We're not sure what has possessed the publishers of dozens of amazing iPhone games to decide that tonight was the night to hold a massive sale -- but it's happened. And you can benefit from it.

A huge number of high profile games have dropped in price to all time lows. The number of high quality games you can pick up for $0.99 right now is amazing. We hand picked a few to highlight here, but below we've listed dozens more. Every game on this list is worth the sale price, so now's your chance.

A few notable games dropping to $0.99 include:





Here's the rest of the list, grouped by price. Unfortunately, this appears to be an iPhone / iPod Touch phenomenon mostly. Only two games (marked below) are iPad native.




  • B34$T

    Add Chuzzle and Metal Gear.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Werner-Ruotsalainen/685558551 Werner Ruotsalainen

      Metal Gear is only available (for $3) in the US store - the international one still has it for $7.

    • Sales

      metal Gear my favority..www.smalasussie.com

  • http://gerardodiaz.com Falsoman

    Damn! That's too many good games... I don't even have the space anymore to put them, but i so want to buy them!

    • http://twitter.com/NoSuperMan ImNoSuperMan

      Well, you can have Madden NFL 11 for iphone and ipad for 99cents each in international stores compared to US price of $13 for iPad and $8 for iphone version ;)

      • http://gerardodiaz.com Falsoman

        Yeah, but i don't like madden :DI wanted Mirror's Edge cheap :P

        Though maybe it's a good thing since i just bought like 7 games.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Werner-Ruotsalainen/685558551 Werner Ruotsalainen

        Thanks for the heads-up :) Great news!

  • Anonymous

    I. Love. Sales.

  • http://twitter.com/NoSuperMan ImNoSuperMan

    G-damn it. Too many Sales. Too many new games. Worst day for an appshopper gamer with limited iTunes Credit :p

  • tsharpfilm

    Great... Now I get to spend the next hour reading through reviews, and trying to figure out which of these games I should get... (:D

  • iphone jim

    Damn. Good thing I put some more money in my account just this week.

  • addybojangles

    Can't recommend Osmos enough. What a gorgeous game. Kind of that flOw/Flower (for you PS3 fans) experience on an iPhone...

  • Spacecowgoesmoo

    Woo, I'm having a great week! Got Persona 4 new for $5 a few days ago from spending some built up credit on Amazon, and now here's Zenonia 2, Hybrid 2, and Doom RPG 2 for $5 more :D

  • Kizna

    Zenonia (the first) is also on sale for .99! I love sales, so I hope everyone can benefit for sure. I'm just a little bummed I didn't wait a day. I bought 4 of these games this morning. Kicking myself a little right now. :P

    • http://twitter.com/ross_hudgins Ross Hudgins

      Yeah, I missed the NHL2K11 introductory price at $2, and paid the full $7! Now it's on for 99 cents...crazy market. :)

  • http://twitter.com/pobregizmo Pobre Gizmo

    Can't recommend Tony Hawk enough. Still playing that game (was playing all week) and I bought it almost when it came out. Have now beaten it with all but two characters. Love that game, and it is an absolute steal at $1.99

  • Thomazfranzotti

    And as always game companys forget to out their ipad games on sale. Not asking to make all games universal apps, but if you tive the iphone app a 50% sale, why not do the same to the ipad version?

  • Anonymous

    Ugh. I purchased and gifted so many great games on this list. And then I bought Blue wave 2nd defense. I barely have time for the hundreds of games I already own but I just can't say no to these great deals. Thanks TouchArcade!

  • Tom

    How long are these sales usually on? Just one day

    • http://twitter.com/NoSuperMan ImNoSuperMan

      No one knows. Could be a couple of days or even a week. Could go back up in price in 5 minutes, before you even manage to click the buy button. So make sure you get whatever you think is worth the current price for you, asap :)

  • Anonymous

    i just bought way too many apps. At least i only paid around $20 for a whole slew of new games that i prolly won't touch for more than 5 minutes. Yay!

  • Jack

    Avoid assassin creed 2. it is unplayable and ubisoft seems never bother to update it. shitty company.

    • Dyscode

      that´s what makes me think, too.
      I don´t mind .99 but bad game update politics

      • Sunr1der

        Assassins Creed 2 works fine for me when I bought it today.

