The dual-stick shooter is an overcrowded genre on the App Store, but every once in a while one of them stands out from the pack. Developer Facet Studios is working on a new dual-stick shooter called Etolis: Arena, and based on their preview video it looks like it may just have a chance of standing out. Etolis: Arena is a space-themed game that almost has a Halo-like look to it, with metallic ship chambers and bright neon highlights. Rather than just one big open map like most dual-stick shooters, the levels in Etolis: Arena have a lot more structure, and are made up of different corridors and rooms.

You'll play as a soldier of the United Front Alliance who has been captured during an invasion of the planet Etolis by an army known as the Kraven. The Queen of the Kraven, Natus, has requested that you fight for your life in what is known as the Arena for her amusement. Battles consist of 3 waves of attackers per round, with an endless amount of rounds across 5 different maps. As you defeat each wave, the Queen will give you honor points which can be used to upgrade your weapons to take on the increasingly difficult enemies. The developer details some of the features of Etolis: Arena:

- Battle for survival on 5 different maps
- Use 7 different weapons and 3 grenade types to destroy your enemies
- Battle against 11 different enemy types
- Use 1 of 4 temporary special abilities for those emergency moments (invisibility, invincibility, self explosion, and endless ammo)
- Unlock secret information about the invasion as you play in different locations
- Leader boards and Achievements
- Compelling Music

Etolis: Arena is still one to two months off from release, but is looking pretty nice in the teaser trailer. The structured arenas seem like a fun place to do battle, and the game has a cool style and impressive graphics to complement this aspect. There's also a fairly fleshed-out storyline to accompany all the action, which can be rare in games of this type. More information and screens can be found in the upcoming game thread in our forums, and we'll bring you more news on Etolis: Arena as it becomes available.

  • cyberpyrot

    the dude walking in the begining looks like he has a stick in his butt. The part when the show him tossing grenades create square grid like explosions. just seems like lazy programming or rushed programming. With all the games popping out every week some of wich are epic and beautiful I would not waste more then .99 on this title.

    • Mrblack

      Really? You right, keep that .99 to buy a brand new car or better than that, save your money to start your own game company. Please! don't waste such amazing ideas Sherlock!.
      The game looks fun and I have more than .99 in my pocket for games.

      • Cyberpyrot

        Go ahead if you want to buy your own game then good caus you must be the developer. I was stating facts I did not state the game was not playable I mearly said I would onle pay .99 for it because of the high standards gameloft and other developers have acheaved for 4.99 this is 1/5 the quality of those devs therefor the .99 price tag

      • Mrblack

        No, I'm not the developer. I'm a gamer with a real job to spend more than .99 for a game. Try this exercise, close your eyes.... deep breath.. and now imagine that gameloft, EA or epic made this game... now open your eyes.. and voalá! Do you see now? Now is a high AAA game in HD with retina and 3d display! Now you don't care about graphics or animation, is a AAA title from a AAA company!...
        Please people!, open your eyes and enjoy games, stop being so picky is a damn phone.
        And Cyberpyrot, don't worry I will send you a gift card so do not lose your home
        in case you "waste" your cents for a game.

    • Carnage

      This game looks really good to me; kind of a NOVA but third person. I have no idea why cyberpyrot say it looks like lazy programmed. Maybe he can show us how to code a game. Ever played street fighter on nes? or Paper Boy? Battletoads? how about Double Dragon. Bad Dudes maybe? those days we played any game and had fun with it. Because they are games.

      Because games are suppose to be FUN, not just good looking. Heard that? FUN! like Etolis Arena. FUN.

      You won't waste more than .99 for this, I am willing to pay 9,99 or even $20. I don't care, as long as it is fun and I have fun playing with it.

      "Epic and Beautiful". Someone has a bad case of Epic Citadel desease I presume... go play your free tech demo, leave us real gamers to buy and encourage developers' hard work by saying "keep working dude, looks great so far.".

  • Markus Schroeder

    I party agree with cyberpyrot. The Rendering scene look really awful. I don´t get most of the CGI stuff in Games anyway. 1. they totally destroy the atmosphere. Or are they supposed to act as facepalm to the user waht he did NOT get?!2. when you have a good Engine you can also tell the story with it.3. this intro scene tells me nothing.But at least the gameplay looks fantastic!

    • Mrblack

      "when you have a good engine?" like.... Epic citadel engine? when it's "HD retina 360 magic potter 4.0"? Well, try to say the same about Mario bros from Nes... yes, nintendo don't used Unreal engine too.
      BUT! I agree with you, the gameplay looks really FUN.

