Gameloft is at it again, borrowing popular ideas, concepts, and mechanics from established franchises and dropping them into an iOS release. This time the studio is setting it sights on Naughty Dog's Uncharted series, which has shown other big-time studios how to combine good action, adventure, reality, cinematics, fantasy, and superb writing elements into a single, mind-melting package. The Gameloft game we're referring to is called Shadow Guardian, an upcoming iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch joint whose first trailer has just debuted on the Internet. Check it out for yourself.

The above trailer shows what it needs to: huge and foreign set pieces, a third-person cover-based shooting system, wall scaling, and hand-to-hand combat. It also reveals a protagonist who doesn't quite look like Uncharted's Nathan Drake, but could probably win a medal at a Midwestern fair's lookalike contest.

To be clear, we haven't played Shadow Guardian just yet, so this comparison might be a tad on the unfair side (provided this trailer is being, in turn, unfair to the game, too.) For all we know, Shadow Guardian could be 20 percent Uncharted and 80 percent space combat simulation. However this shakes out, we hope Gameloft manages to put its own spin on these familiar concepts and presentation-styles while keeping the game touch screen-friendly. If so, we could have a very exciting iOS game on our hands.

  • Me

    "Burried" ? Does no one spell check these trailers?

    • Ben Ruddock

      Came here to post this, you beat me to it.

      • Bvazz93

        Yep, I was also gonna ask if anyone else noticed the typo. Seems a little unprofessional...

  • Devin

    It looks lots of fun.

  • Hackmodford

    Oh Boy! And knowing gameloft this is right around the corner 😀

  • O_o

    Too bad, it's from gameloft :(.

  • AL1R3ZA

    WTF?! Another Game from Gameloft...
    sounds cool but we need better graphice...

    • Chernobyl

      I agree, we need better graphice.

      • Anon

        Gameloft have been a let down in the graphice area

      • Charles Albert

        LOLing so hard at the "graphice"

      • lololol

        I think the graphice in this one is quite nice.. check the forums.. 960x640 screens looks great!

      • Charles Albert

        LOLing so hard at the "graphice"

  • SkatealeX2

    Looks awesome. I love games like this on ipad

  • Booch138

    Hmmmm this looks interesting. I love Uncharted 1 & 2, and gameloft does do a good job at ripoffs. Might have to pick this one up. lol

  • Yrogerg212

    Graphics are so disappointing... This makes me want an actual Uncharted game for iOS!

    • Phil Baxter

      Given that the PSP Android phone is being announced early next year, the chances of an iOS version are, I'm afraid, completely zero.

      That doesn't mean Gameloft can steal all Naughty Dog's gameplay though. Being original is incredibly easy, you just need a functioning brain and imagination. Something which sadly Gameloft seem to lack.

  • Anonymous

    I love Uncharted (1&2) so anything similar for the iPhone, is an instabuy! Naughty Dog (quite rightly) would have no interest in actually doing this themselves.

    • Anonymous

      Why? A PSP version of Uncharted 2 was on the table for quite a while.


    Gameloft now using a shaders in their games, and the graphics would be better than previously.
    Look at the new dev diary for Dungeon Hunter 2, game would rocks.

  • Joshua Wyatt

    Come on, this has got to be the most specific rip off for Gameloft yet. There is so much of the few seconds of gameplay that is ripped straight from the Uncharted series. The character, animation, cover system, traversal style, hand-to-hand combat, even the damn aiming reticule.

    When you make games like this, Gameloft, all we notice is how it's a poor compromised mobile game, and not a legitimately awesome original game.

  • The truth hurts

    more cheap ripoff crap from lameloft. but hey, whatever sells, right?

  • septimus

    Another Gameloft rip off.... and when will they realise that iPhone games don't have to use only 24 polygons?

  • Anonymous

    I wish Gameloft could make some original games once in a while.

  • iphone jon

    Until Gameloft does anything wholeheartedly original, I will never buy any of their games.

  • Achy

    All I hear is bitch, bitch, and bitch. Cry me a river ffs. Don't like their games? Don't buy them..simple as that. I bet money over 80% of the people who complained here have at least one game from Gameloft. Way to be a hypocrite. Their rip-offs and ports play a huge role in the appstore, so deal with it.

