Remember the ad that Sony released a few months ago starring their new PSP spokesman Marcus promoting the PSP's lineup of various $9.99 games? If you were too busy texting your grandma, as the ad suggests, here's what you missed:

Following this video, Be Rad Entertainmen sprang to action and began working on Lame Castle [99¢], the game that Marcus mocks. The game is a typical see how far you can run to the right survival game like Robot Unicorn Attack [$1.99] with both pre-made levels, endless mode, a host of unlockables, and Game Center support. It's packed with cute-looking graphics, a scoring system that involves ramming in to things, and promises of more levels and game modes to come.

If you're the kind of person who gets involved in heated console arguments with friends, Lame Castle is something you should probably have on your device to fuel the fire.

  • Theorioles33

    Those lame commercials have gone the way of the dinosaur already.

  • Anonymous

    Ninety-nine cents, sucka!

  • Pobre Gizmo

    The funniest thing about this commercial is that the iPhone guy looks like he probably has a job, and neither the backpack nor bus ride to be hauling around a psp or playing it in public. Seems like and odd angle. Are they trying to sell to Marcus's classmates, or to the unhip, uncool iPhone user on his way to work/college? Strange all around.

  • Peter

    Why does Marcus talk like a racial stereotype? Why does he not know how to wear a hat?

    Yo mudda f'a! Why you be dat way? Niggas in da house don lik it!

    • Qwerty

      how do u talk in a racial stereotype...there is no right or wrong way to how u talk or wear a hat, if anything was stereotypical it's that dumb*ss comment of urs

      • Chris Flores

        Wow, you just contradicted yourself. Nice going.

      • Anonymous

        $9.99, SUCKA!

      • Jeff

        Fake as the Holocaust.

    • tsharpfilm

      "Yo mudda f'a! Why you be dat way?" He didn't even sound that bad... He said "your grandma", not "yo grandma." Aside from a couple "ain'ts", I thought he spoke just fine.

    • b0x0fc4

      As soon as I saw the embedded YouTube vid w/the black kid Marcus for PSP, I automatically told myself, "::sigh:: There's going to be an ignorant idiot who's going to make an ignorant comment," and I was right: that ignorant idiot is you. And for the record, if you're mocking stereotypical ebonics or hip hop-speak, "n----- in da house" doesn't even make sense...moron.

    • Anonymous

      If a white guy wore his hat like that, what would be the first thing you'd think?
      "What a wigger! He's just trying to act black."
      ........the way he's wearing that hat is completely moronic.

      And although his actual wording isn't stereotypical, the way that he talks certainly is. The only reason he didn't say what YOU said, Peter, is because he's only a kid still.

  • Tower Defender

    Lol Lame Castle gets free advertising from that commercial hahaha.

    • tsharpfilm

      Haha. I know, right. What clever move by Be-Rad Entertainment.

  • Battle Born

    haha that's pretty good

  • Jckenli19

    Haha that commercial is an epic fail...Didn't stop Epic from making Infinity Blade or Gameloft from making NOVA 2. Idk how FPS's are like on a PSP.

  • pooper

    There are tons of iPhone games that look better than those games he showed...for less than $9.99

    • Stéphane

      I was thinking the same thing. I saw that golf game and thought it looked like Let's Golf... which version 2 is 4.99$ and I think it was 99c over the US Thanksgiving weekend. This add is very ineffective in selling me on a PSP.

      • Sambo110

        But I'm pretty sure Let's Golf is a copy of that game.

      • Anonymous

        Ditto, that's what I thought. I sure as hell wouldn't want to pay ten dollars for that...

    • Decoy Octopus

      The only iphone game with graphics remotely comparable to psp is Infinity Blade and Rage HD.

      • ejjib

        naaahhh.. even mc2 s graphics are like teh same as the psps...

  • Kitfoa

    I think its funny that the last game appears to be Lets Golf, which is also on the Iphone/Ipod touch.

    • Bilal

      Actually its Hot Shots which was probably the game Gameloft copied to make Lets Golf.

      • Jack

        Yeah, Hot Shots is awesome. Let's Golf isn't a bad copy, but it doesn't come close to the original game.

        Lame advert though. Sony used to do such great Playstation adverts as well, but these just seem to be the wet-dream of some sweaty middle aged marketing man.

  • Thomalex89

    It's a stupid comercial because I would think the most people know what kind of games are on the Iphone.

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    So that means Lame Castle was so "Hipster Hip" Sony featured it in its PSP commercial!?

  • WeegieMac

    There are plenty of iPhone games, especially for the iPhone 4, which look on par or better than PSP games, and not just Infinity Blade or Rage HD.

    The original N.O.V.A, with Retina Display support, looks better than any FPS attempted on the PSP. The only two PSP games which really took the platform to another level were God of War and Gran Turismo. No surprise that those games come from two studios whom Sony support extensively.

    It's been Sony's problem since the PS2, they only seem to be able to get the best results from in house or very close third parties with money to burn. Although Gran Turismo 5 on PS3, for a five year project, is a bug ridden, graphical clipping, slowdown riddled, piece of shit.

    • Gbhf

      Actually GT5 is amazing, but your other statements I agree with.

  • Dysmorphic

    Wow, what a circle-jerk for the iPod. It's only an ad so why get defensive about it? To be perfectly honest my Touch and PSP bore me. And to all the people saying " this IPod game looks way better than this PSP one", you have honestly never played a PSP before because they beat Touch games both in graphics and overall depth. Regardless, I thought TA had a less petty community.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Sony,
    Please stop using black people in your commercials, it makes me want to buy your shit even less.

  • thewolf16

    Look at "Infinity Blade" or "Dungeon Defender". Has the PSP a game with this awesome graphic? I think no.

  • thewolf16

    Look at "Infinity Blade" or "Dungeon Defender". Has the PSP a game with this awesome graphic? I think no.

    This commercial is poor from Sony, decry apple´s devices. Make this apple? No!

  • thewolf16

    Look at "Infinity Blade" or "Dungeon Defender". Has the PSP a game with this awesome graphic? I think no.

    This commercial is poor from Sony, decry apple´s devices. Do this apple? No!

    • Bamsemums

      Three times? Really..

      Anyway, they are both great in their own right. I've stopped using my DS and PSP, not because the iPhone is better. Mostly because I only have to bring with me one device, which I also use as my phone and everything else. Dragging around three units just to play a few games is horrible.

  • LOL

    Hahaha sony is advertising for them ;p

  • USB 3G

    Those lame commercials have gone the way of the dinosaur already.