As mentioned before, Apple is stealing the show this week with their event in San Francisco which quite literally takes place next door to GDC. We're totally swamped with GDC meetings, and as I'm writing this both Brad and Jared are meeting with developers, so for true live coverage of the keynote we recommend checking out MacRumors, or the many other sites doing live blogs.

Photo courtesy of Engadget

  • Decoy Octopus

    I honestly dont even see a need for dual core processors. There arent any apps that would even benefit from that much power. It will just be waisted. The cameras are nice although I would personally never take a picture or use facetime with them. What this device really could have used is a retina display, or atleast a resolution increase to justify having a dual core processor. I wont be buying one this year. Maybe the Ipad 3 March 2012.

    • Adams Immersive

      Retina would be awesome, but it just can’t be done yet. It needs to be cheap and available in tens of millions of units—and I think that day will come!

      Meanwhile, I do like FaceTime but I really like the speed and thickness! I don’t think developers will waste the extra speed. Take games, for instance 🙂

    • Anonymous

      That seems like an odd way of putting it. Are you suggesting Apple wait until developers create apps that don't actually work on the current hardware before they update it? You have to raise the power -before- you can start using it.

      • Twopossums

        Exactly what I was thinking. Of course there are no apps that would work without a dual core because there was none. Now that there is there will be some made. That's like saying 5-6 years ago to Apple "why make the iPhone there aren't any apps that take advantage of a touch display."

      • Wortek


    • Anonymous

      Apps aren't the only thing running on an iPad at any given time. There's many processes and they can run 2 simultaneously now instead of sharing a single CPU's cycles. Any apps that already use a multithreaded model will in all likely hood also see improvements as you can have two threads now executing at the same time. What we will probably see if a bunch of apps that do use the multithreaded model suddenly run into problems and need updates because they were originally deployed on a single core architecture, and anyone who's done multithreaded programming knows that many mistakes you made writing it are way less likely to be hit on a single core versus 2+ cores. I'm sure we'll see race conditions and deadlocks galore on some apps until the dev gets an iPad2 in hand and can fix the bugs he's got 😉

      P.S. I have very little iPad programming experience so I'm not that intimate with the IOS SDK to know what facilities they have. Could be wrong. I do have 15 years of professional experience programming embedded devices.

    • Anonymous

      I think you're slightly wrong; apps fall into more varieties than just games!
      Even on such a polished OS, there should be an immediate effect on the UI experience, it'll help with multitasking and Safari, while as for other apps; those involving video, sound, and even just static graphic editing will benefit from having a processor to crunch away in the background.

      Failing that; if an app doesn't use all that power; it can just eat fewer CPU cycles and save a little battery runtime!

  • Andrzej Raczynski

    damn, same measly 64gb ceiling.

  • MrSlinkySpring

    iPad 3D March 2012 🙂

  • Trevor35

    In terms of graphics, it's on par with the Sony NGP. I guess no one will buy the NGP now.

    • Anonymous

      People still want buttons, they also want devices they can fit in their pocket, they also want exclusive games made by development teams with giant budgets. The hardware isn't even half the story when it comes to gaming, it's the software.

      • Wortek

        NGP barely can fit your pocket, have you seen it's sizes?

      • Anonymous

        Yes I have, it's way more portable.

      • Wortek

        But it's still big enough to fit your pocket as iphone does.

      • Anonymous

        In the same way a buffalo is more portable than a LearJet, yes. But I still don't much fancy trying to carry a buffalo on the bus.

      • Anonymous

        But you'll carry a Learjet on the bus in a bag? This awkward analogy isn't making the iPad sound very attractive.

    • Decoy Octopus

      Yeah Right, $500 minimum price tag. NGP will likely cost between $250 - $300. No appstore games using a dual core processor. Even with the dual core tech, there arent any games to support it. Not to mention the fact your comparing portable game machine to a tablet.

