Last week we took a look on a clever multiplayer quiz game called Go Native! [Free]. Instead of needing to guess the correct answer like most trivia games, Go Native! asks you to choose the most popular answer amongst all of the other players playing the game. We explained how this all works in our review:

In Go Native! you play the role of a native trying to, well, fit in with the natives. Fitting in involves answering an onslaught of questions, but instead of needing to answer questions correctly, you're trying to guess the answer that the majority of other players picked.

This involves a silly thought process that forces you to decide whether the players you're playing with are going to answer questions seriously or just pick whatever the silliest response is to the question asked. You can play with up to 30 players at once, and questions range from multiple choice, simple yes/no, or even filling in the blank where you're able to type whatever answer you'd like.

In our review we thought the game could be a lot of fun, but like a lot of online games, required a large active player base to really ever see its full potential. Realizing they needed to seed their online community with a load of players, the developers dropped the price of Go Native! to free. If our review at all piqued your interest, but you were reluctant to take the plunge on a paid online game with very few players, now is your chance to give it a spin for free. With any luck, a lot of other people will too because I'd really like to play a full 30 person game of Go Native!

  • Danielscott72

    Great game! The questions will be updated and refreshed as told. This one is already loaded full of questions. As noted, it's up to the players to answer, you gotta be one with the crowd and guess as they did. The best percentage get to move forward and gain some coconuts. Indeed we need more players. If you happen to play against me. I am Hugh Jazz.

  • Matt Drimonakos

    Good news! Bots are gone now!

  • Blackharon

    We're proud to announce we've seen our first 30 player game today.
    We've also updated the 'Play Now' button to favor putting you in a room with humans rather than bots, and are currently working on retina display artwork (our 2nd biggest feature request).

  • arr4ws

    i love this game! very fun!

  • Zest

    Tried it out, deleted it again. This is a game that promotes conformity. Try to think of the most boring answer that all the sheepish boring other player are most likely to think of and you win. Yay... not.