Freeverse has recently released -- in the Canadian App Store -- a social arcade-style bowling game called We Bowl [CA App Store] that utilizes Flick Bowling mechanics and lets you play friends online with integrated Plus+ awards and leaderboards. It's a freemium game that serves as the launch platform for the studio's Wii-like avatar system that could see use in many upcoming Freeverse titles.

Trigger crazy game changing power-ups (or whammies) in head-to-head competition with friends, or hone your skills to level up and win great prizes. We Bowl is fast paced frenetic action — bowling has never been this much fun!

Features include the following, listed by Freeverse:

  • Awesome Powerups: Why bowl boring when you can bowl gonzo? Aim for the powerup icon and trigger an amazing assortment of powerups like Shotgun Ball, Thumper Ball, Boulder Ball and more! But watchout for those Whammies!
  • Flick Fun Avatar System: Customize your avatar with cat eyes, ponytails, X-Ray glasses and crazy moustaches, then show ‘em off in head to head play with friends
  • 2 Great Game Modes: Unlimited multiplayer games with friends, or solo bowling whenever you want, the action never stops.
  • Unlockables, Prizes, Collectibles and Achievements: Collect tickets to buy decorations for your lane and whacky accesories for you Avatar

Our forums members are digging it. The game should land in other App Stores shortly.


  • Parker

    Why do they have to name everything with "We"?

    • Phil Baxter

      In this case it will be to try and trick people into thinking the game is by the makers of 'We Rule'.

  • Sfhoihhiofuckyou

    Social games can suck my fucking arse

  • Anonymous

    Game Center? ...