If you’re looking for some acrobatic reptile fun this weekend, head on over to the App Store where Hurdle Turtle [Link] has gone free for today, Saturday the 19th, only. Hurdle Turtle is an endless running game with cute pixel graphics and retro chip-tunes that launched last November. The initial version of Hurdle Turtle was fairly bare bones, with just one environment to run in and one character to play as. Still, something about this silly turtle doing double front flips over hurdles while running faster and faster down a track captured the hearts of both myself and fellow TouchArcader Eli Hodapp.

Then in December, Hurdle Turtle was updated to version 2.0 with a ton of new features, and the whimsy of this game could be ignored no more. We promptly reviewed version 2.0 which featured 3 different environments and 11 turtle characters to choose from. These were tied to a clever unlock system based on distance ran, which gave a more compelling reason to continue playing beyond just reaching a higher score. Game Center and OpenFeint are used in tandem for online leaderboards and achievements.

Check out this new trailer developer Holmade Games put together that shows off the new features of Hurdle Turtle 2.0:

With today’s free promotion, Holmade Games is running a contest over on their blog that will result in Hurdle Turtle swag for some lucky winners if the game can reach the top 50 free games chart. While the allure of free Hurdle Turtle gifts is strong, at the very least everybody should give this game a download while it’s free. It doesn’t do anything drastically different from your average endless runner, but it’s well put together, cute, silly, and most importantly fun. There’s a discussion thread in our forums for the game, and make sure to grab Hurdle Turtle while it’s free for the rest of today.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome!! Cant wait to give this a try. Vie had to scrimp and save over the last few months and had to pass on this, glad I was finally able to snag it! Cool beans for the devs, glad I can be a part of helping them get in the top 50!

    • Fgujuhkgjf

      Spot the dev pimping his own game...

      Free but still shit. Jump off the retro 8-bit bandwagon already.

      I pass.

      • http://www.lukezbihlyj.co.uk/ Luke Zbihlyj

        Actually, I'm the dev, and I have no idea who this guy is. Don't go disrespecting others just because you don't like the game.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Lord-Gek-Jordan/1559737263 Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    So other than the different graphical themes, are there any actual differences in the courses? I mean don't the moose serve the identical purpose to the brick walls in the first course?

  • Rick

    Love freebies! This, however, was garbage!

  • Peter Marquardt

    I love retro themed games with simple game mechanics. However it escapes me how anybody could find it fun playing this game for more than 5 minutes let alone engaging. The music is pretty cool though, I'll hand them that.

    I regret having listened to your advice, Jared. If it weren't free today, I'd also have regretted spending money on it.

  • SDelVecchioC

    a turtle isn't a reptile...

  • TheTheory

    Amusing. Definitely worth the download to try. I like the graphical stylings and music. A fairly solid take on the infinite running game.

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    glad I was finally able to snag it! Cool beans for the devs, glad I can be a part of helping them get in the top 50!