    • Anonymous

      If you think that's bad, wait until next year when the NGP is completely outclassed by iPad 3 and iPhone 6. It's going to be a long 5 years for Sony.

    • Dennymoofoo

      Sorry dude you must be confused. The NGP has a quad core cpu and quad core graphics processor this wont even come close to the power of the NGP. Im a massive apple fan and own an ipod touch 4g but im afraid this is a big dissapointment and i think the iphone 5 and itouch 5 willl be based on the same hardware.

      • Kunalgyl

        There are no benchmarks to support what you are saying so please add an iniformative "I think"
        Apple hasn't unveiled the GPU, on this, and most benchmarks prove that the VR543 is a bit faster the 535, and at 4 cores, the NGP will be 5x max 6x faster than the previous gen iPad. Apple claims 9 times.
        Also iPad 2 seems like a radical update, the only untouched factor was the display, and I, having used an iPad and Xoom, can say that even the iPad 1 has a better display (go on anandtech and see the pictures)
        And lastly, what a courageous prediction, because apple has never based the same iphone and ipod iterations on the same basic hardware.
        You sir are a genius

      • Dave

        You are right about the NGP. It is a much better gaming rig than the iPad 2. However, unless you plan to use your phone as a computer...the dual core iPhone 5 will be more than powerful enough.

        I do think the Atrix is on to something. A year or two from now the iPhone could replace a laptop with a docking station. Imagine how seemless it could be with iOS. Just supply a screen and keyboard and you are ready to roll. All your data all the time with cloud based services.

        That is the future.

    • Wisedude

      NGP has Quad CPU and Quad GPU which means it can have twice as much on screen at once and all kinds of fancy special effects going on.

      So it's not on par and on top of that the developers will put a lot more effort into the NGP . Still I'm sure even with two chips ipad 2 will be impressive enough.

    • spiffyone

      Different markets. What you're stating is akin to stating that since PCs are more powerful and can run more varied types of software, no one will buy PS3,360 or Wii. And that's just silly. People once thought way back in the early '80s that convergence would occur and folks would give up home consoles for PCs and, guess what? Didn't really happen (there were some "blips" here and there, mostly in Europe, and the Crash, but people were still buying loads of game consoles)

      Now I'm seeing a repeat of that with regard to the mobile platform market and the portable game system market. People seem to actually think these two different markets are directly competing with each other and that the former will "take over" the latter.

      Not going to happen. There's still, and always will be, a significant consumer base for dedicated systems.

    • Anonymous

      What? No. The NGP is at least 2X faster than this in the graphics sense. This has a dual core GPU and a dual core CPU. NGP has both as quad core, but the same cores, etc.

      So roughly doubly as powerful.

      Also NGP gives low level hardware access. Devs don't have to make games through Apple's OpenGL emulation, they can directly code for the GPU which si far more efficient.

      • Kunalgyl

        Its CPU is based on a very different architecture, and due to its nature each core will in all likelihood have a very low clock speed. Secondly we don't know how many cores ipad GPU has. It could be single it could be 8. Apple is a majority stakeholder in imagination studios, so will most probably used an SGX VR543MP2/4
        Also you are comparing the wrong devices. A gaming device (monster) with a Tablet which games as an extra feature. Its a productivity and content creation/sharing/viewing product. Most will probably end up buying both.

  • Sinnical

    Looks nice. I'll be waiting for the iPad 3 before I upgrade. So it's safe to say the iPhone 5 will be dual core?

  • Steverd

    Is there any preorders?
    Looks like you can't order until March 11th?
    Isn't that the same day that the stores get them?

  • Sanuku

    Still no

  • Anonymous

    I'm going to get one (my first ipad, not an upgrade), but I'm very unsure of which model to get. 32 GB or 64 GB? WiFi-only or WiFi+3G (the latter I'd have to get 32 GB, most likely)? Then, of course, Black or White? Argh! I kind of wish there were only one model/color. 🙂

    • Wortek

      Take black and 32 3G. That's simple.