Japanese developer Kairosoft was as surprised by the reception of the English iOS port of Game Dev Story as you were by its quality. "It made us happy to know that people had the same feeling about game making," the developer told us in a recent interview we conducted in collaboration with App Bank, "imagining a game that you liked playing, developing it inside [an actual] game and enjoying looking at the sales records." But as veterans of the game are aware, success necessitates a sequel -- there's no time to be surprised or enjoy the fruits of triumph. So, yes, we'll see Game Dev Story 2 in the US for iOS at some point, Kairosoft confirmed with us. Just not "soon."

"We will be developing a sequel, but we are not planning on releasing it soon," a spokesperson at the developer said. "We are thinking of improving the game by adding elements of networking in the sequel, such as sales score rankings and sending employees to a friend’s company, etc."

Because of the language barrier, the history of the Game Dev Story franchise has been hard for us to pick up on. Here's what's important: The original game, the one we just played this year on iOS, was released for the PC back in 1996. Game Dev Story 2 was released for the PC in, roughly, 2000, meaning that Game Dev Story 2 iOS will be a port just like the original Game Dev Story was. It's not a "new" game technically.

As for what's holding up a Game Dev Story 2 for iOS? At least one other simulation game, one that tackles a well-known genre: the City. "The next iPhone App will be a CMS game like SimCity, where you touch to scroll, zoom in/ out, etc," Kairosoft said.

And chances are we'll see this game as a localized release, much like the original Game Dev Story. In fact, Kairosoft said it would "like to release English versions" of all its upcoming iOS titles, of which there are many according to the Kairosoft website. Obviously, we're stoked to see whatever they have in store for us, though nothing can come soon enough. Someone get those guys some Red Bull already! We need something to do at the gym.

[Translation work was generously provided to us by Yasuaki over at App Bank. Thanks so much, sir!]

  • Pep

    Hell yes!
    This game is one of those addicting games u just cant delete from ur device, no matter what.
    I've been playing this game from day one, and still am, just to try and beat my old sales record (as far if that is possible!)
    Im really looking forward for the sequel!

  • Pieter Steenssens

    I NEED dev story 2!

  • Daninski

    I'd love it to go universal...

  • iloveyourMOMalot

    please for the love of god i hope they don't focus too much on the network/social aspect of this game.

  • Justanotherfriend

    my hope for gds2

    - a competitor section with their games, releases, etc. this is a big wish.
    - better advertising section and explanation of how it affects hype, famous, if it does. it seems redundant to advertise different mediums when they don't add up, just take the place of one.
    - more in-depth everything like different conventions, concentration at conventions. more reason to why these exist?
    - more jobs and ability to do mulitiple projects at once and split teams.
    - why do my damn people keep leaving the seat and talking to others? which jobs hang out with which jobs?
    - what trait is best for CREATIVITY?
    - landscape mode. looks way too much like a direct port. needs POLISH like my games do in-game.
    - explanation of direction and what they do.
    - a section for reputation and where it gets decreased or improved by failing to finish goals/projects.
    - ability to retire your own consoles.
    - longer gameplay than 20 years (reason why so other consoles can be retired too.
    - set prices for your games.
    - make it clearer when and WHY some people cannot perform certain functions
    - ability to save.
    - make it clearer regarding directional/motivational use item.

  • Sticktron

    Great news.
    I have a ModKit ready for this game, but the designer disappeared.
    -Real companies, systems and games
    -Real people (eg. Steve Jobs should be named Steve Jobs, be bald on top and wearing black turtleneck and jeans.)

    If anyone is interested in completing the project, let me know. You need to be able to slightly re-draw or re-colour pixel-graphic sprites.

    • Huard Olivier

      Hi, i'm a french pixel artist and your idea sounds great 🙂 could you tell me more about it ?

  • Sticktron

    ^^ The great news is GDCo. 2, not the mod.

  • Noah

    Well, has anyone played the PC version of Game Dev Story 2?

  • http://twitter.com/Quantum_Sheep Quantum Sheep

    I absolutely adored the first one - I played it for 18 hours straight! Genius and charming!

    QS 😀

  • Ryan

    If they don't release the sequel soon let's just say their popularity in the male 21-31 year old age bracket will be dropping! Better keep up that lunar writing.

