Back in December, Hudson somewhat surprisingly released an emulator app for their cult-classic 16-bit console TurboGrafx-16. This emulator, called the TurboGrafx-16 GameBox [Free], features a free-to-download shell that includes the full game of World Sports Competition and houses a hefty selection of other titles that can be unlocked via in-app purchase for $2.99 each. There's also one new rotating tile per day that gives you a chance to play that particular game for 10 minutes, up from the initial 3 minutes offered on the app's release, as a sort of demo to decide if you want to purchase the full version.

We really liked the TurboGrafx-16 GameBox in our review, noting that its virtual controls were about as good as they come on an iOS device that emulates games designed for physical controls and a favorable save system ensured that you could retry tricky sections easily without causing too much frustration. The initial selection of games available for in-app purchase in the TurboGrafx-16 GameBox featured a range of very good to mediocre titles, with a couple of must-haves like Bonk's Adventure, Ninja Spirit, or R-Type. Today Hudson has released an update for the TurboGrafx-16 GameBox that adds 5 new titles to the in-app catalog which are listed below:

  • Bonk's Revenge by Hudson Soft
  • Detana!! TwinBee by Konami
  • Kaizouchoujin Shubibinman by NCS/extreme
  • Double Dungeons by NCS/extreme
  • Benkei Gaiden by Sunsoft

Like a few of the games in the initial release of TurboGrafx-16 GameBox, 3 of the 5 new titles are the PC-Engine versions of the game, the Japanese counterpart to the TurboGrafx-16. As such, their menus, dialogue, and instruction manuals are entirely in Japanese with no option for an English version. For a game like Detana!! TwinBee this isn't as much of an issue, as it's just a vertical shooter and knowing what's going on is secondary to blasting stuff out of the sky. But in the case of Benkei Gaiden, it's a heavily dialogue-driven RPG which will be hard to enjoy if you aren't able to read Japanese text.

Also worth noting is that the full version of Bonk's Revenge is currently free to play as part of a special promotion. Seeing as this will likely be the title that most people are interested in, it's a great chance to actually try it out yourself before committing the cash to unlock the full version. Make sure to update your game to the latest version and give Bonk's Revenge a spin and check out the other 4 new titles in the TurboGrafx-16 GameBox.

  • Anonymous

    There's nothing in this update for me, but their attention to this app suggests they'll have Devil's Crush for sale before too long. Crazy that they'd do this on iOS before the PSP (outside Japan), but I'm not complaining!

  • Anonymous

    Double Dungeons should come with a free code for the full Infinity Blade, that's how tortuously bad it was

  • Jim

    Still no iPhone 3G support. No like.

    • Anonymous

      Your phone is old enough for a subsidized upgrade, why not get a $50 3GS or a $200 iPhone 4 for a more productive way to get what you want?

    • Anonymous

      Cause Iphone 3g is garabage...Has hardly any ram to work with..and its slow.

  • Ryan Holloway

    Final Lap Twin please!

  • Stlredbird

    Add Windjammers and Neo Golf and I'm sold!

  • Phil Baxter

    Curious choices for new games.

    Still hoping we'll get Akumajou Dracula X Chi no Rondo sometime, and also Star Parodia and maybe even Sapphire.

    • John Hood

      Phil, Seconded. Hopefully with an English translation, too.

      • Phil Baxter

        Translations would be unlikely given that this is just a basic emulator, but we can always dream... and if we're talking pie in the sky stuff, I'd love Snatcher on my iPhone.

    • Ravenvii

      I will **** bricks if that happens.

  • GivinTheBusiness

    If they add Final Lap Twin I'm 100% in on this. Miss that game. 🙁

  • Soul of Wit

    This will be the first thing that I download when I upgrade my iDevice.

    I second two comments above:
    1. Avoid Double Dungeons
    2. Bring on Devil's Crush

  • boogermcpootersnot

    Call me when you have Turrican.

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe you all are falling for this scam...2.99 a game is a fucking rip off. For that price I buy a real game on App Store.

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe you all are falling for this scam...2.99 a game is a fucking rip off. For that price I buy a real game on App Store.

    • Phil Baxter

      Oh come off it. Some PC Engine games are great, and better than virtually everything on the app store. If Akumajou Dracula X appears on the PCE emu it will be *the* best game on the iPhone.

      • Anonymous

        Anything that was ported from an arcade to a crappy console sucks. Most if not all those turbografx games where ports of arcade games. I rather pay for a full arcade.

  • marie

    final lap twin !