Today we got a chance to try Capcom's upcoming Dead Rising Mobile which is due for release next Thursday. I'm going to reserve most of my comments for our full review which will accompany the official release, but they've given us clearance to do a brief preview piece since we're so excited about the game. Let's start with a little backstory since quite a few of our readers aren't console gamers: Dead Rising for the Xbox 360 in late 2006 (which also recently saw a sequel released). It's a sandbox style game set in a shopping mall which is currently the site of an all-out zombie Apocalypse.

The game had a terrible save system, poor controls, horrible AI, and was generally a little buggy. However, none of this stopped the game from being something that was impossible to put down. Dead Rising was incredibly entertaining, because you could do the missions however you wanted, or just disregard them entirely. The name of the game in Dead Rising was improvised weaponry, and almost anything could be picked up and swung around at zombies. If you wanted, you could exclusively use guns, or dabble in the various melee weapons, or ignore conventional weapons and use only chairs and trash cans to make your way through the game.

Dead Rising Mobile comes packed with all the things that were bad about the original Dead Rising, with some issues that have even been magnified on the device. For instance, the already poor controls are even worse on the touch screen, and the general buggy nature of the Xbox 360 game persists with weird graphical glitches, clipping issues, and crazy camera angles. The objective system isn't very clear, the framerate is low (even on my iPhone 4) and it seems to take forever to load between areas.

The great thing is, none of this seems to matter because the Dead Rising formula is just so much fun. The appeal is hard to explain unless you've actually played it (which makes me hope Capcom eventually releases a lite version), but they've somehow managed to turn this expansive sandbox console game in to a mobile game that comes with enough elements from the original that it doesn't feel like a watered down port at all. The mall that makes up the game world is extensive, and after completing a few missions you begin to remember where the locations of your favorite weapons are, just like the original.

There's something incredibly satisfying about slaying entire swaths of zombies with a chair, running over mad zombies (beastly zombies that are stronger) with a lawn mower, and decapitating entire groups of zombies with an excellent chainsaw-driven spin attack... And just like the console version, you can either choose to follow the various missions, or just explore the mall on your own-- Although, missions seem to award tons of experience, making leveling up difficult if you choose to disregard them.

We're going to be playing through the game more over the next week to provide a more in-depth look when it is finally released on Thursday, but so far we're impressed. Much like the original, if you can overlook the general buggy nature of the game and can deal with some lackluster controls, you're really going to be in for a treat of all out zombie mayhem.

  • x999x

    additionally "horrible" is this game's button placements. Hoping they're customizable, that action button is practically in the middle of the screen.

  • Anonymous

    " if you can overlook the general buggy nature of the game and can deal with some lackluster controls, you're really going to be in for a treat of all out zombie mayhem."

    That sounds like an awful lot to overlook...

    • Eli Hodapp

      Not really, you kind of get used to it like riding a bike with a bent wheel. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      The same was true about the original Dead Rising on the 360.

  • Matthew L.

    What's wrong with the character's head?

    • Gober

      maybe it's small , or Frank has killer body that bigger than the head

  • Pahncrd

    I would be happy as a clam if iDevices pre-3gs would just magically upgrade, so devs can stop using those devices as a graphical and technical target. Because, wow, holy shit that looks awful.

    • Scott Colbert

      Yeah, because it makes sense to ignore what the majority of iDevice owners have.

      • Silentcorp

        Happens on all gaming platforms, you have to cut the old to get to the new!

      • Shiz

        Not when it involves drastically cutting sales

      • Mark

        iOs is still at the end of the day a platform for casual gamers and non-gamers, not hardcore gamers. You can't expect iphones owners to update every year, and if you freeze out all but the latest people are just going to find a different game in a very overcrowded app market.

  • Ecco6t9

    At least there's an admission of issues with the game these days $10 is a small hit to take when a game is crap.

  • ....

    wait how much is it

  • wohdin

    Pretty much the only thing that will sell me on this game is if the dress-up mechanics from the console version remains intact. I NEED FRANK IN A PINK ONE-PIECE TO COMBAT THE ZOMBIE HORDE WITH MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY.

    • Matt


  • Jimmaye

    LOL i like the way how he said the controls were crap and game was buggy however it fricken AMAZING. man even a 8bit dead rising would suck me into playing it for hours. BEST ZOMBIE GAME EVER. once i get this i'll nvr be able to put it down.

  • Shiz

    I cannot fathom how a game with "a terrible save system, poor controls, horrible AI" and bugs can be any fun at all.

    • Sambo110

      The save system was pretty bad, but you got used to it. I didn't find the controls THAT bad, and considering you're fighting a ton of zombies (sometimes hundreds on screen at once), I really don't think they need amazing AI. But this obviously only applies to the 360 version.`

    • Anonymous

      I couldn't look past the issues and thought it wasn't that fun... But apparently I'm the only one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Assassin

    will it include the whole map from dead rising Xbox 360 ?

  • Dr Doom

    It's okay for it to have bad AI, theyre zombies ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Twobobwatch

    As usual, I'll wait and see what the reviews say. If it's flawed in the same way as the original, then I'll most likely pass on it. After getting burned on DR2 I'm much less enthusiastic to spend my money on this franchise.

    I have no doubt that this will get amazing reviews regardless of how bad it may be. I'm really hoping that this "preview" is taken to heart by the developer and they address the already obvious flaws. But I don't see how the review would change too much from the preview since the game releases next Thursday.

    I just hope that gamers out there are willing to give this game the proper score it deserves. If we continue to score flawed games with high ratings, then we only encourage developers to release bad games

    Please please please let this game be great!,,,

  • Jon

    So the game got bad control,clipping issue, bad camera, long loading screen, bad ia, bad framerate and its ganerally buggy

    That a hell of a preview...but still it s fun ... WTF
    Sound like fanboy rent on gametrailer ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ecco6t9

    It shows integrity to actually bash a preview version of a game. Most sites these days say zero bad things, you buy the game the day it comes out, and then bad reviews pour in.

    "When we previewed it we had these issues and they weren't fixed." and that's due to know one saying anything.

  • Ranaman

    "The game had a terrible save system, poor controls, horrible AI, and was generally a little buggy."

    Never ran into a bug, and besides that, the game was perfectly fine, except for Survivors being sometimes dumb and running directly into Zombies.

    Nice way to describe a game that is the closer experience to a Zombie Outbreak Simulation we had ever. =/