    • merlinsbeards

      Aren't you the same guy who accused Aralon of stealing WoW icons? Their icon ripoffs play a huge role in their game...

      • Achy

        Yes that would be me. I wasn't accusing anyone, I was merely pointing out that the icons were exactly same, and wondering whether they were going to make new icons or not. I stated in those comments too, that I didn't mind if the icons were exactly the same.

    • Gokunama

      I'd be interested if it wasn't from Gameloft, and yes, I bought a bunch of their games a year ago. I've always been disappointed, and thus no longer buy from Gameloft. That's not being a hypocrite, that's learning you don't like games from a particular developer. Personally don't care if anyone rips off or ports games, if it's good, I'll enjoy it anyways.

      • afterlife

        "a year ago" ," I've always been disappointed, and thus no longer buy from Gameloft."

        Oh, so i'll assume you never played their latest releases like spider-man and modern combat 2 because you think it was crap too... *sigh* Okay, so don't buy then, enjoy casual gaming! 😀

      • Gokunama

        I've looked over the YouTube vids for those. They looked alright, not anything that I'd keep at for a long though.

      • the truth hurts

        lol @ implying that gameloft is somehow "hardcore"

        also lol @ claiming that everything on the appstore apart from gameloft is somehow "casual". i have about 150 apps currently on my computer. most of them are "hardcore" games by any valid definition of the word and only 2 of them are by lameloft.

  • Shauns

    I'm a fan of gameloft and have bought lots of their games - but they need to start being more innovative if they want me to keep spending my money. Rage and the new Lego Harry Potter game have really demonstrated the kind of quality and game play now achievable on the iPhone - Gameloft needs to raise their game.

    • WolfLaser

      Agreed. I would like to see what this studio could do if they built a new game from the ground up.

      That said, I enjoy their clones.

  • E_Domina

    I don't care if Gameloft copies tons of games. They give you an experience on your iPhone.


    God bless Gameloft. At least somebody is making big games for the iphone. The iphone currently has two things going for it: Angry Birds and Gameloft.

    • Phil Baxter

      Nonsense. I'd take games from Cave, id Software, Taito, Capcom, Square-Enix, Firemint, and LucasArts anyday over the derivative clones from Gameloft.

  • Christopher M

    Gameloft have always had a bit of an animation-quality problem. Their characters never seem to be quite in touch with the rest of the scene, and it makes the whole thing look sloppy.
    I notice a bit of this here - especially in the bar-to-bar swinging - but hopefully they've improved it over their past quality levels...

  • andrzej raczynski

    can't say i care who they borrow ideas from, keep making fun games, i'll keep buying them.

  • Anon

    People should stop moaning. Without Gameloft, the iOS gaming experience would be considerably duller and games like Rage would probably never have been released if ID hadn't recognised the money making potential of gaming on iOS devices. This looks like a decent rip off. From the few seconds of gameplay it looks better than the Splinter Cell game which was pretty awful.

  • Gino

    I hope it has good sound and voice acting, the modern combat sounds and acting are very weak.

  • Charles Albert

    Things that Gameloft definitively must do better:

    1) Graphics - gone was the time that Gameloft's games had the better graphics on the platform. They need to keep up with the other major players hitting up the AppStore.

    2) Sound - The sound in Gameloft's games are pretty low quality in overall, countless times i've seen explosions or earthquakes in their games without any sound, spoiling the feeling of certain game moments that should be more expressive.

    3) Plots - Their stories are very low quality. For the good love of GOD, the need to stop making stories so full of cliches and common-places (or work better with them). This, specially for me, lower very much the value of their games.

    I believe that with the increasing quality of the iOS games, they will be forced to up their production quality, or they will be soon cast aside in the market. Me myself don't pay anything above 99 cents for their games, because they're very badly finished.

    Regarding the originality fuss: I rather have a ripoff that plays similar than having nothing at all.

  • angrygamer

    Oh comeon gameloft!!STOP RIPPING OFF GOOD GAMES!This game will NEVER be as awesome as uncharted. i payed for NOVA and Brother in arms and both of them were HORRIBLE!even the multiplayer was horrible. so please stop making rip offs and games with horrible storylines..start making something innovative, gameloft.