Fans of CAVE’s manic shooters get ready for some exciting news. The developer has just announced over their Twitter that their next iOS game will be none other than the oft-requested Deathsmiles. Deathsmiles is a departure from their traditionally vertical scrolling shooters, like Espgaluda II [$8.99/Lite] and Dodonpachi Resurrection [$8.99/Lite], and scrolls horizontally. However, the intense bullet hell, humongous bosses, and general over-the-top nature of their games is present.

We literally have zero information on what the iOS version will contain, but check out this trailer for the Xbox 360 Deluxe Edition that was just released in Europe to get an idea of what Deathsmiles is all about:

Keep your eye on this space as we expect CAVE to send out an official press release detailing their upcoming launch of Deathsmiles, but we were so excited for the news that we just had to get the announcement out there. CAVE is currently showing off the game in playable form at a media event in Japan, and they have also announced that a new mode called Bug Battle will be coming to their excellent dual-stick shooter Mushihimesama Bug Panic [$4.99/Lite] soon, and we’ll have details on this as well just as soon as we get them.

Update: As was posted in the Upcoming Games thread in our forums and thanks to the blog, we now have some screens from  Deathsmiles for the iPhone. Without further ado, take a look:

Over at that same blog, there are a few shots of the new Bug Battle mode for Mushihimesama Bug Panic. This new mode will make available multiplayer locally over Bluetooth or online via 3g or Wifi:

We'll have more details on these developments from CAVE once they've officially sent out some info. In the meantime enjoy the screenshots and keep your eye on TouchArcade and the Upcoming Games forum for the latest on Deathsmiles and the multiplayer update for Mushihimesama Bug Panic.

[Via Andriasang]

  • SecretMoblin

    Does CAVE ever sleep?

    What a wonderful company. And what great games! According to an interview they did with 1UP, it sounded like the sales of their iOS games were better than expected, which bodes well for continued support of the platform.

  • Sandersjunk

    Now if they will just release HD versions. Would be so sweet on my iPad......

    • Anonymous

      They've said they need more RAM* iPad 2 perhaps.

      *Makes me wonder if they've messed with higher res sprites on iPhone 4s.

  • Cstark331

    That trailer gave me an insane headache.

  • TheTheory

    I just bought this for the 360. Bullet hell games usually confuse me, but this one looked charming so I couldn't resist the relatively cheap console price tag. Haven't actually had time to play it yet, but it's going to be on my weekend agenda, for sure.

    • Anonymous

      It might confuse you more than the usual bullet hell game actually. You have two shot buttons (left and right), and stuff comes from both sides, and I think top and bottom too. It also has some weird lock on shot mechanic that differs with each character.

      I'm experienced with shooters and it still confused me. Pretty fun once you start to get the hang of it though.

  • Don04091975

    Insta-Buy once it comes out. Anything Cave does is worth buying.

  • 222

    I've been buying every cave game: Espgaluda 2, Dodonpachi, Mushihimesama bug panic.

    I will buy this one too. Cave has been such an awesome company. And their quality of games is just so beyond other iphone games!

  • Fujibayashi

    This will simply be another CAVE Masterpiece, and even knowing nothing about it I wouldn't hesitate to purchase it the minute it's available. CAVE can do no wrong. Oh, if only they'd port their shooter GUWANGE!!! DEATHSMILES looks like it'll be awesome nevertheless - its bosses are featured in a few YouTube "Most Diffiicult Boss Battles Ever" lists, and even when you think DoDonPachi took bullet hell as far as it could go, DEATHSMILES looks like it takes bullet hell to 11. Can't Wait.

  • gee

    coool, it looks awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Deathsmiles is a day one for me, as has been the case for all their iOS games, and awesome news about the Bug Panic update! I can't wait to try out that online multiplayer.