Last month developer CAVE revealed that they were working on an original game for iOS devices starring Bug Princess Reco from the Mushihimesama series of console and arcade games called Mushihimesama Bug Panic. In our post about this news, there was very little in the way of gameplay shown in the teaser trailer provided by CAVE. A video we discovered later and added to the post was from all the way back in December 2009 and still didn't explain too much of what the game was about. What it did show however was that Mushihimesama Bug Panic would definitely be in line with CAVE's other iOS offerings, such as Dodonpachi Resurrection [$8.99/Lite] and Espgaluda II [$8.99/Lite], featuring huge explosions and tons of enemies on screen at once.

Just a few hours ago, CAVE sent over a brand new video and some more info on Mushihimesama Bug Panic, and it's looking great so far. Mushihimesama Bug Panic will be a sequel to the arcade and Xbox 360 title Mushihimesama Futari, and rather than a bullet hell scrolling shooter it will be more of a dual-stick shooter of sorts, but still with some bullet hell elements. The game will feature two main modes of play, an Adventure mode and a Score Trials mode. The story follows the events right after Mushihimesama Futari and has Bug Princess Reco using three different types of bombs to destroy the multitude of bug enemies that are after her.

The planned release date for Mushihimesama Bug Panic is sometime in Fall 2010, and the game will follow suit with other CAVE releases on the App Store and only support 3rd generation devices and above. A price has not yet been set for the game, but we are looking forward to getting our hands on Mushihimesama Bug Panic and we'll bring you any further news as we get it. In the meantime you can drop by the upcoming thread in our forums where a discussion of the game is taking place.

  • Rocco Menzel

    There is no straight fire? You just throw these bombs?
    Looks a little annoying to me.
    But since their other iPhone games are masterpieces, I will definitely try.

  • Phil Baxter

    Looks like a fun retro inspired game and of course a day one purchase, although I'd of sooner they had just ported Mushihime-sama Futari instead. (it's a regular Dodonpachi style bullet hell shooter)

    Cave are probably the best iPhone developer out there now, and one of the few who appreciate the importance of 60 frames per second.

    And for those wondering, Mushihime-sama means 'Princess of the insects'.

  • balu

    They have an amazing talent of giving stupid names.
    Anyway, doesn't look bad.

  • E_Domina

    this game looks amazing. ill get it asap

  • Dodonpasta Ripmydingdong

    Looks like it rules, but best of luck typing the name into appstore search on your first attempt.

    • Cat Astrophy

      Good thing you're not an app.

  • Best Buy Coupon Codes

    Well a bit childish game but any ways looks fine to me.

    • Anon

      how dare you call a cave game childish, spambot?

  • Japonlindo


  • Dyscode

    They have a Shinjuku address. I should drop by and worship them a little bit 😀

  • Chris Forshaw

    The game could be good, although as previously said the apparent lack of straight fire could be annoying. The graphics have a retro feel, although I must admit I have seen better on a megadrive and to cave: come on guys, why only third generation machines? Alot of my friends miss out on quality games due to lazy programming (or orders from above!!)! Phoenix proved that a game with superior graphics and a bullet hell shooter could be done on all generations (surprise surprise!!!!!). This by a unheard of developer with a fraction of the resources of Cave. So stop being pretentious and make your quality games available for all. All the generations of iPhones are capable machines!!

    • Coldcoffee

      Hmm i doubt all generations of iPhone are "capable" enough to run current Cave games... even a 3rd gen ipod touch sometimes lags... I wouldn't blame Cave for being lazy at programming...