This morning TUAW's Richard Gaywood geeked out in a major way. Utilizing Wikipedia's power of warehousing even the silliest statistics combined with some good old fashioned spreadsheeting he totaled up the number of console games in existence and compared it to the number of currently available games on the App Store.

Gaywood admits there are several caveats to his methods, as there is some double dipping taking place on the iOS side of the fence with lite versions and other free versions of games. We ran our own queries based on the AppShopper database and determined that while there have been 51,856 games released on the App Store, and of those games 12,876 include the word "lite" in the name while 6,542 include the word "free". Without freebies, the App Store is home to 32,438 games versus the 17,150 games that have been released on every other video game console ever.

Of course, quantity has no relation to quality, as any veteran of the App Store can tell you that there is no shortage of junk games available for iOS devices. At the same time, there also isn't any dearth of terrible games available for home consoles. These statistics don't include PC or Flash games either, a figure that would be very difficult to come up with considering the complete lack of any kind of release oversight or official repository. The best figure for Flash games likely is NewGrounds and according to them, they have collected "about 40,000" games since the site went live in 1995.

There are many ways you could slice these statistics, but Richard really summed all this up in a way that I think everyone can agree with:

...I still think there is a message here, which is that the App Store is a huge force in gaming. Apple has tapped into a massive market that was previously going largely unfulfilled, and plenty of developers are making piles of cash out of it.

The App Store is an awesome place, and with the pace that the market is growing along with industry giants like EA, Activision and more recently Id and Epic taking the platform seriously, I can't think of a much better gaming device to own right now than a recent iPhone or iPod touch.

[via TUAW]

  • Anonymous

    Granted a lot of these iOS games are rubbish. You could also look at all the free flash games on the PC as well...

    • OneirosSD

      I agree that PC games shouldn't be neglected. Even without free Flash games, the PC market has been home to tons of great games that never made it to any of the consoles.

    • OneirosSD

      I agree that PC games shouldn't be neglected. Even without free Flash games, the PC market has been home to tons of great games that never made it to any of the consoles.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Yes, both of those points were touched on in the article.

      • Cat Astrophy

        This article wasn't worth bringing up because console games are much longer than most iOS games. The overhead is nothing compared to console games. Far more ripoffs/clones than in console games.

        The number of apps are all captain obvious when you take a half second to consider the above and all this does it get people at a first glance to think that iOS is kicking consoles ass.

        Console games are still 10000000000000x better than iOS games until I need to be on the road. Then portable game system games are still 10000x better than iOS games but if I don't want to have to carry around a game system then iOS is the best mobile platform for gaming.

    • Michael A. Robson

      That's like saying 90% of anything is not in the top 10%.

      Bottom line, there are TONS of great iOS games. Apple made it easy for people to get software, and devs are raking it in.

      Remember when you used to have to go to the mall to buy games?

  • Anonymous

    Granted a lot of these iOS games are rubbish. You could also look at all the free flash games on the PC as well...

  • Jeremy Tylanol

    Don't forget that for each reasonable game theres 20 clones too... you can probably divide that whole number by 40 (including the lites, demos and clones)

    • swarmster

      That's true of every system.

      The point, if everyone would take a second and read the article, wasn't really to lord numbers over consoles, but to point out that there are a ton of people who like to make games, and they weren't being served well at all by decades worth of consoles.

      • Jeremy Tylanol

        Its not true of every system at all!!! there simply are not the amount of clones on any console period!

        So with the title of the post being "iOS Offers 3x as Many Games as the Previous 25 Years of Game Systems Combined" and the next thing you see being a big ass graph POINTING that out, you say the point in the article is to say the iPhone has enabled gamemakers around the world to create where as previously they had not been given the opportunity???? Seriously?

