Villain and Munkyfun's online first-person shooter Archetype [99¢] received a massive new update over the weekend, adding some new features to the original game for free and and even more new stuff through an available in-app purchase. The game has once again dropped to 99¢, and it sounds like that may be the new permanent price for the “base model” of Archetype, which is now referred to as Chapter 1. This new update adds a new arena for multiplayer called Shotgun Arena and a new advanced training level.

Buying the IAP Chapter 2 will add even more content to Archetype. The major addition with this purchase is a capture the flag mode, which has been oft requested since the game's release. There are also 3 brand new environments in this chapter, and 6 new arenas. Crimson Moon and Aqua Lock each have team deathmatch and capture the flag variants, Obsidian Skirmish adds a brand new team deathmatch arena, and previous arena Avarice has been reworked for capture the flag play.

Both chapters now feature story elements that are gradually unlocked as you play through multiplayer matches and earn experience, adding a cohesive campaign to go along with your online fragging. Game Center support has also been added for unlocking achievements and tracking high scores. Rounding out this giant update is a number of fixes and optimizations to Archetype, which smooth out the entire experience and improve matchmaking speeds considerably.

Perhaps the best part of all this is that the additional chapter available through IAP launched on Saturday for $2.99, but has since been discounted to just 99¢. This move was probably made to increase the amount of people playing the capture the flag mode. If you already own Archetype I would definitely recommend updating to the latest version and purchasing Chapter 2 while it's only 99¢. If you don't yet own Archetype, but like first-person shooters, check out our original review as we think it's one of the best ones available in the App Store.

You can drop by the game thread in our forums for more information or to find some people to add to your Archetype friends list. As it seems the new game model for Archetype is this downloadable chapters system, we're eager to see what more will be added to the game in future updates. The enhancements found in this latest update to the iPhone version of Archetype are expected to hit the iPad version soon too, presumably after the release of iOS 4.2 sometime next month.

  • Gert

    Since MC2, I've become practically unable to play shooters without gyro control.

    Which is sad, because the better online matchmaking seems to be a huge pre to me!

    Or *does* Archetype have gyro control?

    • LeopardGecko

      It has gyro. Was added a long time ago, actually. =P

      • Sevallis

        Thanks, they don't say that gyroscope control is included in the iTunes listing blurb. I wasn't interested because of that but I just bought it.

      • Gert

        That, and I've been looking for it in the control settings, but couldn't find it!

      • Gert

        Aha found it!

  • Robotron2084

    Is this multiplayer only? Because I'm a curmudgeon, and actually prefer single player.

    • LeopardGecko

      Unless you consider off-line training modes single player, it's only online. =[

  • Anonymous

    I've never understood Touch Arcade's praise for this game. The game is terrible. The game has a terrible skill curve and by that I mean it involves very little skill. The maps have very little strategy to them. The spawn points are EXTREMELY campable. Not sure if this changed but you can't hear footsteps in the game. The weapons all feel very much the same. The models feel like they are floating around not walking. The axe is overpowered. The weapons aren't balanced. The leveling system doesn't garner you anything other than your guy saying hes now lvl "__". My suggestion used to be eliminate pro over this game, but the dev's have stopped updating it recently and there is now a new FPS in town.. Modern Combat 2 BP is now the standout FPS by leaps and bounds. With talents, unique guns, great graphics, awesome sound, i could go on and on. Great leveling system great multiplayer with capture the flag. Also they have worked out the spawning so that there are multiple spawn points that seem to deactivate if the opposing team is standing right on them. Anyway back on topic, which was.. Not sure why TA has always given this steaming pile of a game so much praise.. Eliminate Pro was always there and always a much better game.

    • Mike

      Just watching that video in this article shows you how much FPS games suck on iOS. Very frustrating controls. And I have a lot of patience. I gave up on iOS FPS games after NOVA.

      • Anonymous

        Not all FPS have terrible controls.. Eliminate Pro has great controls and Modern Combat black pegasus has the same great controls but in MCBP you can even move them around the screen wherever you want them.

  • trent reznor

    Archetype is ok, but a little behind MC2, and I dont like having autofire. So no, I'm not paying for capture the flag, you guys should've included it

    • Anonymous

      Exactly another good point Autofire = terrible

  • Anonymous

    Can never find players online 🙁