      • Jack

        Check the 'most recent comment' in app store review. You'll understand its not isolated case.

  • Nick

    Mirror's Edge and RISK show up as their normal prices in app store for me. : Could some of these specials be region locked or something? I'm in Australia.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Werner-Ruotsalainen/685558551 Werner Ruotsalainen

      EA's games are only on sale in the US store, except for Madden, which is only available for $1 outside the US.

  • Ricinator

    yeah the "world" games are only on sale in usa.

  • Karzak85

    buy buy buy buy buy buy!!! :D

  • Dyscode

    Also on Sale:
    Resident Evil 4 - 1.99

  • Dyscode

    Doom Classic - 1.99 (-> $6.99)
    Vanguard Storm - 1.99 (-> $3.99)
    Driver $3 (-> $4.99)

  • Thaurin

    Don't forget Final Fantasy I & II are on sale, too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/skamando Casey Poluk

    Picked up a few of these already, and I'm sure I'm gonna pick up a bunch more. This is ridiculous.

  • Axess

    wooot! Great! Hope I have enough credits left.
    I'm gonna buy:
    Monkey Island 2 Special Edition
    Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor
    Final Fantasy

    yay, no time to work anymore!

  • weeeevil

    cannot believe that nobody picked up on the fact that COD zombies had a price drop to half AND ALL THE MAPS ARE INCLUDED FOR FREE.............. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Dyscode

    and slipped through the attention of most, and it´s from Cyan Worlds, well well well...

    Manhole: Masterpeoce Edition - 1.99 -> 0.99

  • Fail

    cant buy mirrors edge. isnt on sale @ international version
    cant buy cod zombies. isnt avaible @ german store

    bought osmos, peggle, archetype, real racer and spider

  • Tom

    Star Wars: Trench Run is 4.99 > 1.99 and all of these sales seem to be valid in Canada as well so it may be North American sales?

  • Fail

    it is possible, that some1 who can buy cod zombies gift it to me?

  • Fail

    it is possible, that some1 who can buy call of duty zombies gift it to me? cause it isn't avaible in germany

  • Sera

    it is possible, that some1 who can buy call of duty zombies gift it to me? cause it isn't avaible in germany

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBXRMHVVMDHCF7E4BBHXRMUHNM Tanyel Stoyloff

    it is possible, that some1 who can buy call of duty zombies gift it to me? cause it isn't avaible in germany

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IBXRMHVVMDHCF7E4BBHXRMUHNM Tanyel Stoyloff

    it is possible, that some1 who can buy call of duty zombies gift it to me? cause it isn't avaible in germany

  • http://www.meadiciona.com/charles_anjos Charles Albert

    Hey! I heard that the new Shift update erases the TOP cars and makes you pay for them AGAIN! Is this true?

  • Jon


  • http://twitter.com/CrimsonPaw Ryan Curry

    Thinking I'm going to grab Zenonia 2, the first one was decent and it sounds like 2 is a bit of an improvement.

  • http://twitter.com/qrunchmonkey Kris Harris

    I don't know what's caused everyone to go sale crazy on iPhone games today either, but I'm not missing out on the party.

    8 Track Mind, an unique musical puzzle game, is on sale today for only $0.99! It's got an awesome interactive chiptune soundtrack, and 20 mind-bending musical puzzles. Check it out:
    http://qrun.ch/8trackmind (iTunes link)
    http://improbablesciences.com/products/8-track-mind/ (Screenshots and video)

  • http://twitter.com/AugieD369 AugieD369

    Turns out the game sales are part of a promotion on the App Store by Apple: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewRoom?fcId=394938126&mt=8&id=25180

  • Xius Eyroo

    Any reason why I absolutely can't find Geometry Wars in Slovak App Store? D'oh...

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_XRDZQTUJL7MEERBSLNA3NPBF3E westsider

    Add Full Moon: Warrior Within $2.99 -> $1.99 Classic Action Beat Em Up game!

  • http://twitter.com/kaisersoze72 kaisersoze72

    Jame's Cameron's "Avatar" from Gameloft is 99 cents.

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