        I'm sorry but the app store for customers is not an awesome place, it is an awesome place though to make money out of next to nothing, it is not a place for innovation, it is not a place where you can search for lets say an Adventure game, and actually come up with an adventure game of note, the people lead reviews do not reflect the quality of the games, they are a waste of time, albeit they do affect the charts, so they can not be ignored.. I'm not trying to troll the iOS because I hate it like some fanboy of another brand or OS.. you don't get anywhere by blowing smoke up your own asses, it could be great, but it is not and all this bias gushing does not help it get better.

      • Jeremy Tylanol

        You shouldn't use the reason for something being crappy (too many crapps and clones) as a reason to boast! "Ohh we've got loads of apps... woopy dooo"

      • Eli Hodapp

        Never ever watch an Apple keynote, it would likely leave you frothing from the mouth in rage.

      • Lam

        Take your Adderall

    • Michael A. Robson

      Are you saying there's no clones in the Console space? Have you ever played a FPS before?

      • Cat Astrophy

        Clones in consoles tend to copy a lot of elements of gameplay and feel while iOS clones will literally steal everything but the name.

  • Lam

    The research isn't shocking in the least. Technology is more prolific today than 25 years ago. It's more portable and affordable versus 25 years ago. And with 7 billion people on the planet -- there's more demand. Plus, how long can it take to make an "Angry Birds" game versus the $80 million World of Warcraft.

  • stlredbird

    Is Dick Gaywood his pen name?

  • Idontlikethispostsystem

    Well if you count all PC games released since 25 years and then compare with sum of all games on any console including any phone system including anything on iOS... Well PC games is a sea in term of numbers, the sum of all other is just a glass of water. But yes even more than iOS there large sea of crap.

  • Philosonic

    I was expecting a very disgusting and bias post, but thankfully you noted that QUANTITY HAS NO RELATION WITH QUALITY. Don't get me wrong, I love iOS gaming, but I don't feel this article was relevant other then discrediting the argument of that iOS has a superior game library. Right now it's a decent number of gems in a cesspool, some at the surface other down deep.

  • MattMN

    Looks like they forgot to add in the Game Gear!!! Sega's portable system always gets the shaft!

  • Zman2100

    Yeah 90% of those games are crap. There are obviously a lot of great games on the App store but the majority is awful.

    • Michael A. Robson

      Whereas the bottom 90% of Windows applications are..... Stellar?

  • Splodaddy

    Am I the only one finding it hard to believe there are less than 20,000 games on all of those consoled combines?

    • Splodaddy

      *consoles *combined

  • Whyt Wintrale

    Is the article poster taking the mickey?

    How many of those 32'438 games actually cost more than 59p?
    How many of those 32'438 games are actually worth 59p?

    What kind of moron decided, as their "proof" that real games suck, to link to the Wikipedia article of a 27 year old game? Even linking to Superman 64 would've been preferable to THAT, you know.

    • Eli Hodapp

      This whole thing obviously went right over your head. 🙁

      • tsj5j

        No, this whole thing went right over TA's head.

        I know you guys are pro-iOS, and I love it too, but quoting ridiculously-biased and poorly-backed-up articles only serves to consolidate the view that Apple fans have no reasoning skills beyond accepting Steve Job's advertising.

        You can prove the strength of iOS in other more credible ways.
        For example, by analyzing the number of good (not badly-done clones) games being released and compare their availability (equivalent gameplay) in other platforms. For example, Android doesn't have a racing game as good as Real Racing, but consoles games have racing games which have much more depth.

      • Whyt Wintrale

        The only thing that went over my head is this... In 1983, two games of incredible importance were released. E.T., which is arguably the worst game ever made... And Donkey Kong, which is easily better than at least 30'000 of those 32'438 games on the AppStore.

  • Nashi

    Where is the Dreamcast? That is completely fail.

    And 99% of iOS Games are cheap and unpolished crap.

    • spiffyone

      Hey...just noticed that....