      • Markus Schroeder

        "good engine" was rather sloppy expression, I admit - meaning - when you e.g. can script your game engine you can perfectly tell the story this way. Mario, etc. make a perfect example how consistent game and story presentation is done.
        That was what I was trying to say. 🙂

  • cyberpyrot

    Once again I said if this game is priced at .99 I would def buy it but I dont think it is worth 4.99 it is in now way in the leage of development. I not stating it should be free I just think it should be priced at what it is worth. If you like trowing away mone on a game with not a whole lot of depth the so be it. I just spent $64 on halo reach and my xbox just red ringed and its a new elite xbox. Im just tired of wasting money on crap.

    • Mrblack

      hahaha! So! you have an xbox and spent 64$ in a "AAA" title and tell that this game don't worth more than .99? "throwing away money"? Yeah, Halo "shoot and jump" has a lot of depth and a big story... of course!.
      I don't understand you guys, why you don't go and play a PC game or a Xbox game if you want Hyper realistic realtime graphics with thousand of add-ons??? Again, is a damn phone, like NES was a damn 8-bit console.
      And Cyberpyrot if your magic console is dead, go and buy a new one, or get a better job is not so expensive if you work for your money.
      Sorry for this kind of comments but Im tired of read people complain about graphics in a low spec phone or "depth" for a game that cost .99 or 10.0.
      Don't be so picky and let the developers grow. (not with your money with no- "this is crap, don waste your money" comments)

    • Carnage

      "if this game is priced at .99 I would def buy it". If you keep thinking like that, you will end up wasting money on crap all the time. Developers won't spend much time working on games, so they will do crappy games to sell for 0,99.

      You are tired of wasting money on crap? well, don't buy crap mate. That simple. SAVE some money. You complain about buying another XBOX like if they force it on you or something. Like if you don't buy it, you will be missing something.

      "I can't go out like this to work honey, look at me, I have no XBOX."No wait. I was thinking about something extremely necessary like.. shoes.

      But saying you don't want to waste money on this game (waste?) because IT IS CRAP like you just said; well... I can't only say you are one ignorant gamer.

      You say I like to throw my money away. You just saw a trailer and said it has no depth, it is a crap and everyone buying it for more than 99 cents will be throwing their money to the trash.

      This is not what I think you said, but what you actually said.

      No human value for another person's efforts. Total lack of respect towards other people's production and time.

      You should shit talent my friend. Now I want to see what you can do with those high standards you have over there. SHOW me what you have "cyberpyrot".

      • Cyberpyrot

        hmmm so by your logic every one who submits somthing to the app store should price there wares at 9.99 right be cause its not about quality its about getting an "A" for effort in your world right? well here is your rude awakining this is a capolistic world where people have the right to choose and I choose to spend my money on developers who make games for my Next gen Iphone G4 not the last gen you are happy with. developers need to keep up with the times or get left behind.

      • Carnage

        An "A" for effort? what are you in sixth grade or something? and yes, in my world effort is often compensated; maybe in yours is all about looks and not about effort. And no, not everything that goes submitted into the appstore needs to be on sale for $9.99, just proper games like this one here.

        You may not know this, because of your age or level of ignorance, but high quality next gen AAA titles companies used to be INDIE companies, just like the one that came up with this game.

        They used to do what you may call "crappy games" once, but they where lucky enough to work on a time where kids like you had a pen and a school book on their hands instead of a $450 iPhone 4G. Quality is always something to look after when creating a game, but also gameplay and fun. They all come together, and you cannot judge just by the looks.

        Capolistic? maybe you meant Capitalist? if that is a yes, then I have no idea how you have an iPhone G4 with "next gen" graphics when you can't even write proper English. I blame democrats.

        Just to point something out: my English may not be the best out there, I recognize it. After all, English is just my second language. But by lord kid, you write like crap. Stop buying apps and buy books. Or at least practice a little.

        You may get "left behind" in school.

        The Carnage has spoken. Redeem yourself with dignity and The Carnage shall accept you as a peer.

      • cyberpyrot

        Well I see what you learnd in school "If you cant win debate with a logical rebuttle resort to dishing out insults" yes my spelling and grammer are bad but as far as comunicating in society I can articulate very well. My point of the matter is not every one can spend $60 a day to park there car some people save up a long time for there 360 and the games they buy for it. I am in the lower class bracket I only bring home $700 a week. Now if you have any other insults to throw at an old man lets hear it. In the mean time I will be playing on my Iphone with my grandson.

