? ....right.

  • Ziggz

    Ha! When I first saw the preview image, I thought this was a Robot Chicken video.

  • Paul

    Looks stunning, I just wish they'd bring out the HD version at the same time instead of making us wait longer 🙁

  • JCGaga

    Can't wait to see what they will do with the Unreal Engine...now that we've heard about it, games like this don't look too spectacular anymore. But I'm still planning on getting this.

  • Bmxracer254

    what about a graphically improved version for the ipad 2?

  • Anonymous

    Assuming this is Universal and includes some kind of solo/co-op "Terrorist Hunt" mode like in Rainbow Six Vegas 2, I will be buying. The world has needed an R6V3 for too long.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jason-Mickelson/100000803929379 Jason Mickelson

    I was searching for rumors of a new console R6 when I found this. I guess this will have to hold me over. Love Rainbow 6, hope that it holds up on iOS.

    Rainbow 6 is the first game that came to my mind when the Unreal tech was announced for iOS. Too bad this isn't using the Unreal Engine, but I still have faith that Gameloft will do it justice.

    Really can't wait 'till Gameloft puts out some of those games powered by the Unreal Engine!

  • Truth

    Nice! Haven't been a big fan of Gameloft games but this looks great. Been a fan of the original Rainbox Six games. Too bad they didn't utilize the Unreal engine but the graphics are still pretty nice. Bummer that it will only be released for the iPhone. Wonder when the iPad version is coming out. Also, this is only wishful thinking, but I hope there's a replay mode. Back in the days playing this on PC, I always loved viewing my successful execution of a raid after every stage, and also being able to switch to each team and see how it looked from different perspectives.

    • MoHeyNow

      That was always my favourite too, as well as detailed plotting out the attack via the checkpoints they should totally bring that stuff back

      • Truth

        Couldn't agree more. That was really when Rainbow Six was great. Judging from the trailers though, this looks more like the more recent R6 games which focused more on on-the-fly action rather than putting emphasis on the planning stage. I hope I'm wrong though. If I remember, that was the time when the R6 games also started taking out the replay mode. I'm really really hoping this Gameloft release would be more akin to the original series.

  • Mikeadamstattoo

    i am a firm backer in a gameloft. i love mc2 on the ipad as well as the iphone. but the animations just look weird in the video. plus id love to see an "HD" version.

    i also cant wait to see what they do with the unreal engine.

  • http://twitter.com/Twisted_Pro Jason

    Just in time for payday 🙂

  • Quang

    Crappy Graphic + Crappy Gameplay = A New Extremely Crappy game from GAMELOFT!!!! Clap clap clap ....

    • LBG

      Crappy brain + crappy keyboard = crappy comment