Here’s a curious move you can benefit from: Developer Recluse Industries has offered up its latest title Survelliant [Free] , a 3D stealth game that has you avoiding CCTV cameras, for free on launch day. The game is a reinvention of Geoff Crammond's eerie and unique 1986 classic The Sentinel. For the next 24 hours you can download the game at no cost, risking little more than hard drive space, which can be reclaimed quite easily if you’re not a fan.

But, hey, you might like it. The game is getting decent traction on our forums and the developer is indeed active in the thread. A couple of people have pointed out that the controls aren’t the greatest thing since 35 calorie bread, but Recluse seems very open to the idea of re-tuning and tweaking in an effort to please. My suggestion is just to try it yourself and keep the game around because, dude, it’s free.

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone tell how the hell you play the game? haha what a frustrating trailer.

  • Juz

    Well, if I am reading the preview right, it's a SENTINEL clone!
    I loved me some Sentinel from the old C64 days.

  • Scottish_usa

    Anyone thats been playing games since the 8-bit era will immediately recognize this game as The Sentinel, popular back in the day on the Commodore 64, BBC micro and ZX Spectrum. One of my favorite games of that generation, going to download this immediately :)))

    • Anonymous

      Oh yes. Loved that on the speccy.

      Guess this counts as a recommendation for me!

  • Xeno

    Fun game! Control suggestion: tap to walk forward, auto-climb boxes.

    • Scottish_usa

      That would completely miss the point. This game is meant to be played like a chess board, with a piece you move by picking land you can see. You need to get to the highest point by choosing a path which avoids being detected.

  • me123

    Not bad. Using the camera button on first level before I al told to, freezes the app. (3GS, 4.2)

    • Recluse

      Thanks, for the bug note. It's been noted on the game's description in iTunes and has been fixed in the soon to be released free / lite version. The full version will be fixed for the next update!

  • Nickmorgs

    I'm confused. Can you climb the boxes or not ?

    • Scottish_usa

      Think of it as a board game, not an FPS. You have to get to the highest point in the map to take out the camera. To do that you have to pick a path that gets higher and higher while avoiding being seen. You move by transporting via jumps. You can only jump to squares in which you can see the top surface. This is the trick in the game, you need to pick which square you move to next based on elevation and where the camera is looking.

  • Guntharpo

    It's not currently free on the Australian App Store, even though its description claims it is.

    • Grepochris

      Seems to only be free in some areas... not free in Japan either

  • Wingkeeho

    controls are annoying...FAIL...

  • Jerlyndr8

    Not free in US either. Maybe the 24hour time period is over..

    • Recluse

      The app was free for the first 24 hours on release, then automatically became paid according to Apple's timing. More people further east missed the free period as the news wasn't out until late in the day.