      • cyberpyrot

        I know games google "cyberpyrot"

  • Jonasquinn

    The soldier in the beginning walking looks awkward because when he is walking his left arm moves forward with his left leg and right arm with right leg. they should be opposites. That's why he looks like a robot with a stick up his butt

  • Jared Nelson

    Whoa, there's a lot of arguing going on here for an early teaser trailer of a game that's still a couple months away. Not sure how anyone could say something IS worth a dollar but ISN'T worth $5 when it hasn't even been released yet.

    Lots of dev time left for this one, a lot can happen to the game in that time. But it looks pretty cool so far.

  • Jcat

    Has potential - tin he last clip with the diagonal walkway .. I thought one of the characters had a limp or peg leg lol. Needs work, but I like the look of it and most of all no damn zombies (I think?).


    looks bad

  • Unimpressed

    Carnage and Mr.Black really trolling any negative discussion here. Both mentioned Epic's citadel engine... I have a feeling they're either the developers or friends of the devs.

    The graphics look bad and the gameplay looks slow. So many shots to attack the slow moving 3 robots on the first "in-game" part of the trailer.

    I will definitely not be buying this. I probably won't even pick it up if it's free.

    • Mrblack

      And the world will keep moving my friend...don't worry

      • Unimpressed

        ok, now i'm sure you're the developer - you're completely monitoring this comment section for any negativity or any comments calling you out.

        Fortunately for you, the loss of my money probably won't hurt you much, neither will the 20-odd people who I'll recommend to not buy this game.

        Or maybe I'll buy it just to give it a one star review.

      • Carnage

        Hey, Carnage here. I am not a developer. Nor a friend of the developer of this game. A troll? no sorry. I am not a troll either. Just saying what I think about the game, and about the opinions of other people here.

        You can buy the game and give it a one star review. I can care less about you buying it, or you giving it a one star review. Or your silly attempt to boicot (?) and destroy a developer just because someone else pointed the "Epic Citadel" stupidity on this comments.

        You can do ANYTHING you like, I don't give a tiny and cute rat ars. You can "punish" the developers all you want. It's your right as a gamer to buy the game and to say what you think about it.

        And is my right, as a gamer too, to buy it and give it a 5 star review. That's how life works. Thanks Steve Jobs for that.

  • Mwhite67

    Game looks pretty low rent. I gotta agree with the .99 price.

  • cyberpyrot

    damn you guys dont get it. So if you have a xbox 360 would you pay $60 for a game with original xbox graphix and game play? No you would not. I have a Iphone 4 next gen Iphone there is no reason I should be paying full price for the game that is made for your cheap Iphone 3gs. The bar has been set either get with the times or slowly die from making last gen games. I will only pay full price for worth while content not hafe ass coding they cant even get the walking right in the intro.

    • Carnage

      You see, you are just repeating what people say like a parrot. "...the bar has been set".

      You say that like if because Da Vinci was good drawing we shall chop every other artist hands who cannot match his work.

      Just because Bach was a damn good in music, we should not throw Sting from a 12th floor building either. It all comes down to the eye, of the Beholder (sic).

      You are complaining about $60 dollars like if it were a fortune or something. That is what I pay for parking every morning and you don't hear me complain about it. It's just $60, get over it. And my car is damn old.

      Let me put it out very simply for you. Don't buy the game. Simple as that. Buy another XBOX game and play with it until you pass out or have an epileptic seizure because of all those groovy Next Get HD 1080p quality graphics.

      Leave this game alone!

  • himanshu

    right now, solomon's keep has set the bar with respect to top-down action games... as far as game play is concerned. The gameplay here looks nice. I hope there's decent amount of content... and lots of guns, enemies and bosses. All this will determine how much i would pay for the game.

  • cyberpyrot

    Ok lets see what do I know about games. I owned and ran a gaming site ranked 5k world wide. I have developed hardware for gaming console for Reebok. I developed code for microcontrollers for the xbox 360 ( I am the original developer for rapidfire Spitfire controllers) I have designed duel analog sticks for the PSP. I have developed software in visual studios I can keep going carnage what have you done?

  • cyberpyrot

    You know you can make fun of me all you want but in my time we had it hard. We did not have the best education, we often missed a few meals. Some times people like to make fun of other on the internet to make themselves feel good. Im sure you have a good job make lots of money. Well I have a limited income and dont have much but I can tell you this I have a grandson who thinks I am awesome because I like games and I play them with him all the time. So go ahead make fun of me all you want.