Glu's Gun Bros [Free] plays a lot like a typical dual stick shooter in that you're armed to the teeth with weaponry and need to survive in a battle against wave after wave of various baddies. Competition is getting tough in the dual stick shooter section of the App Store, with plenty of fantastic options to choose from, but Gun Bros offers a few features that makes it stand out from the pack. First off, it's free to download and monetized via in-game adds and optional in-app purchases for equipment upgrades. Also, instead of playing by yourself, you play with a computer controlled bro who assists you in slaughtering everything that moves.

It gets even cooler though. Utilizing Game Center, you can import your friends' characters in to your game which then substitutes your secondary bro with their bro. It's still computer controlled, but both you and your friend get all kinds of bonuses for helping each other's bros out.

Playing the game awards experience and xplodium which is then refined in to coins at the end of the level. Utilizing these coins and optional war bucks which you buy with real money, you can upgrade to 30 different types of guns and 50 different types of armor. Some items are only able to be purchased with war bucks, but if you're willing to grind up coins, you can still have a great time in Gun Bros without paying for anything.

If you're in to dual stick shooters, you need to give Gun Bros a try. It looks great on the Retina Display of the iPhone 4, and like any free to play game you can either go crazy with in-app purchases, or just play the game without paying anything. Either way, the Game Center bro sharing system is really cool, making Gun Bros worth checking out for that feature alone regardless of how you feel about freemium games.

  • Silentcorp

    Why oh why are ALL dual-stick shooters in the app store lame "arena" based games? I would love for a non arena based dual stick shooter, one where you have actual levels to navigate, not just "last as long as you can".

    If someone were to make a RPG style game with dual-stick mechanics, I'd buy that in an instant. Something about a static arena map based dual stick shooter just leaves me wanting..... anything else.

    Games like Mingore are fun for a short while, then quickly turn to tedium if gaming means anything more to you than "I gotta get a high score". Come on developers, step up to the damned plate already and make a unique game!

    Even SmashTV had more variation 12 years ago!!!!

    • Anonymous

      My favourite is definitely Guerrilla Bob. It's got a great level structure and a story mode. This game definitely took some inspiration from it, esp with the characters

    • Adam

      Wait till you see what we're working on next over here at Steamroller Studios 🙂

    • jaq7

      try "Revolt"... I think that's what are you looking for...

    • Joran91

      I've got the XXXL Liquefier.. So add me for pwnage! :D. Gamecenter ID: Joran91. Cheers.

      PS. it would be great if real online co-op gameplay would be implemented :(!

      • Shadowman-14

        i got you added broski

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        the names nitroxide19 add me up

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    • paolo pimentel

      how do you add bros and how do you unlock planets and revelutions

  • Zudd

    RPG with dual stick....check out solomon's keep.

    • jd

      Yup. Awesome dual stick RPG.

      • Silentcorp

        Yes, it's got RPG like elements, but it's still another "arena" shooter. In that you are in an area, and wave after wave of enemy attack. There is no navigation outside of avoidance, and no real RPG elements outside of leveling up your character.

        I'm talking ROLE PLAYING in the traditional sense, interacting with NPC's, looting, ect. Diablo, Borderlands ect ect.

        I just can't get into the "arena' style games personally, and with EVERY review of a dual stick shooter bemoaning it's similiarty to other games, you'd think some developer would take the mantle!!!

      • Rpgmind

        I think you're referring Solomon's Boneyard, which is a survival version of Solomon's Keep, but the latter fits your definition of role-playing. That being said, having spent some time with Gun Bros, its pretty entertaining, especially with their fresh take on the game center integration. Worth a try!

  • Chevy639

    the whole video is shot in an area that looks the exact same.

    • Gonzalo Novoa (KiLotr)

      The video doesn't really make justice to the game itself, better try for urself. It's free anyway.

      Add me! user: KiLotr

  • Zudd

    Game is unplayable for me on 2G itouch. Crashes like crazy.

    • ZuneIsCrap

      Wtf is an itouch? I'm sure you meant to say iPod touch as the word itouch does not exist.

      • Padthai84

        umm yeah so everyone says itouch not "ipod touch" nobody says that anymore so keep up with the lingo

  • Dj Dr Claw

    I don't understand the in app purchases in this game, it clearly gives you the option to buy credits (or money in this game) yet it doesn't clearly mark a price.

    Anyone else notice this?

    • gunbrosftw

      dj dr claw:
      it says IAP which stands for in app purchase when you click the package you would like, it gives you the price

    • Mark_mysterio_619

      its coz ur not online

  • Matt

    This game is awesome!

    Add me: theSpartan

  • Ryoi Q

    Finally a cool GC game
    Add me pls: ryoi

    • Guilherme Nascimento Valadares

      Ryoi, just added you to gamecenter, but i cant see your bro show up in my game.

