Back to the Future is one of the finest movie trilogies ever made, second only to maybe Star Wars, but only if you completely disregard the existence of the prequels. Because of this, it stands to reason that the episodic Back to the Future: The Game series will also be finest pentalogy ever made. Sure, my logic may be faulty (OK, it probably is) but either way I couldn't be more excited for Telltale Games' take on the Back to the Future universe which is coming to a bundle of different platforms including the iPad.

Check out the newly released trailer:

We don't have any more specifics on the game right now aside from the few snippets that have already been revealed on the Back to the Future: The Game web site. It's scheduled to be released on the PC and Mac this month, with the PSN and iPad versions coming "later." How much "later" they're coming isn't clear right now, but that's as specific as Telltale is willing to get.

Hopefully we won't have to wait too long, as adventure games like this have been absolutely amazing on the iPad, and I really can't wait to try this one.

  • thewiirocks

    You know, they never did finish releasing the Sam & Max season of games on the iPad. Checking the app store, the first episode continues to live on by its lonely self. Here's to hoping that BTTF will receive better treatment.

  • Saf

    I so freaking hate trailers without ingame sequences grr

  • Chester

    The eighties had the best movies.

    This game is going to rock!!! Wish it was actually Fox doing the voice-over but the sound-a-like fooled me initially. 😀

  • VULTR3

    Haha, oh TellTale Games and their "episodic" game concept. I don't buy it. I bet double down on red that this is going under the radar pretty quick after it releases.

    • HawkEyeTS

      The iPad releases aside, all their other episodic game series' have been completed, and unlike say Valve with their Half Life episodes, they've released on time as well. With a franchise with as much nostalgia factor, seemingly hitting all the right places if the trailer is any indication, I think it'll do just as well as their other games, if not more so. Personally, I'm extremely excited to see what they've come up with.

  • Uberarcade

    The first Back to the Future was a pretty good movie but to call it one of the finest movie trilogies is a stretch. Regardless does anybody really want a game based on this? Seems like this is out of nowhere and probably just made to help hype the movies being released on Bluray. The movie setting doesn't lend itself to a good game. Go play the NES game and see how much fun that was.

    • Thaurin

      It's an adventure game. Of course the setting lends itself well to this.

  • Mageguru

    Well from the trailer, it seems you are going back to 1931, which is probably about when doc was Marty's age

  • Jim

    Fun Fact: Corey Hart was first pick for the role of Marty but his manager convinced him he'd be more successful if he focused on his music. Hindsight is 20:20.


      I think Corey would be better for that role than the guy they actually took.

  • Bob Sirot

    another movie, please.

  • montreal

    there,s definitly a lot of effort invested in the trailer

    i just hope the gameplay can match, rare in a movie title for there to be any depth,
    i hope i get pleasantly surprised.

  • Cainesinmyhead

    I love how they intend to sell this game for the iPad format, but you follow the link to their web page, and they're using Flash so you can't see anything about the game first hand.

    That's no reflection on the potential quality of the game, but it does speak to how seriously TellTale wants my business.

  • Sterkilli1701

    "...but only if you completely disregard the existence of the prequels," Prequel hater!

  • MagnetiCat

    Very ugly character design and animation. Looks kinda creepy.

  • Sohnnysdream

    can you get this on your ipod touch