    • Haterrsuck224


  • Jas

    It needs to be iPad native. The big screen will benefit it.

  • HyphyCus

    Tired of ports. Be original!

    • HawkEyeTS

      Yes, because a port of an awesome game we've never played before isn't worth releasing on a platform it works well on. I didn't even know it was a port and had a blast, thinking it was a new iOS developed game. The knowledge that it's an old game translated and re-released in no way effects my enjoyment of the game. Bring on the sequel and anything else they may have to offer IMO.

  • Idontlikethispostsystem

    They delay Game Dev Story 2 for yet another sim city? That's the most horrific thing I have read since a long time. I wonder why lost time in developing the 1000th sequels of Sim City. 🙁

    • Michael

      But if they release too many games of the same type in a row, they'll lose fans. xD

      But seriously, yes I agree we don't need another city simulation. Unless it has awesome pixel art and has game dev story-like mechanics.

      • Noah

        OMG. That reply was genius!

      • Idontlikethispostsystem

        Lol yes funny, 🙂 But in case of Sim City clone as there will be one similar released at same date they'll lost sells, it's not much better. 🙂

        Even with awesome pixel art I don't care of one more Sim City clone. You can't have the RPG element at level of a city. Tropico had every character personalized but it's far to be like management of few characters.

      • http://www.facebook.com/dannythefool Daniel Fischer

        That's even what happened to the original Sim City. Or does anyone seriously play Societies? Na, 2k or SC4 is where it's at...

      • Lord Venom

        In the first Game Dev, making too many games with the same genre will kill your fan base, so I guess this happens in real life too

  • E_Domina

    hmmm. never knew it was for pc. think ill try it out

  • John Madden

    I wouldn't go overboard with the features. A good part of why it was so great was its simplicity.

    • Michael

      I agree. Add bigger offices, more game types, more consoles, more awards, more events, just more of everything. Add some features, but don't over do it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jwilliamsoh Jeff Williams

      Not so much to learn... not so many twists and turns to be confusing... simple... clean.,.. fun  AGREED... they add in options and upgrades here and there... you are already used to the game so its easy to pickup one more thing,..... Its perfect... Change it up a bit from time to time, new story line (Grand Prix, Game Dev, etc).... but keep the basics as they are.  AND DON'T get rid of the animated PIXEL characters for HD.... Love HD but its nice to have a change.

  • http://twitter.com/fernandorizo Fernando Rizo

    Touch Arcade, you rock for getting this interview.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Speer/1407361755 Michael Speer

    wow that looks like one messy interface. as much as i love dev story i really think it would be easier to just do a remake for the iphone/ipad

  • Idontlikethispostsystem

    The PC game seems have been released in Japan only, here a reference. The snapshot could be of Game Dev Story 2. http://www.niahak.org/quick-guide-game-dev-story-pc/

    The site mentions has less features than iphone version but it describe features the iphone version doesn't have.

    About developer comment, I feel a very tedious idea to lost time in developing social features.

  • Nathaniel_305

    "Someone get those guys some Red Bull already!"

    Red Bull?? more like "Dead" Bull, amirite? XD

  • Ario

    i'll be waiting for this , hge addict of GDS 1 , but are there any news about yoot tower ?

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  • Mark DeNardo

    i wish kairosoft would release their spa sim

  • Machimina

    this is my wich list
    -ability to make and upgrade your own engine
    -have online multiplayer where people can make their own consoles and put it up in the    community so other can develop for it
    -split your teams to make more than one game at a time
    -more than a 20 year story
    -you get to choose when to move into a new office instead of it popping up randomly
    -able to collaborate with other companies
    -get help from other companies for developing hardware
    -have popular franchises to compete with
    -and more than one save

  • VerteX

    Pretty sure this entire article is false. If you look at Kairosoft's webpage, you will see that Game Dev Story for android/iOS is actually GDS2, just a simplified version. (http://kairosoft.net/pc/gamedev2.html) Thus if they make a sequel, it won't be a "port" as GDS3 hasn't been made for the PC yet. Took me about 10 minutes of looking around to find this information - obviously these so-called articles are just fakes looking for views.

    • Lord Venom

      Or you are a fake looking for praise and attention

  • Game.PN

    Where the hell is Game dev story 2?? It is years