      I demand answers as to why Dreamcast isn't on that graph. Or TG-16/PC Engine. Or 3DO. Or Jaguar. Or any Atari system for that matter (2600 had a crap load of games). Or even PSN. Or WiiWare. Or DSiWare. Or Game Gear. Neo Geo Pocket Color. Wonderswan.

      I call shennanigans.

      And I doubt the number of "console games in existence" counts non-US/NA releases (like the plethora of games released in Japan that NEVER get released in the US) if they're not even counting every console that ever existed.

      Shennanigans! Shennanigans I say!

      • Gamer1104

        Well, I'd say that they probably left out a lot of those consoles because most of them didn't have a huge library of games. It wouldn't make much of a difference in the end on the total game count list.

      • Nashi

        At least Dreamcast had a huge load of games.
        Unfortunately most people outside Japan doesn't even know what a Dreamcast is.

  • Sl1pstream

    I'm going to echo the fact that 99% of these games are complete and utter shit. The quantity of games is there, the quality isn't. Even most of the "good" games are saved by the extremely low price point.

    There's nothing to be proud of here.

  • Booch138

    hahaahahaha this article's comments crack me up.

  • AndrewK

    What a stupid article. Console developers put blood sweat and tears into those games. iOS developers? They just clone the top selling game and then give it a different name.
    And I didn't mention the other 95% of the garbage attempt at making a game. Which probably took less than a day to make.

    This article shouldn't have even been published. Counting lite version, really?

    • Michael A. Robson

      "Console developers put blood sweat and tears into those games"

      Was that Mega Man 8 or 9... I forget. You're right Console games are way more origina... oh yea.. nevermind.

  • Jerome

    It's no surprise the App Store has gobs of titles, Apple's opened the floodgates by letting pretty much anybody with a Mac develop for it, and there are no out of pocket distribution costs. That said, at this point I still think a number of consoles on that list have more quality titles than the the App Store does.

  • Jerome

    Actually, on second thought, it's likely that ANY of those systems could have more quality titles than the App Store at this point. It's still very successful, and more quality titles will come with time, but just sayin'.

  • Lucas_

    The PS3 or the 360 alones have better than the app store, so if you want really gaming an iOS device is the last thing to buy.
    There's about 2 months that i don't touch in my iPod.

  • E_Domina

    Doesn't really show much. Most of those games on the app store are just little quick 3 month development games while those on consoles are largely established and 1-3 years of work put into

  • Andrew

    By design the console spaced has a huge barrier to entry and rather stringent release process. This article doesn't really have any value because out-producing consoles in terms of number of games is not really an accomplishment. They have rather limited libraries by design. The barrier to entry is maintained at a high level with purpose.

    iOS development can only draw useful comparisons from the more open PC and web game development communities. The types of games that work well on the platform also share a lot more in common with web games and social games than console titles.

  • Chris

    The Games archive for the ZX Spectrum on contains 11,000 titles alone!

    • Simon of Reality

      More reasons why this article is flawed and the author untrustworthy.

  • Chris

    The Games archive for the ZX Spectrum on contains 11,000 titles alone!

  • Ivan

    This statistic doesn't prove that iOS is the best gaming platform, but should show de console companies that would be awesome if it were easier to develop for consoles. At least they already got a network where you can buy games easily... Now we just need a easier way to develop for them...

  • Lane Todd Denson

    Kind of a ridiculous metric... why did he only look at consoles? If you add PC and other home computer games to the mix, it would be far more than 45,000 (the Commodore 64 alone had at least 21,000 games -

  • Simon of Reality

    I like how the writer tried to make it sound impressive, then backpeddled in his own post.

    As a gaming connoisseur I can say the iOS device is not as good as any of those other devices. It's a nice new device and environment, but ultimately it does not offer the experience that any of those above devices provide.

    I am new to this site, I thought I would come here to investigate high rated iOS games (I work as a producer at a very large game publishing studio). However I don't see any value in this site at all if this is the quality of article you have.

    Thank you.

  • RageThing

    TUAW publish wrong and badly written article. Surprise surprise