Most everyone who owns an iOS device has heard of Fruit Ninja by now. The definitive fruit slicing game debuted in April of last year, quickly rose up the ranks, and has maintained a steady position in the top of the App Store charts ever since. Fruit Ninja has been downloaded and enjoyed by millions of people, but I don't think any of those millions have taken their passion for the game quite as literally as the comedy group The Misunderstoods.

As Kotaku has pointed out, two members of that group have decided to try and find out what it would be like to be a "fruit ninja" in real life. Or perhaps they just couldn't afford an iOS device and wanted to join in on the fun. Either way, the results are pretty hilarious.

Note: Both of these videos contain shirtless dudes and a couple of naughty words. Either of these things may not be suitable for your current viewing location. You have been warned.

Oh, hey there, pretty funny right? Since you seem to have made it past our first set of warnings, let me offer up one last one for you: Kids, don't try this at home. You don't need to be messing around with knives, destroying your mother's groceries and making a mess in the garage. Leave that to the professionals. For a safe way to be a fruit ninja, grab a copy of the game if you haven't already, as it's one of the most solid purchases you can make on the App Store.

[Via Kotaku]

  • kevlar


  • Hackmodford

    Awesome LOL That was great!

  • Mr Jack


  • Pelagrin

    We cut thrown potatoes in my Koryo Gumdo (korean swordfighting) class. It's always fun stuff! We've never videoed it though. I'll have to set up my camera next time we do it.

  • Jim

    Wow. Wasteful. I hope they ate all that fruit afterwards.

  • Adams Immersive

    I thought he was going to yell THIS IS SPARTA! and attack the fruit in slow motion. I am disappointed.

  • andrzej raczynski

    had to keep myself from LOLing at work 🙂 good stuff.

  • Lukwtwz

    These kinds of videos have value in helping to reaffirm that, no matter how lame you think you are, there's always someone lamer.

  • Whoamiagain

    Wheres the "Do not try at home"?

  • Cristiano Fernandez

    Too Funny indeed!
    Lol!! THIS IS SPARTAAAA!!!!! LOL!!!!

  • Java

    All that fruit could have gone to starving African babies...but no...lets throw it some fat guy instead. Silly heads.

    • Sumatori

      Yeah, but no one gives a shit about startving African babies. 😀

    • Talkarounditok

      Is this 1980 with we are the world? Haven't we moved on to places like Haiti and India?

  • Richard

    Ninja #1 is HOT. He could slice my fruit anytime.

  • Ron_headcase

    I didn't see any bombs. This is not Fruit Ninja!

    • a Martin

      Zen mode? 🙂

  • Christopher Guest

    Congratulations. This is the funniest thing I've seen today.


    These guys should do one for Angry Birds... I wanna see how far they can fly...

    • Rtyper

      You want them to catapult themselves at helpless farmyard animals?I have a feeling that wouldn't go down so well with several human and animal rights groups 😛

      • Mark Siragusa

        It should happen just because of them

  • backtothis

    This was pretty badass, no lie.

  • Matt Banner

    Fruit ninja is now out on the Blackberry. And it is being called the ninja fruit bash.It has a storyline so i am sure we ll be seeing more of these kind of videos for that game as well.

    Here is the link to the full description and review:

  • J Massoni

    Too awesome!