      Can you see me?

      My user is: papodehomem

    • ice

      i added you, can others add me ice8yz8

  • Cyxodus

    I can see how the developer was influenced by Robotron 2084 and its sort of sequel Smash TV. The problem is that they displayed the game like the Jaguar's Robotron and didn't show the entire play area.

    I didn't like that the difficulty ramps up so easily and once you bro is out, you feel overwhelmed quickly. I do like how the bro comes back at the nest wave. I also suggest adding a Gun Sister option for the ladies. 

    I was dissapointed that you can only "borrow" a friend's bubby and and not play that person live. That really let me down. Also where is the Game Center Achievements?

    I think it's a fair attempt at bringing back the dual stick shooter genre that I loved in the arcades but ultimately I think Gun Bros is underminned by the limited display, high difficulty and the virtual control concept. The last complaint isn't their fault but a design flaw of the iPhone gaming platform. 

    I look forward to see Gun Bros continues to develop but if it doesn't advance soon, I'll probably move on to another game and leave it to rust in iTunes. 

    • Jens Knecht

      add me I am lvl 136

  • Cyxodus

    Add me as a gun bro: Cyxodus.

    • Cyxodus

      I have over 150 Gun Bros friends and I'm not interested in anymore. Thanks to all who added me.

  • Ruben

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    • Guilherme Nascimento Valadares

      Dude, just added you to gamecenter, but i cant see your bro show up in my game.

      Can you see me?

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  • Matt

    Prior to this game I didn't see a whole lot of potential for game center. Now, this should give other devs great ideas on how to make game center integration really worth while.

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    • rob

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  • Guest

    how come my friends doesn't pop up in the bros menu even though i have add them as friends at the game center

    • Guilherme Nascimento Valadares

      I´m havin the same problem. None of my friends bros show up online...

      Can someone help out with this?

  • Guilherme Nascimento Valadares

    I tried to turn my iphone on and off several times, hoping to add bros trhu gamecenter to play online.

    And now the game keeps doing two things:

    1. crashing when it opens, crashing before starting a new level...
    2. showing offline for brotherhood and refinery

    Is anyone here experiencing similar problems?

    My user name for gamecenter is: papodehomem

    • wolfking

      I have exactly same problem.

      Can't play the game for a couple of hours.

      Any one know where the game data is stored? On server?

    • Tazz221

      My game isnt crashing but it will not open game center. I dont even know how to open game center.

      • Guest

        u have to upgrade ur iphone to 4.1 in order to get game center

    • Susrisha

      same problem here. Game center shows offline

    • Skrug91

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    • Synystery

      The problem is mine shows offline add me synystery

  • Zweinberger

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  • Matt

    Loving this game. I am level 38 with all the coins saved up for the ion assault rifle as soon as I get to level 39. Things are about to get crazy...

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  • Guesy

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        Yah I'm confused too I just don't know how to be online

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    I am confused on how to play online and what the game center is to add friends. And also how do i create an acount.

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  • Chrismoore1050

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  • Jeronimojoe

    This seems like fun. Anything that has to do with shooting is good in my book. I like how this looks like an old 90's arcade game. I get my video game replica guns from here I don't think I'll be able to find these guns there though.

  • Jeronimojoe

    This seems like fun. Anything that has to do with shooting is good in my book. I like how this looks like an old 90's arcade game. I get my video game replica guns from here I don't think I'll be able to find these guns there though.

  • Sully

    Def. a solid game, have been enjoying this for a couple days now!

    Add me for help 🙂 --> J$uLLy (45+)

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    now that i have a gamecenter app and friends in it... how do i add their character to my game?

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    i cant get online does ant one have the same problem

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  • guest

    it just show offline when i up to 4.1... the game just keep showing offline...
    can anyone here know whats going on?
    just how to get online?
    i had add bro but the game still show offline...

  • Organized Guest

    (So they're all in one place)

    • Guest


  • Nathan4408

    im level 42 and goin up.
    add me: nathan4408

  • Joran91

    I've got the XXXL Liquefier.. So add me for pwnage! :D, am leveling to get the class 7 rocket launcher as secondary ^^. Gamecenter ID: Joran91. Cheers.

  • vully

    can someone help me please?? i have added most of you guys but do not see any of your bros ....

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    For bros at a similar level

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      Still can't figure out how to play online. Have added some of you and many of you have added me (thanks!) Any idea how to play coop online?

      If you haven't added me already it's Lukroi

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    Hey if your having trouble with this game just friend me at andrew burkus. I have all the good guns and if you want to know how to hack this game (only if you have your ipad/ipod jailbroken) look for it on youtube.

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