I'm not entirely sure what to say about all this. On one hand, I'm a massive Monty Python and the Holy Grail fan, on the other, I'm terribly tired of Angry Birds [99¢] clones. That being said, Monty Python has existed since the late 1960's and has built of a fairly fantastic reputation for amazing parody over the years, so if anyone can put a funny spin on the Angry Birds formula, it would be them. (Hey, I'm cautiously optimistic.)

In the game, you play the role of the French defending their castle, which should be instantly familiar to anyone who has seen the movie. If this doesn't ring a bell, you should seriously Netflix Monty Python and the Holy Grail immediately, or, I suppose you could just read the synopsis on IMDB (although that doesn't seem like much fun). In the game, you'll be able to fend off the daffy English knights (with the "k" pronounced, of course) in 80 different levels. Your ammo consists of six different types of farm animals, and it sounds like you can even upgrade your catapult.

I have no clue whether or not Monty Python's Cow Tossing will be any fun or not when it actually launches, but I'm hopeful. Admittedly, it really does have the odds stacked against it in the fact that it's not only a game based on a movie (which often can be the video game kiss of death) but it's also an Angry Birds knock-off. Hopefully they're able to cram enough Monty Python humor in to the game that it's at least funny to play. I've got my fingers crossed, anyway.

  • http://hackmodford.wordpress.com/ Brandon Butler

    I love how the physics in the game make no sense 😛

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Yeah, originally I was going to comment on the gameplay shown in the video... But I think the physics being insane might be part of the design!

    • Seishu

      Just like the physics of swallows carrying coconuts...

  • flipflop

    will be interesting to see how it does. How'd you come across it Eli?

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Saw it during the International Mobile Gaming Awards first round of judging, it's been on my short list of things to post since then.

  • Honky-tonk

    Pretty sure I saw an unladen swallow; I'm in.

  • http://twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott Colbert

    They made a couple of good PC games in the late '80s based on their movies and tv show so I have no doubt this'll be fun.

  • Anonymous

    First person to cry clone gets various stagnant fluids in the face.

  • Lukwtwz

    Once the file size is confirmed, we should be able to get a rough idea of how funny it will be.

  • Mr. Reeee

    Maybe I'm NOT the only person who doesn't like Anrgy Turds? Especially all the spin-offs, projected movies, toys and all. I supposed they better cash in before everyone ignores it.

    This looks like Monty Python will be jabbing at them with a pointed stick!

    I had the Mac version of a Monty Python game way back. Don't really remember it, but I have all their movies and entire TV series on DVD! It's still incredibly funny 40 years later!

    • KHRoN

      I don't like Angry Birds too (not to mention any existing similar-mechanics game)...

      But I believe I'll get hooked on this one - it's so absurd that it is overkillingly funny 😀

      Also I love all of Monty Python sketches 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/shahness Andrew Shah

    Fetchez la vache!

  • Anonymous

    And now for something completely different ...or maybe not. 😉

  • Deadchinesegiraffe

    Angry Birds popularised a "whole new genre"...if you are tired, what will be later ? many many many many more more or less, adaptive or copycat AB like games will come, im sure. Do you know the casual space ? The "hidden objects" games made an insane exploding as a new genre. In 2006 some people said, "hidden object games are dead", just becouse they was tired on after the first few clones of the first bigfish ho game, MCF:Huntsville. After that in the last 5 years they and hundreds of other companies made tens of millions on boring, tired hidden object games, and a whole new sub-industry was established on the populatity of HO games. The secret word is: the people still need it !

    Hey, the AB mechanics at least not boring 🙂

    • Henry

      As long as there are sheep to buy, provide the grass LOL

  • Moistproduction

    Wasn't Crush the Castle before Angry Birds?

  • Moistproduction

    Wasn't Crush the Castle before Angry Birds?

  • blackHorse

    Oh you mean Crush the Castle?